10 Delicious Nutella Dessert Recipes You’ll Love

10 Delicious Nutella Dessert Recipes You'll Love

Ah, dessert. The part of a meal that many of us look forward to the most.

It helps satisfy that sweet tooth that many of us have, as well as giving our palates a nice change from a savory main course.

However, when it comes to making a good dessert, many people often struggle to come up with a dish that doesn’t feel like a grab-bag of different sweet flavors thrown into a single recipe.

This is a fine strategy for eating for yourself, but when there are guests around, it is probably worth trying something a little more well put together, shall we say.

Interestingly, one of the most popular sweet ingredients and spreads around is the delicious hazelnut chocolate flavor of Nutella which is often a go-to ingredient for many people when looking for a sweet food item, whether as part of a recipe or even just on its own.

So, if you want to turn this tasty spread into a dessert worthy of praise from any guest that you invite into your home, you should probably check out the following recipes that we have gathered here for you!

1. Nutella Brownies

Starting this list with an absolute classic when it comes to desserts, we have this delicious brownie recipe that makes use of Nutella to create a sweet chocolate brownie, with just a hint of hearty hazelnut flavors.

Brownies are a staple of any dessert chef’s repertoire, so plenty of us want to find little ways or extra ingredients to help our versions stand out a little more from the rest, and this is the perfect ingredient, giving you a classic chocolate flavor that a good brownie should have while sneaking in a little nutty flavor in there too (the perfect way to get people to love hazelnut if they already don’t)!

Plus, the Nutella that you’ll add will have a rich and thick texture to it, creating an almost creamy brownie texture as you bite into it.

If you love your brownies a little more on the fudge texture side of things, this is a fantastic recipe to try for yourself!

For the health-minded, feel free to add a scoop of grass-fed chocolate whey protein powder for a higher-protein version of this brownie.

2. Creamy Nutella Mousse

However, brownies might be a staple of desserts around the world, but they’re also quite a common one too.

And, while brownies are great, sometimes we want to eat or make a dessert that’s a little out of your normal wheelhouse, you know?

This is why we think that everyone should give this creamy Nutella-filled mousse recipe a try for themselves!

Mousse is a dessert that plenty of people love (so you’ll have a dessert that is already popular), but often gets overshadowed by other recipes, possibly due to how many people aren’t confident enough to make them for themselves.

Fortunately, not only does that recipe taste great, but also serves as an excellent starting point for people who want to be able to make mousse desserts for themselves.

If you’re looking to add a classic dessert to your skill set, this is a great recipe to whip up!

3. Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

Trust us, if you put together this particular dessert for your guests, you’re probably going to get an instant following!

Cakes are always a safe bet to make when it comes to a dessert that most of your guests will love, with Nutella often being used in many of those recipes already.

So, what exactly sets this particular recipe apart from others?

Well, for starters, this Torte has a simple elegance to it that makes it almost as great to look at as it is to eat. Almost.

Plus, this cake makes enough servings to easily feed 6 people’s sweet tooth, so you know that you’ll be making enough to serve your guests (or feeding you and another, and having plenty of cake for leftovers)!

So, try out this hazelnut cake for yourself, and see just how much your guests love it!

4. Ingredient Nutella Mug Cake

Going from an incredibly elaborate cake recipe to one that might just be the coziest recipe on this list.

Mug cakes are the perfect one-person dessert to make when you just don’t have the energy to whip up something more elaborate, while still tasting great.

And wouldn’t you know it? Nutella makes an excellent extra ingredient to add to these cakes too!

Plus, with just 4 ingredients necessary to make these particular cakes, they, might be one of the easiest desserts to make on this list.

Just grab some all-purpose flour, some milk, baking powder, and your Nutella, and you’re all set!

Now, some people might say that mug cakes aren’t the best dessert to offer to your guests.

To which we ask the following 2 statements:

  1. Have you asked them? Pretty much everyone loves mug cakes. Just put the mixture in a heat-proof bowl instead of a mug, and it’s perfectly serviceable!
  2. Who says that you have to share this with your guests? It’s the perfect sweet midnight snack!

5. Nutella Hot Chocolate

It’s kind of crazy that no one has thought to make a Nutella hot chocolate before, at least as far as we know.

After all, hot chocolate and hazelnut extract already go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why wouldn’t this hot beverage work out as well?

And if this recipe is anything to go by, those assumptions are correct!

Smooth and sweet and it goes down the gullet, just like a good hot chocolate should.

And with just a little hazelnut and chocolate aftertaste to it, it’s the perfect soothing drink on a cold winter’s eve.

Through in a little extra whipped cream and mini marshmallows in there too, if you’re feeling a little more indulgent too!

6. Nutella Hand Pies

Now, if you’re looking to make a dish that will stand out as the perfect bite-sized treat to serve or graze over at a party, then you may want to consider this crispy and delicious dessert recipe!

The first pastry-type dessert that we have included in this list, these particular desserts are the perfect mouthful to offer your guests as an end-of-meal sweet snack, combining that crunchy and flaky texture of the pastry with a beautifully sweet and gooey chocolate hazelnut center.

Don’t believe us? Well, you’re just going to have to try these out for yourself!

7. No-Bake Nutella Bars

Pastries are all well and good, but for inexperienced cooks and bakers, they can also be a stressful recipe to make, especially if you know that you’ll be feeding guests.

After all, we’ve all had at least one or two recipes catastrophically fail on us, which was also meant to feed a party of 5 or more people!

Truly, the nightmare kitchen scenario.

If you want to avoid recipes that run the risk of ruining themselves without strict supervision, then this no-bake recipe will be perfect for you!

While you will need more than a couple of hours to fully prepare this dish, it will not require a hawk’s eye to make sure that things don’t go south!

Plus, like every other recipe we have picked, it will taste delicious once ready!

8. Grilled Banana Nutella Sandwich

Of course, not every dessert recipe needs to be a baking masterpiece.

Sometimes, our favorite sweet meals are the ones that are put together from just whatever we can find.

So, if you love the feeling of simply throwing together whatever ingredients you have and seeing what sticks, you’ll love this chocolate and fruity recipe!

Now, have all of us probably put something together like this when we were young or were desperate for something sweet? Probably.

But find some quality bread, and some large fresh bananas to go with that Nutella, and you have the perfect little comfort to eat, especially when the banana is grilled!

Well, maybe not so little…

9. Creamy Hazelnut Pie

Ah, the humble pie. A favorite of sweet and savory lovers alike.

If you love sweet pies as much as we do, then you need to try this Nutella pie for yourself!

By substituting peanut butter with Nutella, you can radically change a classic pie recipe into something completely new.

And, if you’re not the biggest peanut butter fan, something a little more appealing to yourself!

10. No-Bake Nutella Fudge

Like brownies and pies, fudge has always been a fan-favorite dessert for millions of people across the world.

And what better ingredient to add to it than what might be one of the world’s most popular spreadable treats?

Plus, with the Nutella already containing plenty of sugar, there’s very little need to worry about boiling sugar to the right consistency or checking constantly with a thermometer.

You have everything you need in your sweet ingredients!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

While we’re sure that plenty of people have already tried adding Nutella to their dessert recipes before, it’s good to see from this list that not only is this a popular ingredient to use but can also yield so many amazing results, while still having that delicious sweet taste.

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