Tramontina Dutch Oven Reviews

Tramontina Dutch Oven Reviews

Dutch ovens serve a great deal of purposes in the kitchen. Whether for serving, simmering, grilling, or baking among other functions, you can achieve all that with a single Dutch oven. These Tramontina Dutch Oven Reviews come with different models of the said brand, and with different color options, sizes, and some few other details to give you a wide scope for better choice.

Tramontina Dutch Oven Reviews

What Makes Tramontina Dutch Ovens Special?

Though there are several brands that come with Dutch ovens, like the two competitors that we have discussed herein, Tramontina still stands out as a special brand due to the following reasons:


Tramontina models are made of the best quality cast iron materials. The materials are toxic free, safe, and reliable for different types of cooking. They also withstand high-temperatures and hence can be used in the oven, with regulated temperatures. 

Different capacities 

The other special thing about Tramontina brand models is that they come in sizes that are different from each other. This suits well with the needs of different family sizes. There are large, medium, and small options to choose from. 

Different color options 

With people having different tastes for different colors, the Tramontina brand got everyone covered. There are a wide variety of color options for flexibility. This will give you the perfect color that satisfies your taste in the kitchen.

Top 7 Best Tramontina Dutch Oven Reviews

The Tramontina brand comes with different models. In this review, we have selected the best and few competitors for better comparison. It includes:

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 Tramontina 80131/035DS Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B077BD419C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This Dutch oven looks elegant in matte white and apart from using it to bake, you can also use it to serve. Tramontina 80131 Dutch Oven is a great quality choice made of enameled cast iron material and with a round shape design. 


Tramontina 80131 Dutch Oven is a good size capacity oven that would be a suitable choice for a medium size family. The product capacity is 5.5-Qt and that is an ideal choice for your family, then you can make it your favorite choice. 

Other features 

The versatile design that comes with Tramontina 80131 Dutch Oven makes it a good choice to cook with or to serve. It is presentable and extremely durable. 

This also can help you keep your food in the refrigerator and for other uses that you can find useful. In addition to that, this model is easy to clean, and compatible with the induction stovetops.


Good size for versatile uses

Elegant and presentable white matte finish

Extremely durable quality

It is oven and refrigerator safe

Useful for baking and serving


Cannot be washed in a dishwasher machine

Expert opinion: Tramontina 80131 Dutch Oven is a great choice if you love the matte white color and have a medium size family. It is good for baking and serving among other functions.

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Tramontina Ombre Red Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B0153MYM12″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

As the name puts, this Dutch oven comes in ombre red color and is a great versatile option for use when grilling, simmering, baking, or serving. It is made of enameled cast iron material that is super durable and with a round shape design, just like the previous model. 


The capacity or size is always a priority feature to check when buying any Dutch oven. This is so because you want to have a good size that is enough to serve your family, whether big or large. Tramontina Ombre Red Dutch Oven comes with 6.5 Quarts capacity and is good for a big family. 

Usefulness and other features 

This Tramontina 6.5-qt. cast iron Dutch oven is a useful product that every kitchen should have. It can serve a variety of uses that include serving, grilling, baking, and simmering as earlier mentioned. 

Being made of enameled cast iron, durability is a guarantee for this Tramontina Ombre Red Dutch Oven. The other outstanding feature on this Dutch oven model is the condensation ridges that are found on the interior of the lid. In addition to that, the product features stainless-steel knob and is oven safe.


Compatible with any heat source

Highly versatile and durable

Elegant round shape design with ombre red color

Distributes heat evenly when used for cooking

Large size for big family size

It is oven safe up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit


It is too large for serving a small family

Expert opinion: The difference with this Tramontina Ombre Red Dutch Oven from the other models is the color and size. If Ombre red is your favorite color, this could be for you. The size is also the best for a big family size.

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Tramontina 80131/036DS Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B077BHPZGC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If your family is medium sized, then this Tramontina enameled cast iron model is the best fit for your choice. It features a rich enameled finish and medium blue color that is presentable and good for serving your dishes among the other uses. In addition to that, this Dutch oven is the ultimate choice for traditional slow simmering. 

Capacity and usefulness 

As we have mentioned some of the uses of this Tramontina 80131/036DS Dutch Oven, you can put it to any use in the kitchen since it is versatile and can suit any function. It comes with a capacity of 5.5-quarts and a perfect fit for a medium-sized family. 

Other features 

Tramontina 80131/036DS Dutch Oven offers long lasting performance due to solid construction with good quality materials. It is also oven safe, and a reliable model to serve your kitchen needs.


Better heat distribution and retention

Looks classy and elegant for modern kitchens

Made of durable enameled cast iron

Compatible with all kinds of heat sources

Oven safe and versatile


It is not dishwasher compatible

Expert opinion:  Tramontina 80131/036DS Dutch Oven is good and recommendable. The features are just at bar with the above previous models and would be a good addition to your precious kitchen.

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Tramontina 80131/075DS Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B009HBJYLO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is another one of the best Tramontina cast iron Dutch ovens with a graduated cobalt color and round shape design. It is made of enameled cast iron and would surely last long. In addition to that, you may want to serve, grill, or bake with this Tramontina 80131/075DS Dutch Oven and is highly recommendable for such uses. 

Capacity and compatibility 

Size is an important feature that you should check with any Dutch oven. Tramontina 80131/075DS Dutch Oven comes with 5.5-quarts capacity and that is just an ideal size for family dishes. 

On the compatibility side, this is where you should also consider to ensure it suits the type of heat source that you use in your kitchen. With this model, you can use it with any of the heat sources since it is compatible with all including the induction cooktops.


PTFE and PFOA-free and safe

Compatible with all cooktops

Suitable for many uses in the kitchen

Made of enameled durable cast iron material

Easy to clean by hand washing

Round classy shape and color


The lid can corrode around its edges

Expert opinion:   This is a good size and affordable Dutch oven. If you love the graduated cobalt, then it is the right fit to have in your kitchen.

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Tramontina 80131/362DS Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B08RP9NPR9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

With arctic blue color and round shape, Tramontina 80131/362DS Dutch Oven is a choice that can add some shade into your kitchen. It is one of the largest models that you can get for big family cooking and serving among other functions. 

Material quality and design 

There is no big difference on the material used for this Tramontina 80131/362DS Dutch Oven with the other models. Tramontina 80131/362DS Dutch Oven is made of enameled rich cast iron and does not just look elegant on the dining table but also comes to last. 

Compatibility and other features 

On the compatibility side, Tramontina 80131/362DS Dutch Oven is suitable for use with any heat source including gas, induction, ceramic glass, or any other cooktop. In addition to that, it is oven safe up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit.


Good for slow simmering

Looks classy on the dining table

Versatile and can serve many different uses

Made of quality and long-lasting materials

Compatible with all heat sources

It is easy and simple to clean


Too large in size for a small family

Expert opinion:  If you have a big family and need a large Dutch oven, Tramontina 80131/362DS Dutch Oven is just the right match for your choice.

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The Competition with Other Brands (Tramontina Dutch Oven Alternatives)

There are hundreds of other brands that compete with this brand. In this Tramontina reviews, we are only focusing on the two big competitors that include:

Lodge Oyster White Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B00U1OCPWQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a great Tramontina competitor that has received tremendous positive feedback on the market and is also one of the best-selling Dutch ovens on the market. It comes in oyster white color and will look great on your kitchen. Of course, there are other different color options for this model that you can pick if oyster white does not satiate your taste. 

Capacity and material quality 

Lodge Oyster White Dutch Oven is 6-quarts in capacity and is made of the best quality enameled cast iron material with excellent finish. The capacity is just enough for a large family size and would be a recommendable product to have in your kitchen.


Great chip-resistant enameled finish

Comfortable side handles for easy carrying

Durable and affordable

Available in other color options

Excellent heat distribution and retention

It is dishwasher safe and also easy to clean by hand


Not recommended for use with metal utensils

Expert opinion: There is no reason why you cannot choose this product. In overall, it is the best Dutch oven that you would need in your kitchen for different uses. 

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AmazonBasics Cast Iron Dutch Oven

[amazon fields=”B073Q9VDCS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a great Dutch oven brand that comes in red color and with a round classy shape. It is a medium-capacity model and suitable for a medium-sized family. This brand is also a great Tramontina competitor on the market and would be a good choice to consider for your comparison. 

Capacity and material quality 

This model comes with a medium-sized capacity and can hold up to 4.3-quarts. It is a suitable choice that can serve 3-4 people. On the material side, Lodge Oyster White Dutch Oven is made of cast iron with enamel finish.


Good size for a small or medium-sized family

Useful for cooking and serving among other functions

Made of heavy-duty and durable materials

Comes with comfortable loop handles

Easy to remove fitted lid

It is oven safe


Not safe in a dishwasher

Not suitable to use with metallic utensils.

Expert opinion:  This Lodge Oyster White Dutch Oven can serve 3-4 people and is a great option for small or medium-sized families.

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Tramontina vs Le Creuset

Here is the comparison table that shows the differing features of Tramontina vs Le Creuset Dutch ovens.

Feature/BrandTramontinaLe Creuset
Made inChinaFrance
ColorsLimited in color varietyWide variety of colors available.
Handle designSmaller openingWider opening
Lid deignSmoothSelf-basting ridges
Lid knobPhenolic knobsStainless-steel knobs
Oven safe limitUp to 500-degrees F. Relative to material design.
Tramontina vs Le Creuset

 Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Tramontina Dutch Ovens

Dutch ovens from different brands or even different models from the same brand come with differing features that you should check. You should analyze and compare the aspects of each model to get a perfect taste that you want. Some of the factors to consider are:

Use with the oven

One of the things to check is whether the model of your choice is safe for use in the oven or not. In this case also, you should check the temperature limit to which you must not exceed with using it in the oven. 

Compatibility with cooktops

Some cooktop types to check would include ceramic, gas, electric, or induction. In this case, you should check if your Dutch oven model is compatible with any cooktop that we have mentioned or not. In most cases, you should focus on induction since not all the models are compatible with induction stovetops. 


You want a size that would be enough for your family. Checking the size has been made easy on the table above. You can save big on your time by comparing the sizes on the table and then get the right one that fulfils your needs. 

Material quality 

In most cases, Tramontina models are made of cast iron material. In that regard, or if you are going to purchase from other brands, you ought to check the quality of the materials used together with nonstick and safety features. 

Color and design

Different Dutch ovens come with different color options. This is made deliberately to fulfil the needs of users that have specific taste for colors. Therefore, you have all the color options available to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions of Tramontina Dutch Oven

Is Tramontina a good Dutch oven?

Tramontina Dutch ovens are quite like other best options if you try them for indoor cooking. Our analysis also says that those models can come with more features than any other traditional cast iron Dutch ovens. 

If you keep an old-style cast iron Dutch oven and Tramontina oven side by side, you can see these differences.

Tramontina ovens can be larger in size and cook complex dishes more precisely than a normal one. 

Tramontina comes in a very affordable range. So, you can buy more than one for cooking several dishes at once if you have a healthy budget. 

A cast iron traditional oven weighs more than a same-sized Tramontina. 

Thus, buying a Tramontina instead of a classical Dutch is never a bad decision.

Are dutch ovens always cast iron?

Traditional Dutch ovens are only made of pure cast iron. But if you do a bit of research on the current market, you can easily find Dutch ovens made of some other materials too. 
Sturdy materials like ceramic and aluminum are the two latest choices for the manufacturers to make quality Dutch ovens. Though these materials might help you cook faster, they are not as precise as cast iron. 

Dutch ovens are made for slow cooking mainly. Cast iron can hold the heat for quite a long time and let any ingredient get cooked in some time. But the main flaw here might be the low heat range. You can never make the cast iron oven too hot no matter how much hurry you are in. 

On the other hand, aluminum can absorb more heat than cast iron on any heating platform. But it can never produce accurate heat regulation.

What is the difference between Dutch oven and cast iron?

We think both subjects are almost the same. 

Every traditional Dutch ovens are made of pure and refined cast iron. There might be some other material added to the outer structure for modern facilities, and to adapt to the latest cooking methods. 

To understand more precisely, Dutch ovens and cast iron skillets do the same work. Dutch ovens feature only one extra advantage from iron skillets that allow cooking any curry. Apart from that, you can’t clearly see any other extra facility from Dutch ovens in the comparison. 

Thus, you can consider Dutch ovens and other cast iron made cookware in the caliber.

Can I use a Dutch oven instead of a cast iron skillet?

In most cases, it is possible to use Dutch ovens instead of skillets.
If you look at the structure of a Dutch oven closely, It has almost the same lower surface as a cast iron skillet. The lower surface works the same to cook curries or fry an ingredient. 

The skillet is a flat surface that can only come in handy to fry or cook a small amount of food. But in a Dutch oven, you can reheat and prepare some juicy or dry dishes without even burning anything.

The lower surface of cooking inside the oven can cook soup and stew without drying them too much. The feature allows you to boil meat and fish or bring the stew taking some time.

Will a Dutch oven boil over in the oven?

Absolutely not. It is too much risky to put a Dutch oven inside another traditional oven for boiling. 

The manufacturers of classical Dutch ovens have said that there is a limit for every Dutch oven. An oven can’t exceed its temperature limit at any cost. 

You can put the necessary heat on a Dutch oven only for slow cooking. The temperature should never go past a hundred degrees to avoid oven failures. 

As we all know that water needs more than 100 degrees to start boiling, it is quite impossible to get boiling water from a Dutch oven faster. And you must never put a pre-heated oven inside another oven to escalate the boiling period.

It can cause the Dutch oven to burst, which can also lead to a fatal accident.

What can be cooked in a cast iron Dutch oven?

There are several types of dishes you can cook using a Dutch oven made of cast iron. 

You can cook an Asian curry using a Dutch oven. Non-veg curries get a great texture with a perfect fragrance if they are cooked inside cast iron ovens. 

Moreover, steamed dishes like rice or fish stew go well with the Dutch oven in some cases. You can use the oven to prepare or reheat any dish if you need. 

Most importantly, iron Dutch ovens can also be used as surfaces for cooking steaks. Heavy meat like beef T bone steak gets a juicy texture when you slow cook them inside a cast-iron oven. 

Baking is something you might feel tough to do using a Dutch oven. So, apart from that, almost everything is possible.


In this Tramontina Dutch Oven Reviews, you will find that this brand offers great value when it comes to quality. From the models, there are only slight differences in color, capacity, and other features to do with design and suitability. Therefore, they are safe, reliable, and efficient for use within the kitchen and outside.

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