Moe’s Chicken Recipe

Moe's Chicken Recipe

Moe’s chicken recipe is one of those franchise dishes that don’t get old and almost everybody wants to recreate. Moe’s southwest grill burrito, chicken, is one of those dishes. This recipe is a great addition to your recipe knowledge and you might enjoy this simpler version of making burritos, too. 

How to Make Moe’s Chicken?

You can try this dish out which includes Moe’s chicken seasoning that agrees with traditional Mexican taste. To make these adobo chicken Moe’s, you must prepare to follow the recipe and do everything exactly as instructed. You can cook this delicious burrito on your own with convenient ingredients. 

Hence, let us see what the recipe needs and follow through to make a great burrito. 

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Ingredients That You Will Need Are:

One can of black beans

Two tablespoons of fresh cilantro

One can of salsa

Eight ounces of Mexican blend shredded cheese

Four whole wheat tortillas

Half a pound of chicken (2 breasts)

One and a half tablespoons of Olive oil

Two minced garlic cloves

Two tablespoons of dried red pepper flakes

One juiced lime

Method of Preparing the Moe’s Mojo Chicken Step by Step:

Step 1: Dice the chicken into bite-size. Pour oil in a skillet. Add lime juice, garlic, and red pepper flakes, cook with the chicken until brown-ish.

Step 2: Remove the chicken from the skillet. Cook the beans on the skillet. Meanwhile ready your tortillas.

Step 3: Spread some shredded cheese on top of tortillas and microwave them so the cheese melts on top of the tortillas. 

Step 4: Layer the tortilla now, with chicken, beans, salsa, and cilantro. Wrap it into the shape of a burrito. Serve warm and enjoy adobo chicken moes.



The process and methods of cooking this dish are quite easy. You can easily gather the ingredients and cook this by yourself. So, you can definitely attempt to do that, enjoy fresh burrito wraps made by you!

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