Baked Pork Cube Steak Recipes

Baked Pork Cube Steak Recipes

If you are craving for pork steaks, but don’t want to spend tons of time preparing them, then these recipes are a blessing for you. These baked pork cube steak recipes are easy to prepare at home simply in the oven and the taste is no less. 

I remember from my childhood, when we all had to wait a long time to enjoy steaks once or if lucky got twice in a year. Now, we can have them whenever we want, also within 1 or 2 hours. Let’s check out the recipes. 

How to Cook Cubed Steak in Oven with Gravy:

Pork cube steak is a special cut of pork, top sirloin, tenderized and flattened with a meat tenderizer. That’s why this is quick to prepare and always has a soft, tender texture.

This recipe is one of my favorites because the mouth-watering flavour never fails to surprise you every time you are having. Why to buy from restaurants, if you can prepare better at home with a nice recipe. 

Ingredients we Need:

6 Bottom Round Pork Cube Steaks

1 Cup of All-Purpose Flour

1 Tsp of Lawry’S Seasoned Salt (You Can Use Any of Them)

½ Cup of Vegetable Oil

½ Cup Red Onion, Finely Diced

8 Ounces of Fresh Button Mushrooms, Finely Sliced

2 Tbsp of Unsalted Butter

2 Cups of Beef Broth

2 Cups of Chicken Broth

1 Tbsp of Worcestershire Sauce

Methods of Preparing Baked Pork Cube Steak Step by Step:

Step 1: First of all, you need to preheat the oven at the temperature of 325 degrees F. 

Step 2: In a shallow plate, add 1 tsp of seasoned salt and 1 cup of all-purpose flour. Whisk them together. 

Step 3: Degrade the cubed steaks one by one, coating the flour mixture on both sides finely. 

Step 4: Shake off the extra flour and save for later. 

Step 5: Bring out a Dutch oven over medium-high heat and pour ¼ cup of vegetable oil. 

Step 6: When the oil is hot enough, add the prepared steak (depending on the size of your Dutch oven) and cook for 3 minutes on each side or until they turn golden brown in color. 

Step 7: Repeat the procedure with remaining steaks. Place the cooked steak gently and set aside. 

Step 8: Keeping the heat on medium-high, add 2 tbsp of unsalted butter, ½ cup of sliced onion, and 8 ounces of button mushroom. Stirring frequently, let them cook for 4 minutes to 5 minutes or until the mushrooms are finely browned. 

Step 9: Sprinkle the saved flour and coat with cooked mushroom and onions.

Step 10: Now, carefully pour 2 cups of beef broth, stirring vigorously in order to prevent the flour clumps. 

Step 11: With the same process, pour 2 cups of chicken broth. Bring the liquid mixture to a boil. You need to be always cautious in this phase because they should not stick to the bottom.

Step 12: When it thickens, add 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce, and continue whisking.

Step 13: Reducing the heat to a simmer, let cook for 5 minutes and add the steaks to the prepared gravy, nestling into the sauce finely.

Step 14: Cover the Dutch oven with its lid and place it in the preheated oven very carefully. Set the timer for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

When done, remove from the oven, and serve hot with mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli. The full flavoured comforting dinner with ked cube steak and potatoes is ready to enjoy. 

Easy Cubed Pork Steak Recipe

This is the easiest but tastiest recipe I have even seen. Also, this is the best way to cook pork cube steak within 30 minutes. I was so surprised that with only 6 ingredients, anyone can prepare perfect steaks. But it works way more than fine. Let’s learn the recipe.

Ingredients we Need:

2 Pounds of Pork Cube Steaks (about 8 Cutlets)

1 Cup of Caramelized or Fried Onions

1/4 Cup of Parsley Leaves, Finely Chopped

2 Tbsp of Butter

2 Tsp of Kosher Salt, Divided

1 Tsp of Freshly Ground Black Pepper, Divided

½ Tbsp. of Vegetable Oil

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1: If you don’t have caramelized onion, then do it at first and set the cup aside. 

Step 2: In order to remove the moisture from the steaks, you need to pat them dry finely using paper towels. 

Step 3: Sprinkle about 1 tsp of kosher salt and ½ tsp of freshly ground black pepper on both sides of the steak

Step 4: Bring out a large frying pan and add the prepared steaks over high heat. 

Step 5: While steaming, add ½ tbsp. of vegetable oil and flip to get the other side done. Each side won’t take more than 3 minutes. 

When done, remove from heat and repeat the process with the remaining steaks. Top with caramelized or fried onion and chopped parsley. Enjoy!


Here are the two cubed pork steak recipes, quicker and tastier. Get your hands off from regular steaks and try these new recipes without any hassle. You are always one step ahead of enjoying your steak. These gluten free steaks are also healthy and enough to satisfy your tastebuds.

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