Best Watches for Chefs

Best Watches for Chefs

There is a wide variety of watches in the market. In this special review, we are considering the best watches for chefs that are useful when cooking. We are taking into account the comfort, timer, and other features that would be useful for a chef. While these watches are for chefs, they do not bear the chef tag on them and that means, anyone can use them, whether for daily, occasional, or casual wear.

Best Watches for Chefs

What Are the Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Watches for Chefs?

When choosing the best smartwatch for chefs, there are a number of aspects to check. You always need to remember that each watch comes with unique features that are different from one another. That calls for the need to examine, and make a choice based on what inspires your search. Among the factors to check include:

Casing Material

The type of casing material would determine the quality of the watch. While you will others made of stainless-steel, some are made of plastic, and others are made of ceramic. Therefore, it all depends on what you want, and the quality that will last. 

Band Material and Size

Just like in the casing material, the band material is also a consideration to make. This is because different people prefer different materials when it comes to the band and quality. Some people prefer to have stainless-steel bands while others will go for plastic, or any other band type. Here, it depends on your taste and preference. 

Movement Type

Others are automatic while others are manual. Most people would prefer the automatic winding type rather than quartz, though people have different tastes and preferences. In the review, you will find different watches that come with different movement types, all for your choice. 

Battery Features

Does it need a battery? Of course, you will find some watches that do not need a battery to operate. They are just powered by your body movements. Others are solar-powered and may not need battery replacement. Also, you will find others that come with lifetime battery replacement warranty. This will thus form a basis for your choice. 

Water Resistance

The other thing to check is how deep the watch can resist water damage. Different watch types come with different specifications in terms of the capacity to resist water damage. This is the waterproof nature of the watch that also makes it good for diving or outdoors.

Choosing the best smartwatch or watches for chefs has never been easier. With this useful and reliable guide, you have a variety of watch brands differing in specs, performance, and price ranges. This is just enough to compare and make a final decision of the watch that would serve you in the kitchen. For chefs and other professionals, this review is made for you.

What Are the Best Watches for Chefs?

In this review, we have selected the best chef watches. It comes in a list that you can use to find a suitable one for your needs. However, Seiko PROSPEX Men’s Watch is one choice that stands out as the best overall watch for any chef. It is a versatile watch as well, and with awesome and durable quality construction.

Top 11 Best Watches for Chefs

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We believe that our research brings to you the most reliable list of chef watches that you can buy. They are of different nature in terms of designs but are all fit, comfortable, and reliable for chefs and other professionals.

Peugeot PS968 Men’s Chronograph Watch

[amazon fields=”B00AJVUY10″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a kind of professional watch that you can wear every day. Peugeot Men’s Chronograph Watch looks classy and modern hence suitable for anyone. The advantage with this brand is that you can remove some links if your hand is small. This makes it comfortable for 8-inches wrists and below. 

Classy and modern design 

Peugeot Men’s Chronograph Watch is designed to suit professionals. Whether for chefs, doctors, or lawyers, this watch cuts across the professions. It is simply a classy watch that you can wear every day. With the crystal hour markers and luminous line markers, you get to love this awesome watch. 

Versatile with date window 

This watch, as we mentioned, is suitable for anyone. That means it is a versatile and multifunctional watch you can use anywhere. There is also a date window that is next to the 4 O’clock and that serves to make it more versatile. That means you don’t need a calendar when you have a Peugeot Men’s Chronograph Watch.


The links are removable for adjustment.

Looks modern and stylish in design.

Suitable for anyone and for everyday wear.

Features a date window for showing dates.

Reliable and accurate Swiss quartz movements.

Free battery replacement for life


May not fit wrists more than 8.5-inches

Expert opinion: Peugeot Men’s Chronograph Watch is a classic and modern type that you can wear every day. It looks stunning and is comfortable to wear. In addition, it is comfortable and affordable.

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Seiko PROSPEX Men’s Watch

[amazon fields=”B07DCTRC5J” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Anyone who knows about watches must be conversant with the Seiko brand. It is one of the renowned and reputed for quality watches. Apart from being the best watch for chefs, the design looks versatile and can suit any other professional men out there. 

Durable casing 

The casing for this Seiko PROSPEX Men’s Watch is made of stainless-steel. It does not fade away easily and you can enjoy its service as long as you want. The case diameter is 44 millimeters and with a thickness of 13 millimeters. 

Versatile and water-resistant quality 

As we mentioned, Seiko PROSPEX Men’s Watch is a good cooking watch but can serve other professionals. It comes with a special feature that makes it suitable for divers as well. In that case, you may dive with it for up to 200 meters. That is because of its water-resistant quality.


Made of durable casing material.

Secure locking three-fold clasp.

Analog and easy to read display.

Features a date calendar.

Feels comfortable on the hand.

Water-resistant up to 200 meters depth.

Automatic and doesn’t need a battery.

Awesome looking blue dial


Only good for men with large wrists due to large size

Expert opinion: This watch is large in size and suitable for men with large wrists. It is also versatile and works for chefs as well as other professionals.

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Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

[amazon fields=”B07TWFVDWT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is another choice of the best smartwatch for chefs. It is a unique watch with attractive design and well-functioning features. The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch features black and carbon color and the display is clear in white. 

Smart control 

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch comes with a built-in Alexa device. This is useful when it comes to receiving weather forecast news, taking control over other smart devices, and setting alarms among other functions. If you know how Alexa works, then you have it in this awesome smartwatch. 

Call and text notifications 

What stands out with this watch is the ability to receive call and text notifications. That makes it easy for you to collaborate with other chefs when in the kitchen. You just have to keep your phone nearby. With this you can do voice replies even when cooking.


Looks awesome on the wrist.

Built in Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Easy to connect with other chefs with voice replies.

Versatile and also good for health and fitness.

Larger display for a quick glance.

Heart rate tracker for health monitoring.

At least 6-day long battery life.

Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus


Does not notify when the connection with phones gets disconnected

Expert opinion: Fitbit Versa 2 is a versatile smartwatch that you can use for multiple functions. It is good for health and fitness, monitoring your heart rate, and for controlling other smart home devices. Good for a chef and anyone else.

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Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct Rugged Watch

[amazon fields=”B07HYX9P88″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a versatile and multipurpose watch that fits anyone. Garmin Instinct Rugged Watch features a screen size of 1.27-inches and with human interface input buttons. It also features a GPS connectivity and is thus good for checking on your maps when travelling. It is a great outdoor watch but also good for chefs among other professionals. 

Rugged and durable design 

Garmin Instinct Rugged Watch is made to suit different uses and to last for long. The design makes it able to withstand shock and high temperatures. It is also water-resistant and these are just the features that a chef watch should have. 

Smart connectivity 

You will be obliged to choose this watch based on the smart features, leave alone the unique design. The smart notifications that you will receive are also helpful, especially when on your exercises. It has the capability to connect with a smartphone and you can sync to get updates as you wish.


Rugged and durable construction.

Fiber reinforced polymer casing to enhance its life.

Scratch-resistant display.

Smart connectivity features for updates.

GPS enabled and satellite network capability.

Resistant to shock and high-temperatures.

Comfortable to wear by anyone.

Water-resistant up to 100 meters depth.

Good battery life


The software apps are a bit complex for a first timer

Expert opinion: Garmin Instinct Rugged Watch is a good and recommendable watch for daily use. It is good for chefs, for health and fitness, and other outdoor uses. It is also durable and water-resistant. With smart features and satellite capability, it is an awesome watch to buy.

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Casio G-Shock GW-900 Watch

[amazon fields=”B00GFYYKLA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If you are looking for a quartz watch with analog display, then Casio G-Shock GW-900 Watch is a great one for you. It is a great chef wrist watch, and also suitable for anyone else who may find it useful. This watch is uniquely designed and you can rest assured it can fit comfortably in any hand. 

Digital and solar powered 

The most unique feature with Casio G-Shock GW-900 Watch that is rarely found with other watches is the solar powered feature. It also features multiple displays and you can see from the image how it looks, attractive and elegant. 

Versatile and multipurpose 

The good thing with Casio G-Shock GW-900 Watch is that you can use it as you want. It comes with features that include the thermometer, altimeter, and barometer. In addition to that is the digital compass, and other unique features. That makes it useful for a variety of functions.


Water resistant up to 200 meters depth.

Count-down timer useful for chefs.

Solar powered and elegant design.

Multiple displays with crystal dial windows.

Shock and low temperature resistant.

Keeps up to 40 records


The thermometer does not detect an accurate temperature

Expert opinion: Casio G-Shock GW-900 Watch is a great choice for anyone looking for a quartz analog watch. It is solar-powered and recommendable for use in the kitchen, or for daily casual wear.

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Casio Men’s Quartz Watch

[amazon fields=”B000JNKABW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a comfortable kitchen watch that you need as a chef. It is one of those watches that you cannot resist due to the style it offers. Casio Men’s Quartz Watch comes with 8mm diameter and with a black resin strap. It is also affordable and classy for anyone to wear. 

Good everyday wear 

If you are looking for a watch that you will not get tired of wearing every day, then Casio Men’s Quartz Watch is the way to go. It is comfortable and the simple design makes it versatile and wearable for any event. Whether it is in the kitchen, outdoors, office, or just for casual wear, it is a great one. 

Durable construction quality 

When it comes to the design, you have a durable product with this Casio Men’s Quartz Watch. It is made to last. It features a durable resin case, link bracelet, and durable mineral window. All we can say is that everything about this watch is durable.


Looks simple and elegant in style.

Suitable for everyday casual wear.

Comfortable and adjustable buckle clasp.

Durable resin casing material.

Water-resistant and good for outdoors.

Suitable for all kinds of professions


Does not have backlighting or glow for reading in the dark

Expert opinion:  If you need a simple but elegant style watch, then Casio Men’s Quartz Watch is a recommendable choice. You can wear it any day comfortably. It is suitable for all professions.

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ORIENT Men’s Automatic Watch

[amazon fields=”B01AK5TQNG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a durable watch made of stainless-steel casing material. The diameter is 41mm and the bezel is also made of stainless-steel. ORIENT Men’s Automatic Watch is named a diving watch but is a multipurpose watch that you can as well use in the kitchen. 

Water resistant quality 

The reason why it works as a diving watch is because of its water-resistant nature. It resists water damage for up to 200 meters depth. That also makes it good in the kitchen where you get to encounter a lot of water. 

Does not need a battery 

What is different with ORIENT Men’s Automatic Watch from other watches is that it does not need a battery. That makes it an awesome watch since you don’t have to worry about battery replacement. What powers it is the body movements.


Enhanced precision and accuracy.

Does not need a battery for powering.

Looks elegant and classy for all professionals.

Visible in low light conditions.

Water-resistant up to 200 meters depth.

Stainless-steel durable casing material


A little heavier for small hands

Expert opinion: If you need a watch that does not need a battery for powering, then ORIENT Men’s Automatic Watch is the choice that you should make. It is classy, comfortable, and affordable.

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 CALABRIA Men’s Chronograph Watch

[amazon fields=”B00B7PXMMA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

CALABRIA Men’s Chronograph Watch is a nice and comfortable watch for chefs, and any other profession. It is versatile and looks classy and modern in design. It features Swiss chronograph movement and is a great deal for anyone. 

Versatile and multifunctional design 

This watch is versatile in that anyone can use it. Whether as a chef or any other profession, this watch is everything. It is elegant and also features date and stopwatch functions. The stop watch can be used in sporting activities or cooking, and the date can replace the need for a calendar. 

Unique and durable quality 

CALABRIA Men’s Chronograph Watch is one of those watches that come to last. It is made of durable quality materials including the scratch-resistant sapphire lens. The high-tech black ceramic casing is also durable and that makes this watch a worthwhile choice.


Durable quality sapphire lens.

Unique and professional quality design.

Suitable for all professions and everyday wear.

Comes with date and stopwatch functions.

It is water-resistant up to 100 meters depth.

Contemporary and elegant.

Feels comfortable on the wrist


It is a bit hard to unlock and to lock the band

Expert opinion: If you are looking for a contemporary classy watch for daily wear, CALABRIA Men’s Chronograph Watch would be a comfortable choice. It is a durable watch that suits all professions.

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 Dakota Mini Clip Watch

[amazon fields=”B002ABXXJ2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is an awesome watch that you can hang in your kitchen. It is easy to read and multifunctional. That means you can use it at home, school, or office. The other advantage with this watch is that it ticks smoothly and quietly hence you might not even notice. 

Durable quality construction

One thing for sure about the Dakota Mini Clip Watch is the durability. It will last for a long. Since it is crafted or made from high-quality materials, it doesn’t disappoint. Dakota Mini Clip Watch features aluminum casing with antique silver finish. 

Classy and multifunctional 

The Dakota Mini Clip Watch looks attractive for its purpose. It is made with silver finish hence looks modern and stylish. As we have mentioned, you can use it anywhere, any day. It is also water-resistant and that makes it good for outdoor use.


Water resistant up to 100 ft depth.

Looks classy with contemporary design.

Multifunctional and useful for different settings.

Luminescent hour makers and hands for better visibility in low light.

Red LED light to illuminate in the dark.

Made from high-quality and durable materials


It is not a wrist watch and hence not for daily wear

Expert opinion: If you need a mini clip watch that you can hang in your kitchen or office, then Dakota Mini Clip Watch is a wonderful choice to consider. It is reliable and highly affordable.

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PALADA Men’s Digital Watch

[amazon fields=”B015H3KYLO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

PALADA Men’s Digital Watch is a great and reliable watch for men. It is suitable for chefs, and men in other professions as well. It looks great and is comfortable to wear any time of the day. When you have this PALADA Men’s Digital Watch, you have a multifunctional gadget that can serve a variety of functions. 

Multifunctional and versatile 

This watch as we have mentioned can serve a variety of purposes. It eliminates the need for a stopwatch, calendar, and even flashlight. It is also water-resistant and that means you can use it for both outdoor and indoor sports as well. 

Classy and elegant design

Perhaps you may not find a design like that of PALADA Men’s Digital Watch in other watch brands. This watch features a unique design that is classy and fashionable. It is also easy to read due to the big numbers and large dial with light.


Multifunctional design to suit outdoors and indoor use.

Replaces the need for a stopwatch, calendar, and alarm clock.

It is water resistant up to 50 meters depth.

Big numbers and large dial with light for easy reading.

Comfortable on the wrist.

Suitable for chefs and other professionals.

High-quality and durable rubber band.


Doesn’t have a real compass and barometer altimeter

Expert opinion: PALADA Men’s Digital Watch is great for daily wear. It suits all kinds of professions and is a reliable, accurate, affordable, and recommendable watch for anyone.

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Rolex Submariner Automatic Watch

[amazon fields=”B00WZN5HIA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

As a brand, Rolex is one renowned on the market by anyone who loves watches. The Rolex Submariner Automatic Watch looks classy and with a modern hue. It is an automatic self-wind watch and if you prefer automatic as opposed to quartz, then you have Rolex Submariner Automatic Watch. 

Versatile and classy watch 

One thing about the Rolex Submariner Automatic Watch is that it is a class watch. The price says it all. You can’t just buy this for the sake of having a watch, but to show some class. Indeed, it looks awesome and bossy with ultimate quality features. It is durable and with scratch resistant sapphire dial windows. 

Special features 

This watch, unlike most others, comes with unique quality features that makes it stand out from competition. Some of its special features include the date, hour, minute, second, and the chronometer functions. That means you have a multifunctional watch that is worth the value for money.


It is a class watch.

Suitable for anyone, and every day wear.

Winds automatically by itself.

Waterproof up to 300 meters depth.

Scratch resistant and durable quality construction.

Durable stainless-steel case material


The price is expensive and may not be affordable

Expert opinion:  If you are after class, then Rolex Submariner Automatic Watch is a great choice to consider. It costs but is worth the value for money. You get what you pay for.

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How to Choose the Best Watches for Chefs?

Choosing a kitchen watch for cooking is easier than you can imagine. When you have the right information, you get to make the right decision without wasting much time. After considering the products above, these are the few insights that will also help you make the right choice. 

Best overall 

As per our analysis, Seiko PROSPEX Men’s Watch is the best overall watch for the kitchen. It is a reliable watch that comes with satisfactory features and specs. It is comfortable to wear, and is also versatile to suit a variety of users in other professions as well. 

Solar powered 

If you want a solar-powered type, then you have the Casio G-Shock GW-900 Watch. It is an awesome watch that looks attractive and comfortable to wear. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about battery replacement due to its solar powered nature. 

No battery

 There is another choice that does not need a battery. ORIENT Men’s Automatic Watch is a unique quality watch that is powered by body movements. If that is what you want, then it is a great and reliable watch to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Watches for Chefs

Other chefs around the world would want to know these questions. Of course, it’s not only chefs since these questions have been asked more often and that seems to be of interest to many. We hope that we will address each one of them below:

What kind of watch does chef Gordon Ramsay wear?

Gordon Ramsay is a renowned British chef, writer, and restaurateur. Being a renowned chef in the world, most people, or rather other chefs would want to know the type of watch he wears. To answer that, Gordon Ramsays Watch is none other than Rolex Submariner.

Can you wear a watch in a commercial kitchen?

Based on my expert opinion, there are watches that are made for chefs. That means chefs can wear those watches made for them, whether at home, or in a commercial kitchen. Of course, there is a notion that chefs should not wear watches since they trap some dirt. However, we have seen professional and renowned chefs wearing elegant watches.

What is the strongest smartwatch?

Based on our reviews, Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch is one of the strongest smartwatches that you can ever find. It comes with awesome features that makes it versatile and reliable. There are other smartwatches herein that are also strong and you can do your comparison to find what suits you most.


We hope that you will find this guide useful in your search for the best smartwatch for chefs. The great variety that we gathered on the market is more than enough. You have different brands, and all are reliable, comfortable, and affordable. It all depends on the specs that you are looking for, and your budget as well to find a suitable match that will work for you.

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