Leg Spreader Drink Recipe

Leg Spreader Drink Recipe

Summer days are impossible without a cocktail drink. Enjoying the summer with friends? How can there not be any drinks! While at the park or the beach, without the drink, you will feel like a homeless, trust me! Last summer, I along with my friends, went to the beach.

There I have experienced a lot of new cocktail drinks and about a leg spreader drink recipe. I can still feel that flavor and taste. As I kept talking about those amazing drinks, one of my friends suggested me to prepare those drinks at home. She also helped me research, and we went there again for collecting more drinks.

There are various cocktail recipes on the internet, but I didn’t find that kick on those recipes. After gathering information, I jump into the journey of my cocktail drinks. Among them, I able to make some. In this article, I’m sharing the recipes with you.

Recipe 1: 

This special leg spreader shot is exactly copied from that recipe, I have collected. The tangy flavor and the taste, you will get, is beyond every drink, you have ever tasted. And obviously, the best leg spreaders shot, you have ever tasted. Here is the original recipe.

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  • Carolan’s Irish Cream about 1 Oz
  • Gin about 1/4 Oz
  • Rum about 1/4 Oz
  • Vodka about 1/4 Oz
  • Aged tequila about 1/4 Oz
  • Coke or Pepsi cola about 3 Oz
  • Kahlua coffee liqueur about 1 Oz

How to make a leg spreader shot: 

Step 1: Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. 

Step 2: Add 1 Oz of Carolan’s Irish cream, 1/4 Oz of gin, 1/4 Oz of rum, 1/4 Oz of vodka, 1/4 Oz of aged tequila, and 1 Oz of Kahlua coffee liqueur. Shake the cocktail shaker strenuously until the ice gets broken.

Step 3: Again, fill shot glasses with ice, and pour the cocktail mixture into the glasses. 

Step 4: Add Pepsi cola into the shot glasses, stirring with straw. 

Serve the amputated leg drink. With the amount of the ingredients, you can fill up 4 shot glasses. The amount can be doubled. 


Recipe 2: 

This leg spreader cocktail has a slightly fruity flavor. I’m using here the pineapple juice. So, when you love your drink in fruity flavor. I think this leg spreader drink is absolutely for you. It also doesn’t require many ingredients. So, you can easily prepare this drink for parties also. The basic recipe is given below. 

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  • 1 1/4 Oz of Midori melon liqueur
  • 1 1/4 Oz of Malibu rum
  • 6 Oz of pineapple juice 
  • 2 dashes of 7 up. 


Step 1: In a cocktail shaker, add Midori melon liqueur, Malibu rum, and pineapple juice. then fill the cocktail shaker up with ice. Shake the ingredients vigorously into the cocktail shaker. 

Step 2: Fill a vector glass with the cocktail drink. Also, add ice into the glass. 

Step 3: Pour 7-up into the glass for the final touch. 

Here, your slightly sweet fruity leg spreader drink cocktail is ready. Serve and enjoy the drink with your family and friends.


Recipe 3: 

Preparing a spread eagle shot recipe is really fun. The fun reaches an extreme level when you enjoy the drink alone. Well, that’s my personal opinion. One day, my friend, Sarah, came to my place and asked for a drink. I collected all ingredients for spread eagle shot, but I didn’t make her spread eagle shot. I wanted to enjoy it alone. Okay! let’s begin the recipe. 

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  • 1 bottle of Islay whiskey
  • 1 bottle of rye
  • Peel of lemons (2)
  • 4 Oz of demerara sugar
  • 3 quarts of boiling water. 


Step 1: Take a punch bowl. 

Step 2: Add lemon peels and demerara sugar. Jumble the peels in the sugar and set aside. let them sit for 30 minutes. 

Step 3: Then you need to add 3 cups of boiling water into the sugar-lemon mixture. The water will dissolve the sugar finely. 

Step 4: Pour 1 bottle of Islay whiskey and 1 bottle of rye into the punch bowl. 

Step 5: Sloosh the remaining water into the cocktail mixture, stirring them well. 

Step 6: This is totally up to you whether you want to serve the shot hot or not. If you are planning to serve them hot, then serve instantly. If not, then let the punch set cool in the room temperature. 

Step 7: When it’s cold enough, remove the lemon peels. Also, add ice for chilling. Serve your spread eagle punch with straws. 

Another thing that you need to know is, this drink is extremely versatile that allows you to keep the variations, additions, etc. Well the lemon peels here add citrus flavor, if you want it more, you can add lemon, lime, or orange into your drink.


Recipe 4: 

This one is one of my favorites. Creamy texture with quite “good for health” Jagermeister perfectly combines this open grave drink with fabulous flavor. Simply saying, I’m so in love with this drink. I would suggest you try it as a must item. You will fall in love with it’s creamy but tangy non-sweet texture. 

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  • 1/2 Oz of Irish Cream
  • 1/2 Oz of Jagermeister 
  • 1 Oz of Rumple Minze 


Step 1: Fill the shaker up with ice cubes. 

Step 2: Now, pour all ingredients as per the amount. Shake them forcefully until the mixture gets frigid cold. 

Step 3: Take a Rocks glass and with a mesh strainer, strain the drink into the glass.

Do a favor, give yourself a treat with an open grave shot, and feel the taste. 



EUREKA! Finally, I have done my work. You know, opting for the best recipes among all, was really tough for me. I can assure you about their taste and popularity. Gather the ingredients and enjoy your summer entirely with these delicious drinks. 

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