Purple Rain Drink Recipe

Purple Rain Drink Recipe

The most important thing that completes a meal to perfection is a nice refreshing drink. This fact is getting more popular day by day resulting in the creation of new types of drinks for a long time. The Purple Rain Drink is such a great invention among all these drinks and is getting well-known especially for its soothing color.

It is a Halloween Drink as the dark purple color is a perfect theme to fit on this spooky day. With the purple rain drink recipe, you can enjoy this drink just within a few minutes. It can also be the most refreshing beverage while chilling out with friends in the garden, watching a movie, or with any of your favorite meals.

This drink was initially known as the ‘Purple Haze’ due to the variations of purple-colored mixed drinks. The taste of this bold and fresh drink is not too sweet, not too bitter, and not too much strong, making it the perfect flavor that anyone would like to give a try.

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How To Make Purple Rain Drink Mix

Well! To start making this amazing drink at home, the essentials that are needed are two glasses, and a shot glass, and the following ingredients:

  1. 1 and ½ shots of soda or vodka
  2. 1 shot of blue curacao
  3. 1 shot Cranberry juice
  4. 1 shot pineapple juice
  5. 1 shot grenadine
  6. 1/2 shot of fresh lime juice
  7. Ice cubes.


Method of preparing step by step

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 Step 1: 1 and ½ shots of vodka or any soda are poured in a glass to bring the strong fresh flavor of the purple-rain drink.

Step 2: Next comes 1 shot of Blue Curacao to bring in a blue texture in the drink.

Step 3: Then 1 shot of pineapple juice is poured giving the whole drink a feel of nice little ocean blue in the glass.

Step 4: After the addition of 1 shot Cranberry juice, the desired purple color texture is visible describing its perfect name.

Step 5: Then comes the most important 1 shot of grenadine that brings the perfect deep purple texture and adds the rain purple flavor.

Step 6: Then finally the juice of half a lime is poured in the glass to bring a delightful sour soul in the drinks.

Step 7: After that, the whole mixtures in the drink is given a good long shake and is poured in a glass full of ice cubes.

Finally adding a piece of cut-lemon, the Purple Rain Drink Mix is ready to be served.


How To Make Purple Rain Cocktails

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Another category of the Purple-Rain Drink is the cocktail that is made of similar color and flavor but is presented a bit different from the usual drink. An additional layer of purple sugar at the edge of the rim of the glass creates the perfect flavor of the Purple Rain Cocktail.

The necessary ingredients required for the purple rain cocktail recipes:

  1. 2 spoons of Sugar
  2. 1 shot of blue curacao
  3. 1 shot grenadine
  4. 1 shot of vodka
  5. 2 shot of lemonade
  6. Ice cubes full of glass.
  7. ½ a piece of lime


Method of preparing step by step: 

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Step 1: Take 2 spoons of sugar on a plate and add blue curacao and grenadine with it. Mix the ingredients properly to get the perfect purple sugar mixture to rim the edge of the glass.

Step 2: Rinse the edge of the glass using lime so that the prepared purple sugar crystals get stuck on it.

Step 3: Once the rim of the glass is prepared, fill up the glass with ice cubes.

Step 4: Add 1 shot of blue curacao in the glass to give a bluish texture at first.

Step 5: Then after pouring reddish grenadine in the glass, the soothing purple color is visible.

Step 6: Add 2 shots of lemonade to give your drink the perfect taste of the purple cocktail.

Finally, stick a cut-lemon piece and insert a straw to enjoy the freshness of Purple Rain Cocktail in no time.


How To Make Purple Rain Drink Vodka:

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Who doesn’t like a shot of vodka in their fresh drink? It adds extra fizziness and makes the drink perfect to suit on any occasion. Besides, the preparation method of the Purple Rain Vodka is also very easy and time-saving.

The necessary ingredients required to make Purple Rain Vodka are as follows:

  1. Ice cubes
  2. 75ml Vodka
  3. 75ml Gin
  4. 50ml Blue Curacao
  5. 50ml lime juice
  6. 50ml lemonade
  7. 200ml soda water
  8. 150ml Grenadine


Method of preparing step by step

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Step 1: Pour 1 shot of vodka in a glass for the fizzy flavor.

Step 2: Pour 1 shot of gin to enhance the strength and flavor of the vodka.

Step 3: Then add blue curacao on the vodka mixture to bring the ocean blue texture.

Step 4: After that, pour reddish grenadine to create the delightful purple color in your Purple Rain Vodka.

Step 5: Add a certain amount of lemonade and soda to bring the vibe of freshness in the drink.

Step 6: Finally add squeezed lime juice in the drink to give the final touch of sourness.

After pouring the ingredients altogether, it needs a long shake for the perfect mixture and taste. After that, pour the mixture in a glass full of ice cubes and you are all set for experiencing the most refreshing and soothing Purple Rain Vodka at home.



The main specialty of the Purple-Rain Drink is the freshness and soothing color of it. The perfect combination of the sweetness, sourness, and strength of a drink are found altogether in Purple-Rain Drink that made it one of the most loved drinks to people of all ages. Besides, the ingredients required to make this drink are easily available. So everyone should try this delightful drink to assure the thirst with bold freshness and tempting flavor.

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