Saltgrass Drink Recipes

Saltgrass Drink Recipes

Saltgrass steakhouse is a very famous place where you will get various types of food, cocktail, wine and all. But the place is more popular for its heavy-weight drinks, which come in an identical form.

All of these Saltgrass special drinks have a very unique and different taste. People mostly go there just to try their drinks.

But now you can try these too at home. Now we are going to share some of the famous saltgrass drink recipes that you will love to try on different occasions. 

Grilled Pineapple Margarita

Did you hear about grilled pineapple? Yes, grilled pineapple is a unique form of fruit that serves you a heavenly taste.

This is one of the best saltgrass special drink recipes which people love to have. If you love pineapple, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to have saltgrass grilled pineapple margarita, which is a perfect drink to enjoy in the summer.

It’s every sip that seems like magic. This is something more than you can imagine. Now, if you are eagerly waiting to know how to make pineapple margaritas, then read the recipe thoroughly.

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Grilled Pineapple 1 Cup

Triple Sec 2 Ounce

Silver Tequila 4 Ounce

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 1 Ounce


Pineapple Juice 6 Ounce


Step 1: Peel off a pineapple, cut it into big pieces.

Step 2: Now grill both sides for a few seconds and cut them into small chunks.

Step 3: Take a glass and put some grilled pineapple chunks inside. 

Step 4: Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then gradually add pineapple juice and triple sec.

Step 5: Now crush them all nicely.

Step 6: Add silver tequila and then ice cubes.

Step 7: Now, take the mixture to the cocktail shaker and give it a nice shake.

Step 8: To serve the liquor, take a glass and dip the top side into lemon juice, then dip it again into salt to get a coating of salt. 

Step 9: Now, pour the liquor into the glass. Ordain with grilled pineapple and lemon. Your drink is ready to go.

Note: You need to use fresh lemon to get a better result; otherwise, you can use the bottled one too. You can even blend all the ingredients and serve. If you like it thinner, then use less pineapple juice. Also, you can use a cocktail filter if you don’t want fruit chunks in your drink. 


Saltgrass Tropical Sangria Recipe

This is a must-try drink which is a cocktail made with pineapple, white wine and coconut rum. A 10-minute recipe perfect for special occasions. 10 people can enjoy the liquor easily. However, it is said that the drink consists of 107 calories, but it’s still not proven yet. 

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Pineapple Juice 6 Ounce

Sauvignon Blanc (White Wine) 1750 Ml Bottle.

Triple Sec ⅓ Cup

Maraschino Cherry Juice or Grenadine 1 Ounce.

Coconut Rum ⅔ Cup

Frozen Pineapple Chunks 2 Cups

Sliced Orange 2

Pineapple, Cherries and Orange for Garnish


Step 1: Take a pitcher, add juice, wine, rum and triple sec and stir.

Step 2: Take some orange slices and add them. 

Step 3: Now, let it be cold.

Step 4: While you are about to serve the drink add frozen chunks of pineapple to serve the drink cold.

Step 5: Decorate with orange, pineapples and cherries and serve.


Texas Tea

Texas tea is another refreshing drink of saltgrass that you can’t miss. Its solid and authentic taste is impossible to explain. The tequila may taste more here, but you can even add more rum for a better taste if you don’t drink this way.

It takes only 5 minutes to get prepared. Having this is just like a blessing in the summer. So if you are about to try this drink this summer, follow the recipe. 

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Vodka ½ Ounce

Tequila 1 Ounce

Rum ½ Ounce

Triple Sec ½ Ounce


Sour Mix 1 Ounce


Step 1: Pour ice into a glass. 

Step 2: Now add rum, vodka, tequila, sour mix and shake

Step 3: Pour the liquor into a collins glass

Step 4: Put some more ice if it’s necessary. 

Step 5: Take cola and start to top.

Step 6: Decor with lime slices.


CoronaRita Frozen Margarita Beer Cocktail

This is a unique drink that is mostly ordered in the saltgrass. The liquor is a combination of margarita and coronita, which brings a supreme taste.

Though it carries 310 calories, you can’t expect a cocktail more healthy than this. It takes 20 minutes to get ready and can quickly be served for 6 people. So if you are feeling thirsty from now on, try the recipe. 

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Orange 1 Pieces

Lime Juice of 5 Pieces

Lemon 2 Pieces for Garnish

Ice 8 Cups

Triple Sec ¼ Cup

Tequila 1 Cup

Margarita 2 Cups

Sea Salt

Coronita 6 Packs Corona Bear Small 7 Ounce


Step 1: Bring out the juice of 5 limes and 1 orange.

Step 2: Now, in a blender, blend tequila, triple sec, margarita and ice.

Step 3: Blend until it gets thick, and if you think you will need more ice to make it thick, add more.

Step 4: Take a glass and dip the top into lime juice.

Step 5: Now dip into the sea salt.

Step 6: Pour the liquor into the glass, tip the corona beer carefully.

Step 7: Decor with a lemon slice and serve.



The drinks of saltgrass are as always unique and better than the other places. The drinks are full of freshness and flavours. Therefore people always come to try all the liquor.

All of these liquor are best to try for the upcoming summer. So try these recipes, especially saltgrass margaritas and the others; they definitely won’t let you down.

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