Best Gas Station Alcohol

Best Gas Station Alcohol

There is more fun using a liquor dispenser than serving directly from the bottle, especially during parties. Whether it is outdoor, Christmas, birthday, wedding, or professional setup, you will find the best gas station alcohol that matches the function. In addition, there is a wide range of varieties and you need to take your search keenly to find a perfect station that will serve you well.

Best Gas Station Alcohol

What Features Should You Consider Before Buying the Best Gas Station Alcohol?

Since there are so many varieties out there, getting the right and perfect choice is now the priority and you should always narrow down your search based on your needs, the features that come along with each product, and the value that you get. 

Here are just some of the few tips to help you choose the right liquor dispenser:

Material and quality 

Each brand comes with different materials and of different qualities. While some are metallic, some are made of plastic, and some are glass. You should, therefore, choose your station based on the quality that you need. The material used also determines the quality and durability of the liquor station. 

Design and style 

This also matters a lot when it comes to choosing a gas station liquor dispenser. You want to enjoy and have the best tasting alcohol served in style. There are different styles including the revolving ones, with more than one hose pump, and more. 


The capacity here comes in form of the number of bottles that the liquor station can handle, or the container can hold. This depends on the style. This becomes also a factor to check to make sure you are getting enough capacity to serve your friends during parties. 


Due to the different styles, you need to get a dispenser that matches your function. If it is a wedding, you may need a suitable design and style that best fits the wedding. That means, you should choose your station based on the function that you are going to put into it.

What Is the Best Gas Station Alcohol?

As per our editor’s analysis, Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser is the best overall as it comes with all the features that you may need to enjoy while having fun during parties. It is good for homes and you can serve different liquor brands without hassle using this awesome model. 

Enjoy your liquor in style and have fun with the best liquor dispenser or gas pump station. There is more than fun in getting a dispenser that can serve your drinks, whether liquor, cocktail, wine, whiskey, or any other brand. This article is just a guide towards finding the right choice to buy.

Top 10 Best Gas Station Alcohol Reviews

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It’s now our opportunity to introduce to you what we found with our analysis. That is the top products on the market, to help you choose one that would satisfy your needs.

Godinger Liquor Dispenser

Godinger Glassware, Custom, Clear

This liquor dispenser is made of metallic body and glass materials and with the glass, you can be able to view your alcohol inside the dispenser. Godinger Liquor Dispenser is, therefore, a choice that is available and affordable and you can buy it if you want to add some fun and style while serving your liquor. This liquor dispenser could make a great gift for men. 

Versatile design 

As you may see on the image, Godinger Liquor Dispenser comes with a glass cabinet for alcohol or any other drinks. You may use it with wine but after a thorough cleaning to ensure it doesn’t get contaminated with alcohol. 

Ease of use and cleaning 

There is a hose that is attached to the dispenser that is useful for serving. Godinger Liquor Dispenser is easy to use with any kind of liquor. You just fill it up and then pump through the hose. The alcohol cabinet or glass container is calibrated and that also facilitates the ease of using it.


Versatile and can serve any other drink

Easy to use hose for serving

Calibrated alcohol glass container

Looks classy for a gift

Easy cleaning by hand


Does not have a cooling mechanism

Expert opinion: Godinger Liquor Dispenser is a great gift idea for any man who loves alcohol. It is good for home parties and comes with an affordable price.

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Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser

OGGI 3-Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser, Stainless Steel

Here is a great liquor dispenser that looks stylish and with revolving design. Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser is made of stainless-steel material and with a large base of the same material. It is stable and sturdy hence you can confidently hang your liquor with style. It is suitable for a man’s cave or liquor bar. 

Revolving design 

What makes Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser unique from the previous liquor dispenser brand is the design that allows it to rotate. This is important since you can access your liquor with ease. Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser is also an ideal gift for anyone that loves liquor, especially during parties. 

Pour shot 

This dispenser is easy to use with the continuous pour shot. With this, you can easily control your pouring and that makes this dispenser easy to use while serving. Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser also features a leak-proof push-and-pour action feature that enhances its effectiveness.


Easy to assemble

Large and stable weighted base

Durable stainless-steel construction

Easy to control while serving

Rotating action feature for convenience

Versatile and can be used for serving any drink


The downer of this dispenser is that you cannot adjust it

Expert opinion: The advantage that comes with this dispenser is the ability to rotate it for convenient and easy serving. It is a good and recommendable product that is also made of durable materials to enhance its lifespan.

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UNIDO Box Alcohol Caddy

Revolving Alcohol Caddy - 6 Bottles - Liquor Holder Beverage Cocktail Shot Dispenser

This is another revolving and great alcohol dispenser that is made of durable aluminum material. It looks elegant and is a stylish choice for any bar or home. The advantage that UNIDO Box Alcohol Caddy has over Oggi Professional Liquor Dispenser is that it can hold more bottles than the latter. 

Material design 

The classy and attractive design comes from the aluminum frame and the mirror finish. This makes UNIDO Liquor Dispenser look more attractive than most of the other models. It also features a large aluminum base for stability hence you can hang all your drinks with utmost confidence. With the same design, you are able to hold up to 6 bottles of up to 1-liter each. 

Other features 

UNIDO Box Alcohol Caddy features a leak-proof design and that makes it easy to work with without getting your drinks going to waste. The push-and-pour feature enhances the ease of use when serving with this awesome dispenser. In addition to that, cleaning is just a wipe and is a simple activity that you can do in a matter of seconds.


Leak-proof and doesn’t not waste drinks when serving

Easy to wipe clean

Versatile and can be used to serve any drink

Revolves for convenient serving

Looks elegant with mirror finish


A little flimsy and not sturdy with the 6 bottles

Expert opinion: If you are looking for an alcohol or drinks dispenser that can hold up to 6 bottles of 1 liter each, then you have this UNIDO Box Alcohol Caddy to consider. It is a great and recommendable product.

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FineDine Glass Drink Dispenser

FineDine Glass Drink Dispenser for Fridge - 1 Gallon Water, Laundry Detergent or Beverage Dispenser for BBQ, Picnic, Pool Party and Social Events

This is one of the versatile dispensers that you can use for any kind of drink including beverages and alcohol. It is an ideal choice for outdoor parties and comes with a wide mouth making it easy to fill up with drinks. FineDine Glass Drink Dispenser also features a simple design and is an affordable choice for budget. 

Material design 

As one of the simple designs, the FineDine Glass Drink Dispenser is made of glass body and you can view your drinks with ease. It also features a spigot made of stainless-steel material and doesn’t leak at all. The design makes it an option for use when in outdoor parties, or just for normal home drink dispensing. 

Other features 

FineDine Glass Drink Dispenser features a unique way of cooling your contents without a change in flavor. The ice cylinder is what makes it possible to keep your drinks cool by placing the ice into the cylinder that doesn’t mix with your drinks. It also features a protective lid that keeps flies away from getting into the drinks.


Wide mouth opening for easy filling

Durable stainless-steel leak-proof spigot

Durable glass body with protective lid

Safe for cleaning in the dishwasher

Can be used for outdoor and indoor parties

Glass design enhances visibility of the contents

Ice cylinder for cooling


May not release contents when the lid is closed tightly due to pressure

Expert opinion: FineDine Glass Drink Dispenser is a budget dispenser that can serve myriad of uses both at home and for outdoor parties. It looks simple in design and great in quality and performance.

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True Bonny Liquor Gas Station

True Bonny Boy Liquor Gag Gifts, 16 oz Beverage, Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Drink Dispenser

If you want to enjoy the best gas station beer, then True Bonny Liquor Gas Station is the right equipment to have in your home, bar, or restaurant. On capacity, it can hold up to 16-ounces of any drink. Whether alcohol, beer, wine, or any beverage, True Bonny Liquor Gas Station is an ideal option to serve with. 

Style and design

The bottom of this True Bonny Liquor Gas Station comprises a glass reservoir and the top is an artistic molding that resembles that of the historic Belgian fountain. It is a style that not everyone would like but for those who love fun and can embrace the different artistic designs. 

Other features 

True Bonny Liquor Gas Station perhaps is only good for men because of the design. It is easy to use and features a press button that dispenses the liquor without leaking. This gas station alcohol drinks dispenser also uses 2AA batteries that are easily available on the market.


Suitable for dispensing any beverage or drinks

Good capacity reservoir for parties and large fun activities

Dispenses liquor with just a press of a button

Compact design that fits kitchen drawers

Made of durable materials to last long

Good for the budget

Great gift idea for men that love liquor


It does not come with the batteries

Expert opinion: True Bonny Liquor Gas Station comes with a unique design that may not appeal to anyone due to the artistic human body design and spigot. This could be fun to use if you like the design and comes in affordable pricing

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Granatan Alcohol Dispenser Station

6 Bottle Rotated Mounted Home Bar Butler Liquor Dispenser Round Mount - Professional Alcohol Bar Dispenser Station for Liquor and Other Drinks - Bottle Holder for Alcohol Station Dispenser

Granatan is the right choice for the best gas station alcoholic drinks. It is a worthwhile dispenser that is made to accommodate up to 6 bottles, and is suitable for use at home, restaurants, or bars among other places. The design is also great for wall fitting, bar cabinets, or shelves. 

Design and style 

The design with this brand is just attractive and made with high-quality aluminum alloy and with a mirror finish. The material also enhances its life and you can use it for a long span of time, without the need for replacement. 

Other features 

Granatan Alcohol Dispenser Station also comes with a revolving feature that enhances the usage convenience. This makes the station easy to use while serving wine, liquor, or any other drink. It is also leak proof, giftable, and easy to assemble.


Attractive mirror finish

Revolving design for easy liquor serving

Can fit on walls, shelves, or kitchen drawers

Made from durable aluminum alloy

Versatile and can serve both indoor and outdoor parties


Difficult to level when using different-size bottles

Expert opinion: This is a worthwhile gas station liquor dispenser that can accommodate up to 6 bottles and can serve a wide variety of other drinks as well. It is a recommended product for home, bar, or restaurant.

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EmouSport Double Gun Dispenser

Amazon product

For canned cocktails, wine, liquor, and other drinks, EmouSport Double Gun Dispenser is a great single station with two guns for serving. It comes with 450ml capacity on each side of the guns, and is a great deal for home, outdoor parties, bars, and restaurants. This capacity is also more than enough for serving your friends or guests. 

Style and design 

There is nothing that beats the style that comes with this EmouSport Double Gun Dispenser. It is made to enhance serving convenience with great fun. With the double guns on each side, you can rest assured of the convenience to get, just like that of a revolving dispenser. 

Other features 

Serving with EmouSport Double Gun Dispenser is an easy thing to do. You just have to fill the tank with your favorite drink then you can serve by pumping via the hose. Therefore, it is a unique product with an elegant design suitable for anyone that needs the best gas station wine or liquor.


Elegant and eye-catching design

Two hoses for easy serving of the drinks

Good capacity to serve a greater number of people

Comes with a great and affordable price

Good shape for a small counter space


Needs thorough cleaning before using it with other drinks

Expert opinion: This is a great gas pump beer dispenser that comes with 2 hoses for easy serving. If you are looking for a design like the one in EmouSport Double Gun Dispenser, then it is a recommended and affordable product.

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Higfra Electric Wine Aerator

Amazon product

What a beautiful design with this Higfra Electric Wine Aerator. If you want to add some fun in your parties, then you should get something that looks fun, and this brand would not disappoint. It features a great design that is good for beginner wine enthusiasts. It aerates wine before you can serve with a press of a button, and fits all standard size bottles. 

Design and style 

Higfra Electric Wine Aerator features an inverted spout pourer that works perfectly well without any noise or sediment. The design reduces the spilling mess since you don’t have to lift or tilt the container to serve your drinks. 

In addition, this dispenser is portable and you can attach and detach with ease whenever needed. 

Other features 

Maintaining or cleaning this dispenser is an effortless task. It is simple and safe to use and you can always rely on this when having fun or party with your friends. The other feature is the built-in Li-ion battery with USB-charging convenience.


Self-cleaning device for easy cleaning and maintenance

Flexible and adjustable hose

Looks fun and attractive for parties

Built-in USB-rechargeable battery

Unique spout pourer that does not leak or spill

Easy to attach and detach


It is not for use with any other drink

Expert opinion: Higfra is a great brand and a perfect aerator for red wine. If you want to aerate your wine or add oxygen to enjoy the perfect taste, then you should consider buying this awesome aerator that fits well with standard size bottles.

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YSISLY Bottle Liquor Dispenser

Amazon product

This brand looks wonderful and great for professional liquor dispensing, bar, or home use. With this, you can add some style during parties, Christmas, or any social event that should look interesting. It is a rack like design that you can mount on the wall, and can also fit onto the shelves. 

It can hold 1-bottle but of different sizes and the whole set can accommodate 4 bottles. 

Style and design 

With this style, you can use each dispenser for one particular liquor brand if you want to serve different varieties. The style and design also ensure that your drinks are held steady and do not spill or leak. This will avoid the wastage that would otherwise result. In addition, it is designed for easy assembly and disassembly. 

Other features 

This set is made of aluminum alloy and ABS materials and features an attractive silver color that can blend perfectly with any décor. YSISLY Bottle Liquor Dispenser is a nice deal for home parties, theme parties, and any other fun activity that involves drinks.


Easy installation on the wall or onto the shelves

Made of durable and attractive materials

No spillage or wastage of drinks

Looks professional and attractive

Suitable for any occasion


Cannot hold bottles of more than 1 liter

Expert opinion:  YSISLY is a professional dispenser brand that works for a wide variety of occasions. It is suitable for home parties, Christmas, bars, theme parties, and any other fun activity that involves drinking.

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GKanMore Liquor Pump Dispenser

Amazon product

This is a valuable and versatile dispenser for homes, bars, and restaurants. GKanMore Liquor Pump Dispenser is made of plastic materials that are safe to use. The food grade quality and a great design makes this awesome pump dispenser a worthwhile choice for any fun activity. The silver and clear colors blend with any home or kitchen décor. 

Design and style

GKanMore Liquor Pump Dispenser features a tall design that saves a lot on the counter space and a good capacity of 900 ml and is just enough to serve a good number of people. The container is also calibrated to enhance ease of use when you need exact measurements of particular drinks. 

Other features 

When it comes to application of this GKanMore Liquor Pump Dispenser, you will find it suitable to serve a variety of functions with different drinks. That includes serving beverages, wine, whiskey, and any other kind of drink.


Good capacity to serve many people

Clear and graduated container for exact measurements

Easy to use hose pump

Tall and space saving design

Made of safe food grade plastic

Versatile for wide applications and use with different drinks


Made of plastic material and it may not last long

Expert opinion:  GKanMore is a great and versatile liquor dispenser that you can use for parties, weddings, or any other occasion whether at home, bar, or for outdoor fun activities. It is a recommendable choice if you are comfortable with the plastic quality.

Amazon product

How to Choose the Best Gas Pump Beer Dispenser?

There is a wide variety and designs as we have seen above and choosing one to buy may need more than just the features of the product. You also need to choose your gas pump dispenser station on the following criteria: 

Based on design and style 

With a wide variety of styles, you already have that style that you want in mind. For revolving styles, there are great options that include UNIDO and Oggi brands among others on this list. There are also other designs where you pour your liquor inside so that you can serve using a hose pump. In that case, you should know the right style that matches your taste. 

Based on capacity 

You want a dispenser that can serve all your friends without running short of liquor. This will depend also on the style, the capacity of the container, or the number of bottles that can hold for revolving types. 

Based on price 

If you want a budget liquor station, then you can opt for a simple design like the FineDine brand. It is a wonderful choice to make and a great fun to have for home outdoor or indoor parties. It is also versatile and can serve any drink. 


With this valuable guide, you will not go wrong when choosing your alcohol or liquor dispenser. Since we invested a lot of research and analysis, we hope that you will find this guide useful for making your purchase decisions. You can sample your favorite brands then compare the features to ensure it matches with your taste and preferences before you make a purchase.

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