15 Best Elderflower Cocktail Recipes To Try Today

15 Best Elderflower Cocktail Recipes To Try Today

Everyone loves a good cocktail to unwind with every now and then, and mixing them yourself is especially fun.

You’ll be feeling like Tom Cruise in the movie “Cocktail”!

However, there are so many different types of cocktail out there, it can be difficult to find the ones that are going to be best for you and your tastes.

Elderflower is one of the nicest and most unique tastes out there, with its subtle sweetness, which makes elderflower liqueur one of the most interesting types of gin out there.

It has a wonderful aroma and flavor, and works especially well when mixed into cocktails.

In our handy guide below, we’ve got the 15 best elderflower cocktail recipes for you to try today.

You’re sure to find a few new favorites to enjoy the occasional evening, and elderflower liqueur is a cocktail ingredient you’re sure to keep coming back to again and again. 

15 Best Elderflower Cocktail Recipes To Try Today

1. Daisy Cutter Martini Cocktail

We’re starting our list off with the Daisy Cutter, a delicious cocktail that includes a good amount of elderflower liqueur in it.

Better yet, it’s an easy and quick one to make!

You’ll need five ingredients for this tasty treat, including 30 ml of elderflower liqueur.

This recipe uses the classic St Germain elderflower liqueur, but you might find other varieties.

On top of that, you’ll need 45 ml of vodka, and 30 ml of extra dry vermouth (they use Noilly Prat).

Additionally, the cocktail will require 7.5 ml of yellow chartreuse liqueur – fancy! 

Finally, to top it all off, add 3 fresh mint leaves. 

2. Jasmine Elderflower Daiquiri

This lovely elderflower cocktail has a hypnotic blue glow to it, which really makes it something extra special!

Taking just 5 minutes to prepare, this is going to be a fun and quick drink to throw together every now and then, and is sure to have any party guests marveling at its appearance. 

You’ll need half an ounce of elderflower liqueur, some white rum, and a bit of lime juice.

On top of that, you’ll want some blue curacao syrup to give it the beautifully warm blue glow.

After that, it’s just a few dashes of jasmine flower water. Done!

3. Comte De Sureau

This is a bittersweet treat for you to enjoy, with plenty of citrus edge to it, as well as the always-reliable kick of the subtle and sweet elderflower. 

It takes just 3 ingredients, making it especially easy to make.

Besides the elderflower liqueur (although you can use elderflower cordial instead), you’ll need some gin and some campari.

Mix it all together, then add an orange peel twist to garnish. 

4. In-Seine

You’d have to be “in-seine” not to try this tasty cocktail, which will prove a fancy and refreshing drink.

The elderflower liqueur brings its famous flavor, but it also helps to bring out the floral tastes of the cognac.

At the same time, the inclusion of a tiny bit of absinthe brings a herby hint with a touch of aniseed.

As we’ve hinted at, you’ll need the elderflower liqueur, absinthe, and cognac.

However, on top of that you’ll also need 30 ml of bourbon whiskey, as well as a little chilled water to top it up.

5. Left Bank Martini

This is a particularly interesting cocktail, because it’s wine based!

With the inclusion of 4 ounces of white wine, it makes it a great cocktail for celebratory events.

Bringing in the New Year? Time for a Left Bank Martini! Got a birthday event?

Left Bank! It’s understandably quite a dry cocktail as a result, and all the better for it.

Besides the white wine, you’ve got the all-important elderflower liqueur, with this recipe using the classic St Germain brand.

In addition to that, you’ll need 4 ounces of gin.

Finally, a tablespoon of gold luster dust to give it an elegant golden shimmer – magical!

It’s a drink that both looks and tastes great. What more could you ask for?

6. Courtside

The Courtside cocktail is a perfect summer drink.

The name alone conjures images of sitting next to a tennis court in the sun, watching an exciting match and sipping on this fruity delight.

Its lush rush red color especially adds to this summery feeling, as do the small ripe strawberries and raspberries that float on the top!

You’ll need quite a lot of ingredients for this one, but it’s worth the effort.

Besides the key elderflower liqueur, the only other alcohol you’ll need is vodka.

After that, you use apple juice and lime juice to give it its fruitiness, as well as some sugar syrup and a little soda water to top it up. 

Finally, it’s garnished with fresh raspberries and small strawberries, giving it a fruit salad feel. Healthy!

7. Ruby

Another delightfully fruity drink, the Ruby is a cocktail classic that’s sure to delight you.

The ingredients include elderflower liqueur (naturally), vodka, Aperol, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice.

Additionally, you’ll also need a tablespoon of egg white! A grapefruit twist, meanwhile, garnishes the drink.

Everything is added to a cocktail shaker without ice and shaken vigorously.

Ice is then added, with more shaking following, until the drink is well-chilled. Easy!

8. La Sang Juane

If you’re wondering, this cocktail name translates to “The Yellow Blood”, which is just about the coolest cocktail name we’ve ever heard. Thankfully, the delicious drink lives up to it! 

It takes only 5 ingredients. You’ve got the elderflower liqueur as always, which is joined by some extra dry vermouth (they use Noilly Prat again).

Additionally, you’ll need some gentian liqueur by Suze, as well as a dash of absinthe.

Finally, you’ll also need some Avallen Calvados, which is actually the biggest part of the cocktail – with 50.1 ml of it being added!

9. Esmeralda

This is a cocktail as elegant as its name suggests, and tasty to match.

To make it, you’ll need 15 ml of elderflower liqueur, some scotch whisky, and lime juice.

On top of that, the bulk of the drink comes from 50.1 ml of Novo Fogo silver cachaça, with its salty and floral flavor. Finally, some sugar syrup is added, too.

10. Elderflower Spritz

We couldn’t have a list of elderflower cocktail recipes without a classic elderflower spritz.

Spritz are known to be very flexible, so there are lots of varieties out there, but they’re also very easy to make. 

With this, you’ll need an ounce of elderflower liqueur, 2 ounces of vodka, some lime juice, and seltzer.

The garnish? Lime wheels will give it a sharp kick. 

11. The Lumière

For this dreamy, elegant cocktail, you’ll need just 5 ingredients.

You’ve got the elderflower liqueur, of course, but also some green chartreuse liqueur.

Additionally, you’ll need some gine, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Finally, orange bitters will give it a fruity, then bitter, edge.

Serve in a tulip glass for extra classiness!

12. Devil’s Soul

Don’t be put off by the intimidating name, this is a great elderflower cocktail to try!

Better yet, it won’t take long to make, and it only takes 5 ingredients.

You’ll need your elderflower liqueur, Amero Averna, Aperol, and some Sombra Mezcal.

On top of that, some rye is needed, with the recipe using the Rittenhouse brand.

Stir it all with ice, then strain into a glass. Add some orange for a citrus garnish!

13. Irish Maid

This is a refreshing elderflower cocktail to try, with floral notes for you to enjoy!

It even has cucumber included, to give it a cooling touch and a unique flavor. 

You start by muddling the cucumber slices in a shaker, then adding the elderflower liqueur, some Irish whiskey, simple syrup, and lemon juice into it too.

It’s fine-strained into a chilled glass, and then an extra slice of cucumber is added as a garnish. 

14. The Elderflower Margarita

Everyone loves a classic margarita, and an elderflower one is no different.

This delicious cocktail will bring you a brilliant mix of floral and citrus flavors, giving you a refreshing time.

Even better, it takes just 4 minutes to make!

You’ll only need 3 ingredients, too, if we’re not counting the garnish!

You’ll need your elderflower liqueur (of course!), as well as some reposado tequila, and a bit of lime juice.

Mix all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice, then shake and strain! Finally, garnish it with a lime wheel. 

15. Pyramid Punch

We’re finishing our list with this punchy (in name and nature!) elderflower cocktail.

To make it, you’ll need your elderflower liqueur and some BarSol Mosto Verde Italia Pisco.

Additionally, you’ll need some juices – pineapple juice and grapefruit juice. Finally, 2 dried cloves are added.

It all goes to make a drink that will give you a fruity punch, with a hint of tanginess to enjoy on the side. 

Final Thoughts

Elderflower liqueur is a great cocktail ingredient that’s used in a whole variety of fabulous drinks.

Use our guide to find some future favorite elderflower cocktails!

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