About Us

Hey my fellow home cooks ! 

Here’s how I can help you.

Hundreds of great recipes so that you can cook great from home. 

Recipeself.com where we deliver every type of cooking experience.

The site is to help people make their homes almost a restaurant.

Who We Are

We are not any professional chefs, nor we own any restaurant.

Our community has people who have traveled across the world and tasted various cuisines.

We tried to make everything we have tasted in different places at home.

Recently, our members have decided to share the experience of making those dishes successfully like a restaurant’s cook. 

The site works as an open platform for people who want to learn cooking.

It is not only about sharing the recipes. Visitors can also get to know a lot to make the kitchen a factory of sharing happiness among family members.

What We Share

The site consists of several recipes and cooking updates mainly.

The authors are not focused on a single region.

Visitors get to know about eating habits from several places on the earth.

As we have mentioned earlier, none of us is from the cooking profession.

We can only share what we have tried in the past. 

The method of describing a recipe by us is easily understandable for even a kid.

It is because we present the directions for cooking, just like the way we have done so.

We also tell backup methods of every recipe and cooking process so that you can do the cooking as you want.

The Goal for Us

From the beginning of this site, it has been targeting only one goal.

The goal of making people not dependable on any restaurants or cafes for having special types of dishes and cuisines. 

In common, we go to nearby restaurants, food courts, and hotels to celebrate a special occasion or for the craving of something special.

The decision of going such places can cost a person some extra bucks from their earnings. Few dishes are unfortunately quite rare and can be found in some specific regions.

Sometimes, an individual also can get disappointed despite spending money on pleasing the taste buds.

That is why it is better to have those dishes at home in the desired way of having the expected taste and quantity. 

But how can a person make that tricky stuff at home’s kitchen without any flaws?

Most of the restaurants don’t tell their secret. Even professionals don’t share their valuable knowledge for free.

So, the best way is to know the way from an unprofessional person who has succeeded to make a dish at home that tastes like a high-rated restaurants’ dish.

An amateur can copy that success story to get the exact result. 

That is why we, some food experiment specialists, travelers, food bloggers, and critics have started to make cooking super easy for all foodies who frequently crave for something exotic.

We not only tell methods that help to successfully make dishes, but also describe the taste, food value, cuisine description, and lots more along with the cooking process.

So, cooking becomes a hustle-free task for anyone who follows our articles.

Reach Us

We will be pleased if any of our audience reach us with suggestions or opinions. We also welcome writings from our readers.

You can feel free to contact us with your thoughts regarding cooking, food habit, or anything about foods. You can also help us to fix any of our flaws by letting us know.

Please contact us using this address: rrecipeself@gmail.com

Wanna avoid...

- Burning your Ruth's Chris Chicken?
- Too much garlic in your Garlic Butter Shrimp?
- Drying out your Ribeye Roast?