Whole Wheat Bagels Recipes

Whole Wheat Bagels Recipes

There is an obsession with whole wheat bagels recipes that is so ingrained into the American culture. In fact, since the 90’s era, bagels have been a popular dish that everyone wants to consume.

It is high in fiber, the complex carbohydrates have a certain dissimilarity to normal bread. Another reason may be the fact that bagels go great with virtually anything.

You can eat whole wheat bagels with meat, chocolate, cream, or cheese. You can choose any toppings. You can even fashion a sandwich out of bagels. It is a versatile food to enjoy as a core component in meals. 

How to Bake Wheat Bagels?

It is pretty obvious at this point that bagels are to be baked. It is a fairly easy process that you can follow through.

The basic components are similar to bread and the method, although slightly different, can be prepared at home! You may not always want to make a run to the deli every time, so these homemade whole wheat bagels are the best way to meet your cravings.

Here are is the recipe for making Pete Reinhart bagels. 

Ingredients that You Will Need Are:

One and a Half Cups of Warm Water

Two and One-Fourth of a Teaspoon of Active Dry Yeast

Four Cups of Whole Wheat Flour

Two Tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup

Two Teaspoons of Salt

Four Teaspoons of Sugar

Method of Preparing Whole Grain Bagel Recipes Step by Step:

Step 1: Take a bowl, pour water, and active dry yeast into it. Mix and let it sit.

Step 2: In a mixer, pour the wheat flour, salt, sugar, and syrup. Start the mixer and pour the activated yeast mix into it. Make sure the entire mixture is poured into the mixer.

Step 3: Keep mixing for about 10 minutes or till the dough forms. The texture should be smooth and without lumps. The dough should feel elastic and smooth. 

Step 4: Coat the dough lightly with some oil. Cover it with a damp cloth. Let the dough rest for about 20-30 minutes.

Step 5: Preheat the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a rack in the mid-section of the oven where the bagels will be baked. Fill a saucepan halfway through with water and let it in the oven on the bottom section of the racks.

Step 6: Line baking pans and set parchment papers on the pans. Divide the risen dough into 12 sections. Shape them by hand and set them on the sheets. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the raw bagels.

Pop the baking pans into the oven and let them bake for around 40 minutes. The bagels should turn into a golden brown color when they are cooked and ready.

Step 7: Take the Clark bagels out of the oven and set them on a cooling rack. After they are cooled, serve them with the topping of your choice, which can be anything you prefer. 

Making Honey Whole Wheat Bagel

To make whole wheat bagels with honey mixed into it, the previous recipe only faces a few changes in it. You have to switch the maple syrups with honey.

This will mix and give the bagels a different texture that will feel moist. The flavor will obviously taste like honey.

You can top these bagels with brown granulated sugar before baking them in the oven. The sugar will melt and grant you a crunchy, thin, and sweet outer layer. 

You can understand the basic procedure of preparing these bagel recipes and follow them word for word.

But you are also free to make changes as you would deem fit. After all, when you get the dish out, you are the one who will be cooking these bagels.

How to Store Bagels Overnight

There is a time-tested way of storing bagels and dry food products overnight and for an extended period of time.

You can put the cooled-off bagels in Ziploc bags and make sure there is no air left in the bags. You must store them in a dry and cool place.

If the weather gets hot, you can also put them in the freezer but they won’t stay fresh in the freezer for more than 4-5 days.

The bagels may seem to form molds after that duration. It is highly recommended that you finish them before the expiry date since it is a perishable food product.


The bagels recipe and alternatives must help you gain the courage to try the recipes out all by yourself. You can do it at home and enjoy delicious wheat bagels.

Bagels are not that high in calories and are pretty tasty. The best part is the versatility of these dishes. The complex carbohydrate in these bagels provides you with a healthy dose of nutrition.

You can easily make different types of fillings to try homemade bagels with.

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