Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe

Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe

Hey there, fellow Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe fans! Buckle up because today, we’re diving headfirst into the tantalizing tale of Fanny Farmer’s legendary banana nut bread recipe.

Picture this: a classic American dessert that’s been handed down through generations, spreading joy and inducing food comas wherever it goes. So, grab your mixing bowls and let’s get ready to whisk our taste buds back in time! (For faster mixing, …)

How to Make Banana Nut Bread

Banana nut bread, my friends, is the stuff of culinary dreams. Hailing from the charming southern corners of America, it’s a treat that’s as timeless as grandma’s stories. Fanny Farmer, our baking matriarch, bestowed upon us a recipe that’s become the gold standard – a beacon of deliciousness that’s stood the test of time, and stomachs.

Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe

Ingredients That You Will Need Are:

  • Three ripe and mashed bananas
  • Two lightly beaten eggs
  • Two cups of all-purpose flour
  • Three fourths of a cup of sugar
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • A teaspoon of baking soda
  • Half a cup of chopped nuts of your choice

Method of Preparing the Banana Nut Bread Mix Step by Step:

Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe

Let’s Get This Bread: Step by Step Flour Power

Prepare yourselves for the most delightful dance of ingredients your kitchen has ever seen! Here’s how you make the magic happen:

  1. Banana Bliss: Mash those bananas in a bowl like you’re giving them a cozy banana spa day. Add the beaten eggs and give it a whirl. No lumps allowed – we’re in the business of smooth talkers here!
  2. Sugar & Salt Shuffle: Mix in the sugar and salt, stirring until they perform a perfect disappearing act. Magic wands not required.
  3. Flour Fandango: Sift and mix the flour and baking soda. Smooth out those floury lumps like a seasoned pancake whisperer.
  4. Nutty Notions: Gently introduce those chopped nuts to the batter. Fold them in like you’re tucking them in for a nutty nap. Even spread is the name of the game!
  5. Butter Ballet: Now, pay attention, folks. Fanny Farmer’s rulebook says no butter inside the batter, but on the pan? Oh, yes! Lightly coat your loaf pan with a buttery embrace, just like a hug for your future bread.
  6. Pour & Admire: Pour that tantalizing mixture into the buttered pan, and take a moment to admire your masterpiece in the making. You’re basically a culinary Picasso.
  7. Baking Ballad: Bake at 350°F or 176°C for an hour. While your future bread symphony bakes, you could practice your victory dance. It’s practically science!
  8. Cooling Charm: Once your creation has become a golden marvel, let it cool on a rack worthy of its majesty. Serve slices with a drizzle of maple syrup or a fluffy cloud of whipped cream. Dreams do come true!
Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe

The Encore: Extra Nutty Twist

Note: Feeling adventurous? Let’s turn the volume up on the nuttiness! If you’re nuts about nuts (who isn’t?), toss in another half a cup of those crunchy wonders while you’re gently folding the batter. Nut overload, anyone?

(Or if you need a ring pop overload.)

A Taste of Nostalgia

Banana bread isn’t just a dessert; it’s a time machine that whisks you back to simpler days. The aroma of Fanny Farmer’s creation wafting through your kitchen is like a cozy hug from the past. So, whip up this masterpiece, share it with your loved ones, and revel in the warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia – one delicious slice at a time.

Fanny Farmer Banana Bread Recipe


There you have it, dear culinary explorers! Fanny Farmer’s banana nut bread recipe, a testament to tradition, flavor, and the sheer joy of baking up a storm.

Let this recipe be your time-traveling ticket to tastier days, and as you savor each mouthful, remember that you’re indulging in a slice of history – with a dash of nutty flair, of course.

Happy baking, my fellow time-travelers!

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