15 Best Greek Dessert Recipes To Try Today

15 Best Greek Dessert Recipes To Try Today

One of the most popular things about Greece is the amazing architecture and views you will find when visiting the country.

But just as amazing as the sights in the country is the food.

Greece has an amazing and unique cuisine which has similarities with some other cultures, but with its own unique Greek twist.

So, if there is a country you want to visit for amazing food while you are travelling, Greece is the place!

One of the best parts of any cuisine is the unique sweet treats and desserts which are different in every culture.

While these Greek desserts will arguably be the best when you eat them in the country made by specialist chefs, you will also have an amazing experience if you try to make some of them yourself.

So, if you want to try making any Greek desserts yourself, this is the place to look.

But, if you are not Greek, you may not know what some typical desserts are from this culture.

Because of this, we have gathered some of the best dessert recipes available to tell you what the food is and how easy it is to make!

So if you want to start cooking up some of these delicious desserts, keep reading!

The Best Greek Desserts You Should Try

1. Baklava

What Is This Recipe?

You may have heard of Baklava already, since while it is massively popular in Greece, it is also very popular in other countries around the world, especially countries in the Middle East.

This dish is usually some kind of almond butter style pastry, but it is often different in how the dough it is made from is phyllo dough.

Phyllo dough is a very fragile and thin dough which is unleavened and has an amazing texture when baked. 

Baklava come in many varieties and there are plenty of different ways to cook them.

They have a signature creamy and buttery sweet flavor and the texture is unique with nuts often put in between layers.

Once you have baked the pastry, it will usually be covered in a syrup which is cold making them even more sweet and delicious.

So if you love nutty flavors, this is going to be a great choice!

2. Loukoumades

What Is This Recipe?

These are a honey donut which are fried giving them an amazing texture to match their delicious warm sweet taste.

These are served sticky covered in syrup, which goes amazingly with the insides which are soft and cloudy.

These are going to be irresistible to anyone who is around when they are made, and they are dangerous with how easy it is to just eat another one.

The honey syrup they are served in will mean you will always go back for another. 

These are even easier to make using the recipe we have chosen since Greek yogurt is used which makes the dough super simple to make, even if this is not the most traditional method.

They are also fun to customize and you can use whatever topping or sauce you want!

3. Kourabiedes

What Is This Recipe?

These are delicious butter cookies which are often served around Christmas time making them a great festive treat to try and make this December.

They are covered in a white powder making them look festive.

They have that delicious melt in your mouth sensation which you would expect from a good butter cookie, but they also have a slightly nutty flavor which makes them stand out from a standard butter cookie.

If you want to try a different twist on a standard butter cookie, these cookies are a perfect choice to try.

4. Melomakarona

What Is This Recipe?

Keeping with the theme of Christmas cookies, this recipe instead of being a butter cookie, is a honey cookie, and the honey syrup these cookies are served in makes them even more delicious than they usually would be.

If you want a cookie which makes you feel cozy just eating it, you have to try and make these since they are not too difficult and very rewarding! 

This is also a good choice if you try to avoid certain ingredients since they are not made with any eggs or milk making them a perfect vegan option.

All you have to do for this is use a honey alternative, or find a specifically ethically sourced honey.

The delicious aroma of cooking these cookies is unbeatable with aromatics being added like cloves and cinnamon.

5. Greek Diples

What Is This Recipe?

Not to stay on the same theme for too long, but who does not love holiday baking!

These are a great recipe to make with a yummy crunchy texture and a signature nutty flavor which you find in plenty of Greek desserts.

These will usually be served by dunking them into a syrup which could have a variety of flavors, but will usually be something like; honey, orange, or cinnamon.

To make these you fold your dough and then fry it.

You can sometimes find this treat being served at weddings and it is believed that the more folds you have in your Diples, the more of a happy married life you will have!

6. Portokalopita

What Is This Recipe?

This is a traditional cake made in Greece with a distinct orange flavor which gives it a wonderful citrusy aroma.

The cake itself is fluffy and delicious if made properly, and it stands out from a normal yogurt cake since phyllo pastry sheets are used in place of a standard flour.

If you like dessert but do not want something too sweet, this is the perfect dish to try since the flavor is not too much!

7. Kataifi

What Is This Recipe?

This recipe is made by shredding up phyllo sheets and then serving it with syrup and nuts.

The dish is traditionally served with a crunchy upper layer which is countered by the moister bottom giving it a delicious texture when eaten.

You also add a cold syrup like what is done with baklava and is what helps retain the texture.

The recipe also uses ground cloves as well as cinnamon with the addition of delicious fresh butter which makes them practically irresistible.

8. Bougatsa

What Is This Recipe?

This is another Greek dessert recipe which uses phyllo pastry, but this one stands out by having a yummy custard filling which contrasts the flaky pastry.

The recipe will also encourage you to try using galaktos which is a type of butter which is usually made with a mix of both cow and sheep milk.

9. Greek Halva

What Is This Recipe?

This is a recipe which is essentially semolina pudding which is flavored using a combination of raisins and nuts to give it a unique flavor profile.

You can even add more flavor to the dish by using different spices like cinnamon or some citrus.

10. Rizogalo

What Is This Recipe?

This is the most popular version of rice pudding which is found in Greece.

This version of rice pudding is called rizogalo and it, like many other rice puddings, is thick and creamy if made correctly.

It has a slight flavor of vanilla by adding some extract making it a delicious sweet treat.

11. Galaktoboureko

What Is This Recipe?

This is another Greek dessert which makes custard the star and it is a delicious way of enjoying it.

This pie combines the custard with honey or zest from a lemon or an orange giving it a more complex flavor than a standard custard pie.

12. Revani

What Is This Recipe?

If you love coconut, you have to try making this recipe which is a cake made with semolina and is then soaked in a delicious sugar syrup.

It is flavored using desiccated coconut and some lemon or orange extract to make it more delicious, or occasionally chopped nuts too.

13. Tsoureki

What Is This Recipe?

This is a bread which is typically made around Easter and it is designed with a beautiful braid which is not as hard to make as you would imagine if you know how to do it. If you love sweet breads, this filling dessert is going to be a favorite and you should enjoy it with a warm beverage.

14. Koulourakia

What Is This Recipe?

Another Easter recipe is this cookie which has a variety of different flavors you can make ranging from lemon and orange, to sesame. 

15. Karithopita

What Is This Recipe?

Finally, you have to consider making this delicious walnut cake which is perfect if you want something with a complex but sweet flavor which is simple to make.

This cake is made to represent abundance and is often served during festivals because of this!


Hopefully this list has displayed just how varied the range of Greek desserts you can make is.

While the offerings are unique, there are some flavors which are commonly used, which is useful if you want to try multiple recipes since you can easily reuse ingredients!

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