Marzipan Rugelach Recipe

Marzipan Rugelach Recipe

Are you missing the summer vibes? Want to taste something that can fill your cookie trays with deliciousness? Then this Marzipan Rugelach recipe is for you.

Certain dishes can always bring a smile to your face with their immense flavor. This dish is a complete combination of sweetness and buttery flavor that makes it more demandable among all food lovers.

Marzipan rugelach are sweet bread cookies popularly known as sweet desserts or snacks. This traditional recipe of cookie is filled with chocolate layers and butter covering. It can be made with a nutty taste also but today, let’s check out the chocolate-filled rugelach recipe.

How to Make Chocolate Rugelach?

Are you ready to make the easiest and yummiest sweet dessert at home? A chocolate inner filling with a buttery cover can boost up the overall taste and give you a bunch of sweet tastes. So let’s start the chocolate rugelach recipe:


2 Cups of All-Purpose Flour (Any Choice)

½ – 1 Cup of Sugar

½ Tsp of Salt to Taste

2 Sticks of Unsalted Butter

1 ½ Cups of Cheese

1 Cup of Cream

1-Package of Chocolate Bars (Any Flavor)

½ Tsp of Cinnamon

2 Eggs Mixed in a Bowl

1 Tsp of Water

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:

It would be a better idea to start with the outer covering. Take a bowl and pour flour in it. Then add sugar and salt to it before beginning to stir the flour. It enhances the sweetness of the outer layer.

Step 2:

Start to whisk the ingredients to obtain a smooth flour mixture. Take the butter sticks in a food processor. You can take both melted or solid forms of butter. Add cheese to the blender and mix them thoroughly.

Step 3:

When the butter and cheese get melted perfectly, add cream to the processor and blend for another 3-4 minutes. Bring in the prepared flour mixture to the mixer while blending and prepare a fluffy dough. Add water if necessary.

Step 4:

Then start to roll the dough and prepare a log. Place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to make it firmer and gluier. It will allow the buttery taste to spread quickly all over the Parve rugelach recipe to give a tasty kick.

Step 5:

Meanwhile, let’s make the inner filling of chocolate. For that, take out the chocolate bars from the package and place them on a saucepan. Start to heat it and stir the chocolate bars occasionally to melt perfectly on sides without excessive burning.

Step 6:

Then remove heat and add sugar, salt, and cinnamon to the chocolate bowl. It will give a rich flavor to the chocolate filling and increase the overall taste. Then take out the frozen dough and cut it into long wedges after rolling a couple of times.

Step 7:

The stage of inner filling must be done quickly to eliminate the chances of hardening chocolates. Pour the melted chocolate mixture on the wedges carefully with a spoon and roll the dough to make small rugelach cookies.

Step 8:

Repeat the above step and make all the cookies by filling chocolates. Then prepare a baking sheet by sprinkling some flour on the baking surface and place all the chocolate-filled cookies on it. Grease the upper layer of the cookies with an egg mixture to get a fluffy and soft upper crust.

Step 9:

Put the baking tray in the microwave oven under 350-degrees (Fahrenheit) and bake for 30-35 minutes.

Finally, take out the baking tray and transfer the cookies into a bowl. Let it cool for some time before serving.

Then your mouth-watering pieces of bread bakery rugelach recipe are ready to be served to assure your cravings.


Whether you are having a chat with your friends in the garden or there is sudden guest arrival, this chocolate rugelach dish can help you to achieve applause as a master chef.

The best flavor combination and simplicity of this dish made it more remarkable. Besides, the chocolate layer always adds an extra taste to your tongue in every bite.

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