Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe

Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe

Sugar Scrub is currently the most demanding body scrub for body use. Perhaps, the mixture is basically popular for its commitment and efficiency, but still, it is something unique to have. It not only cleans the body but also works as a moisturizer and hydration mask.

It leaves a smooth feeling in your arms and legs after exfoliating with the scrub. Though you can buy it from anywhere, making the mixture at home with an emulsified sugar scrub recipe will increase the efficiency and also lessen the risk. 

Emulsified Sugar Scrub

You might have tried shea sugar scrub, creamy sugar scrub recipe and more recipes before. But the impact emulsified sugar scrub can have on your body is incompatible. While wax, butter, and oil pair up with preservative and sugar, they come out in a wonderful form like an emulsified sugar scrub.

If you know how to make a whipped sugar scrub, it wouldn’t be hard for you to successfully bring the recipe out. Among all homemade sugar scrubs, this one is the best. Now let’s have a look at the procedure to make the scrub at home.


50 Gm of Sweet Almond Oil.

15 Gm Emulsifying Wax. Olivem Can Be the Best One for This.

10 Gm of Shea Butter.

10 Gm of Cocoa Butter.

10 Gm of Candelilla Wax or Beeswax.

150 Gm of Sugar (if You Want to Make the Mixture Thinner, Then Use Less Sugar)

1 Gm Cosgard or Any Natural Preservative Applied in a Specific Dose.

1 Gm Essential Oil (You Can Use Lavender, Lemon and Rosemary)


Step 1: To make the emulsified sugar scrub, take the first five ingredients mentioned in the list according to the measurement and pour them together in a pot.

Step 2: Melt them all for 30 seconds in a double boiler or the microwave, depending on your comfort.

Step 3: While they are melted, well, take the pot out, let it cool down. 

Step 4: Stir it well to give it a smooth form when it cools down, most probably below 45ºC/115ºF.

Step 5: Now add the preservative and essential oil. Make sure they mix very well. 

Step 6: Add sugar slowly, stir well continuously. Add as more as you like the consistency to be. For a good consistency, you will need sugar between 120-150 gm. 

Step 7: Stir until it gets smooth, and now your emulsified scrub is ready to use.

Note: You can store it in a medium glass jar and use it for the rest of the year. Before you store them, make sure they are sterilized well. However, preservatives are added here but still try to store it in a dry and cool place. It will help it to last for long.


Emulsified Sugar Scrub works great at cleaning the dead skins and moisturising your body leaving it to a smooth form. This product is available everywhere, but you can’t customize it according to your need as you can do during the homemade one, like adding fragrance, colour or cocoa powder. Making it at home will bring you a better outcome than buying from outside. Now, if you want to get smooth and better skin faster,

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