National Loaf Recipe

National Loaf Recipe

During World War II (1942), Britain strategically introduced the National Loaf Recipe as a part of the rationing scheme to meet up the national need of bread.  National bread was the only bread found in the market and made at home in that WWII situation. While milling needed more work in the mill and produced white wheat leaving most of the nutrients out, the National Loaf was the only suggested whole grain meal by the government for all. Compared to today’s dietary needs, this basic whole wheat bread is also a solution to some significant health needs for us.

How to Make National Bread?

 As whole wheat is a healthier bread option, it is always preferred by moms as a low carb choice. It also lasts longer if stored properly in the fridge. It’s traditional, and economical. Let’s see the key ingredients it needs for making the National loaf.

Ingredients that You Need for Making the National Bread Are:

One cup rolled oats

One cup cornmeal

One cup whole wheat flour

One tablespoon shortening

1/3 cup molasses

One tablespoon salt

Three Cups boiling water

One packet instant yeast (1/4 ounce)

Five to Six cups of all-purpose flour or more

Method of preparing Britain National Bread:

Step 1:

In a mixing bowl combine all dry ingredients except the all-purpose flour. 

Step 2: 

Add bread shortening and molasses as wet ingredients to the flour. Add boiling water to make the flour mix into soft dough. Stir constantly and form smooth dough. The dough will be loose and messy. It will stick to the bowl. Scrape the loose parts and try to bind together. Flour the sticky dough. Sprinkle instant yeasts and knead again. Let it rest.

Step 3:

 Follow the rhythmic strategy of push-turn-fold for eight minutes. An electric mixer hook also can be used. Use more flour if it still sticks onto your fingers or the bowl. Grease lightly the top of the dough and cover with a cling wrap. Set aside in a warmer place.

Step 4: 

Check if the dough has risen to twice the size (instant yeasts work better in this case). Put it back on a lightly floured kitchen top. Divide the dough into two to three pieces. Make into balls and let them rest,  three to four minutes.

Step 5:

Bring two 9” loaf pans or three 8” loaf pans for baking. Cover the pans with parchment paper. Leave the loaf balls in the middle of the pan and wait until the dough has risen one inch above the pan’s edge. Wait about 50 minutes.

Step 6: 

Preheat the oven to 350 °F at least 20 minutes before baking

Step 7: 

Bake for about 45 minutes or one hour until the bread is nicely browned. Tap the bread top with fingers and test. If a tough hollow sound comes out of the loaf then it’s done. In the middle and near to done time, shift the placing of the loaf pans to upper and lower racks that both the loaves get equal heat.

Step 8:

Remove bread from the pans and cool in the metal rack at room temperature.


This wholemeal bread is similar to our Brown Bread and full of complex fiber. In this Twenty First Century, we again realize that milling whole wheat to white is not nutritious and beneficial at all. To avoid diabetes, weight gain problems and other colonic complexities, we need more fiber and nutrition.  We can ensure complex carb, and plant-based protein intake through this Loaf Recipe. Try this britain’s national bread and get what you need on your diet plan!

With rising awareness of digestive health, we must go for more whole grain food intake like the Nation Bread. What’s good for the family is good for the nation!

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