Summer Hummer Recipes

Summer Hummer Recipes

Hey part horses! Summer is here and no wonder you are partying with your regular beverages. Not any more, with summer hummer recipes, you can have cool, soothing and full of flavors beverages if you just know the collaboration. 

Here I have shared three of them, which can be considered as the best of theirs. Enjoy the summer (also applicable for other seasons) with refreshing drinks with the flavour of fruitiness. Let’s jump to the recipe.

Summer Hummer Vodka Recipe:

Enjoying all by yourself with summer hummer special lime-flavored vodka is very relaxing. Not only for parties, they are best to enjoy alone. Let’s see how to prepare it. 

Ingredients we need: 

5 Cubes of Ice

2 Fl Oz. of Lime Vodka

2 Fl Oz. of Prepared Lemonade

4 Fl Oz. of Lime-Flavored Carbonated Beverage

1 Lemon Wedge

How to Make a Summer Hummer Step by Step:

Step 1: Bring out a tall glass and fill up ½ of the glass with ice cubes. 

Step 2: Pour in 2 fl oz. of lime vodka, 2 fl oz. of prepared lemonade (this is homemade), 4 fl oz. of lime-flavored carbonated beverage. 

Step 3: Garnish with the lemon wedge and serve.

The soothing flavour of this beverage will add a new zeal to parties! No wonder why people die for summer hummers’ special lime vodka. Now, you can prepare them at home if you just gather the ingredients.

Summer Hummers Brew Recipe:

This special summer brew is one of the best thirst quenching drinks on hot summer days. The best part of this drink is, you can make this summer brew drink earlier.

All you need to do while serving is, pour over ice when ready to serve. Also, they talk about the variations of summer brew. You can use the bug light lime beer for extra lemon-lime flavour. See how I prepare it. Also, with this scale, you can serve 6 yield. 

Hummer Drink Ingredients

12 Fl Oz. of Frozen Limeade Concentrate, Thawed

12 Fl Oz. of Mexican Beer

½ Cup of Lime Vodka (Optional)

6 Lime Wedges, for Garnish

How to Make Summer Brew Step by Step:

Step 1: Take out a glass pitcher. Add 12 fl oz. of thawed frozen limeade. Stir in 12 fl oz. of Mexican beer. I have used Estrella Jalisco. 

Step 2: This is optional but for more strong flavour, pour ½ cup of lime vodka. It infuses the taste best. 

Step 3: Fill up Zinfandel wine glasses with ice and pour over ice. 

Step 4: Garnish with lime wedges and serve. 

Here I have written all the variations and also the serving glasses. Preparing them is so fun. Mention not about the taste! 

Hummer Ice Cream Drink Recipe:

Nothing can be more fun to me on hot summer tiring days, having an ice cream drink. With icy cold and sweetness of ice cream in a beverage tastes the best for soft drinkers.

Hummers offer their ice cream drink recipe with specific branded white rum and coffee liqueur. I have tried them with different brands, but I must say the taste wasn’t the same. 

Ingredients We Need:

1 ½ Oz. of White Rum, Preferably Bacardi

1 ½ Oz. of Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur

2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

½ Cup of Crushed Ice

Maraschino Cherries, for Garnish

How to Make Summers Ice Cream Drink Step by Step:

Step 1: Take out a blender and 5/6 cubes of ice into the blender. Blend until you get crushed ice. 

Step 2: Measure ½ cup of crushed ice from that and add to the cocktail shaker. 

Step 3: Pour 1 ½ oz. of Bacardi white rum and 1 ½ oz. of coffee liqueur into the cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously. 

Step 4: Pour the liquid into the chilled rocks glass and scoop the vanilla ice cream. 

Before serving, garnish with cherries if you desire. 


These three are my favorite from summer hummers. I thought of sharing these for a long time, but couldn’t manage. Finally, I have done it. Must try three of them at home for special occasions with your loved ones. Share this recipe with your family and friends also. I’m sure they will love the flavour.

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