Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls

Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls

Sushi is a kind of traditional Japanese dish that is prepared from rice, sea food, and vegetable salad among other ingredients depending on the type. While it is a great and delicious dish that is also popular in Canada and the United States, there is a special knife that is made for cutting this dish specifically and perfectly. In that regard, we are going to review the best knife for cutting Sushi rolls as you will find on this awesome guide.

Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls

What Are the Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls?

A knife is an inevitable tool for any kitchen. Whether for cutting, slicing, chopping, or mincing among other uses at home, restaurant, or hotel, you need a quality knife that suits the purpose. For this case, we are considering the Sushi knife set and when buying, you need to consider the following: 

The quality of the cutting blades 

Blades are just everything when it comes to choosing any other knife. The material that makes the blade should be strong enough to last for years, and to retain its edges or sharpness. 

The most important thing is the material and, in most cases, stainless-steel is a preferred material since it is known to be strong to last, and when strengthened, it becomes even stronger than you would imagine. 

The size of the blades also matters a lot since you don’t want to have a knife that is shorter than you would expect. In most cases, Sushi knives come with long blades. Therefore, you also need to check the length of the blade. 

Handle type and design 

The handle is also an important consideration for any knife. You need an ergonomic handle that would offer comfort when in use. The handles come in different designs and you should pick one that matches your expectations in terms of the quality of the material, and the overall design. 

There is also an aspect of length. You need to get the right length that offers well-balanced performance. In addition to that, the type of material that comes with the handle should not only be comfortable but should also come with high-quality and durable materials. 

Cleaning and maintenance 

Before storing the knife after use, you need to ensure that it is clean and dry. That is where cleaning and maintenance comes in. Different types of knives, depending on the type and quality of the handles would require cleaning either by hand or in a dishwasher. 

Durability and performance 

The quality of the materials that make up both the blades and the handle determine whether the knife is durable or not. Some handles are not just strong but also water-resistant and that would give it the capacity to last for long. In addition to that, you need to check on the efficiency of the knife in terms of the ability to perform its work. 

Sharpening after use 

After using the knife for so long, it may need some sharpening. Therefore, you should also check whether it comes with the sharpener, and the ease of sharpening as well. Of course, some knives would require you to have specific sharpening skills. Therefore, you should also check on how easy it is to sharpen your preferred choice.

What is the Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls?

As per the reviews and expert’s opinion, Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife is the best product overall. It is just efficient and great in performance. It is also made of excellent quality materials.

With a strong and efficient knife, you have what it takes to cut your sushi rolls into slices that you can eat comfortably. This review, therefore, brings to fore the best knife for sushi types and from different brands. They are all the best in terms of performance and work great for Sashimi and sushi among other cutting functions.

Top 10 Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls

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Already you have known what to consider before choosing your preferred knife for sushi. In this section, you have a list of the best from different brands and from there, you can choose your type.

DALSTRONG Yanagiba Sushi Slicing Knife

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This is called the gladiator series of the Dalstrong brand. It is a good choice for cutting thin slices of Sushi and even for other dishes that may need slicing. DALSTRONG Yanagiba Sushi Slicing Knife is a strong and efficient knife that is versatile and works more than being a Sushi knife. This knife is NSF certified and also comes with a sheath for protection. 

Blade type 

What is important when choosing a Sushi knife is the type of the blade, the strength, the length and other features that enhance its efficiency. For this Yanagiba knife, you would be amazed by the strength, the sharpness, and the quality. 

This Sushi knife features a high carbon German steel that is ice tempered and forged. It measures 15.5-inches in length and with sharpness that completes the cutting in one stroke. 

Handle type 

There is also an idea of the handle. For DALSTRONG Sushi Slicing Knife, the handle is made of Pakkawood material and is not just beautiful in design but also ergonomic and comfortable to use.


Made of durable high-carbon steel blades

Full tang for more strength

Well-laminated durable handle

Triple riveted and well-balanced

Stain resistant and cleans easily

Sharp and resilient

Comes with a sheath for protection


It requires a special sharpener and sharpening skill

Expert opinion: Apart from cutting Sushi rolls, DALSTRONG Sushi Slicing Knife is also good for everyday use whether for professional purposes or any kitchen cutting needs. It is super-sharp, strong, and durable.

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 Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife

[amazon fields=”B08DD297BL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

What a versatile knife to have in your kitchen. Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife is noy just the best for Sushi but is also good for other chopping, slicing, pr cutting needs among other uses. It features a sharp blade and is a great and efficient choice and comes with an affordable price. 

Blade type 

When it comes to choosing a knife, blade is everything. The quality in terms of the material that is used and the sharpness, among other features are some of the worthwhile specs to check. Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife features strong and durable high-carbon stainless-steel that is 9.45-inches in length. This quality makes it retain its edge or sharpness for long. 

Handle and other features 

The handle is 5.6-inches in length and made of high-quality pakkawood material. It is ergonomic and hygienic and is well-balanced for better handling and performance. In addition, this handle is water-resistant and is durable and stable. The other thing about Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife is that it is easy to clean and also to maintain.


Easy cleaning and maintenance

Water-resistant wooden handle

Sharp and efficient

Long edge for versatile cutting needs

Strong and durable blade

Retains its edge for long

Well-balanced and comfortable to use


Does not fit the left-handed users

It is not safe to clean in a dishwasher

Expert opinion: This is a great knife for slicing, cutting, and chopping among other kitchen functions. It is efficient, affordable and a worthwhile choice for any kitchen.

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Yoshihiro Sushi Chef Knife

[amazon fields=”B006U3PVK0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This knife is what anyone would like to have due to quality and performance. It comes with a wooden sheath that is useful for protection; that is for safety and also to help in retaining its sharpness. It is one of the best handcrafted knives that can chop thin slices of vegetables or meat. 

Blade quality 

Yoshihiro Sushi Chef Knife is made of high-carbon white steel material that is forged, sharp, and with the capacity to retain its edge. There is no need for sharpening before use since it comes already sharpened and ready to use out of the box. 

Handle design and comfort 

The handle is well-crafted with Rosewood material and is well-balanced for optimal performance. It is unique in its design and that makes it one of the best Japanese Sushi knives that offer comfort and efficiency. 

The D-shaped handle design enhances the stability of this knife and offers ergonomic and comfortable grip. It is well-balanced and good for its work.


Comes with an excellent wood sheath

Well-balanced and comfortable design

Made of strong and durable alloy steel

sharp and good for thin slicing

East to clean and maintain

Elegant hand-crafted design


Can easily catch stains since it is not stain-resistant

Not suitable for use with hard objects

Expert opinion: Yoshihiro Sushi Chef Knife is an elegant and hand-crafted knife that is worthwhile and recommendable. The edges are not so strong for cutting hard objects. It is good for soft dishes and foods. It is also sharp and efficient.

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KYOKU Samurai Yanagiba Knife

[amazon fields=”B07L97NFM1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

KYOKU Samurai Yanagiba Knife is a great quality knife that will offer versatile uses in the kitchen. It is the best sashimi knife that is well-crafted to mirror finish and looks elegant. Apart from the elegance, the knife comes with an ultra-sharp blade and is thus an efficient choice for slicing, chopping, cutting Sushi, and for other purposes as well. 

Blade quality 

This awesome knife is made of forged superior Japanese steel and is thus strong enough to offer the best cutting performance, and to resist corrosion. The hardness and the quality of the steel material also makes it retain its edge and sharpness. The sharpness is what makes it efficient for slicing among other functions as we have mentioned. 

Handle design and other features 

One thing to say about the KYOKU Samurai Yanagiba Knife is that it is well-balanced and comfortable to use. The handle is made of wenge wood and it looks stylish but comfortable. In addition, the handle is well-crafted and you will not feel finger pains when using it.


Well-balanced and comfortable to use

Versatile and can suit any kitchen cutting need

Comfortable and stylish handle

Made of durable and strong superior steel material

Ultra-sharp and highly efficient

Works great for thin slicing


Single beveled and may not suit left hand users

Expert opinion: KYOKU Samurai Yanagiba Knife is a good choice if you are looking for cheap sushi knives that are efficient and comfortable to use. The knife is strong, durable, efficient, and affordable.

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 Oxford Chef Santoku Sushi Knife

[amazon fields=”B077DD6CMN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This Oxford brand is a 7-inches knife that is made to suit any kitchen function that involves the use of a knife. It is versatile and made with alloy steel that is forged and is a sure durable brand that will always serve your needs. Oxford Chef Santoku Sushi Knife is sharp and efficient and is the best for cutting straight 

Blade quality

As mentioned, Oxford Chef Santoku Sushi Knife is made from alloy steel, or rather a layer of Damascus steel. This is a type of steel that is known to be strong and resilient. As it is an alloy, it also features Japanese VG-10 steel and that gives it the flexibility and the capacity to retain its edge and sharpness. 

Handle design

The handle offers comfort and balance that is needed when using this Oxford Chef Santoku Sushi Knife. It is a great design with round-shape and offers optimum handling comfort. It is thus a comfortable knife to use and a great one when it comes to performance.


Lifetime free sharpening

Ultra-sharp and strong

Retains its edge due to the strength of the materials

Made of quality steel alloy hence durable and resilient

Well-balanced and full tang

Round-shaped comfortable handle


Does not come with a guard for safety

Expert opinion: This is a versatile and well-balanced full tang knife that is made of high-quality steel alloy and is hard and resilient. It retains its edge and sharpness and is a recommendable choice that suits any kitchen.

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USUKI Japanese Sushi Knife

[amazon fields=”B08JM3F22B” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a strong knife that features 3-layers of steel and is hardened enough to suit its purpose. USUKI Japanese Sushi Knife is an efficient knife for everyday use in the kitchen and for cutting sushi rolls among other functions. Being a multipurpose knife as we have mentioned, you can use it for slicing, dicing, mincing, and other cutting functions. 

Blade quality 

The 3 layers of steel and forged construction makes USUKI Japanese Sushi Knife one of the most versatile knives that you can ever find. It is efficient and features durable sharpness and great quality strength for better cutting performance. The quality of the blades also makes it retain its edge and hence is a worthwhile knife to have in your kitchen. 

Handle design 

What makes a good knife is no more than a good quality handle and strong blade. USUKI Japanese Sushi Knife comes with an octagonal-shaped handle that is strong, ergonomic, and comfortable to handle and to use.


Made of high-quality alloy steel

Super comfortable grip handle

Strong and retains its edge

Suitable for multiple kitchen purposes

Super sharp and efficient

Forged and durable construction


Not for cleaning in a dishwasher

Expert opinion:  USUKI Japanese Sushi Knife is a good choice for everyday use. It is a multipurpose knife that is useful for cutting, chopping, slicing, and mincing among many other uses. It is worth its value and recommendable for any kitchen.

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YAIBA Professional Sushi Cutting Knife

[amazon fields=”B0857CJ3DW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

As the name suggests, YAIBA brand is a professional knife for cutting sushi rolls and for other kitchen functions. It is a great design that is efficient and strong to deliver on its functions. This brand is made of forged VG-10 Damascus steel material and with the capacity to stand the hardness test and to last long.

Blade quality 

YAIBA Professional Sushi Cutting Knife features a hand-finished edge and super sharp blade that makes it versatile and to serve different uses. You can use it to chop vegetables, mince the meat, or cut thin slices of sushi among other functions. 

The tapered blade is also a feature that enhances its performance while ensuring that there is no surface resistance, and that the food does not stick. 

Handle design 

This knife features a military grade G10 handle and is highly resistant to high-temperatures. It offers comfortable and ergonomic grip hence making it easy to use. With this comfort, you will never come to experience any fatigue or pain with your fingers.


Features razor-sharp blades

Made of high-carbon Damascus steel

Well-balanced and efficient

Comfortable grip military handle

Cuts smoothly with less resistance

Retains its sharpness for long


Not suitable for cutting bones or frozen foods

Expert opinion: YAIBA Professional Sushi Knife is a great quality choice that is useful for a variety of kitchen functions. It is multifunctional, strong, and is a recommendable brand that you can use for slicing, mincing, cutting, and chopping.

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 Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife

[amazon fields=”B001B196AC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This carbon steel sushi knife is all that you need for cutting thin slices of sushi. Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife is, as the name suggests, made of high carbon steel and is strong and resilient. This is a knife that you will always enjoy using in your kitchen for different purposes. 

Blade quality 

Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife is made of high carbon steel blade that not just make it durable but also strong to resist corrosion, rust, and stains. The blade is super sharp and that enhances its cutting efficiency. The blade also features a fine stone finish and can cut smoothly and efficiently. 

Handle design 

The handle of this Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife is made from traditional wood and offers an ergonomic and comfortable grip. The comfort that you get is what enhances the performance of this knife. It is also well-balanced thus a great choice for cutting.


Round wooden and comfortable handle

Durable high-carbon steel blade

Super sharp and cuts efficiently and smoothly

Multipurpose and suits different kitchen needs

Retains its edge and sharpness for long

Well-balanced and cuts efficiently.


Too long for normal chopping and cutting needs

Expert opinion:  If you are looking for a long sushi knife, then Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife is the way to go. It is ultra-sharp and with strong and durable blades, well-balanced ergonomic grip handle and is also versatile. 

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Happy Sales Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife

[amazon fields=”B000WQ00GQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Happy Sales Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife is a great one for right hand users. It is a good knife with an 8-inches blade and is efficient when it comes to cutting, slicing, or chopping among other uses. With this knife in your kitchen, you can do almost everything that pertains to cutting. 

Blade quality 

It features a high-quality stainless-steel blade material and is thus strong and durable. The blade with this Happy Sales Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife is long and slender and hence good for slicing purposes. The 210mm blade may not suit to be used for cutting hard substances. 

Handle design 

The handle that comes with Happy Sales Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife is round and comfortable. You will not feel fatigued or pain in your fingers when using this awesome knife due to the excellent design of the handle, and the quality of the wood material used.


Made of durable materials

Comfortable and ergonomic handle

Ultra-sharp and suitable for a variety of uses

Easy to sharpen and retain its sharpness for long

Good for the budget


Not suited for left hand users

Expert opinion: Happy Sales Japanese Sashimi Sushi Knife is a good one for budget. It comes with an affordable price yet with a good quality construction.

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F FANTECK Sushi Cutting Chef Knife

[amazon fields=”B08724K3NJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a highly versatile knife that can do almost anything. F FANTECK Sushi Cutting Chef Knife is made from high carbon steel and is thus a strong and durable knife that does slicing, chopping, mincing, dicing, and more. 

Blade quality 

The blade features a Damascus pattern and looks appealing and elegant. It is super strong and with a capacity to resist stain, corrosion, and to last long. The technology applied on the blade, that is the vacuum heating treatment plus the nitrogen cooling technique gives this knife an upper hand when it comes to strength. 

Handle design

F FANTECK Sushi Cutting Chef Knife features premium and well-balanced ergonomic handles that offer the best grip experience when cutting. This enhances the performance of the knife. The type of handle material is pakkawood that is woven with fiberglass.


Comes with a protective sheath

Strong and durable blade material

Well-balanced and comfortable to use

Quality wooden handle woven with fiberglass

Ultra-sharp and efficient in performance

Resistant to corrosion and stain


Not suitable for bones and hard substances

Not dishwasher safe

Expert opinion: This is a great and efficient knife that is versatile and affordable. It is a multipurpose well-balanced knife with ultra-sharp blades and hence recommendable for any kitchen.

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How to Cut Sushi Rolls?

Before cutting your sushi rolls, you need to get a super sharp knife so as to achieve smooth cutting without getting it stuck or messing with your roll. These are the steps: 

  • Clean your knife perfectly well. A shun or Yanagiba knife among other sharp knives would be a perfect choice for cutting sushi rolls. 
  • Lay your sushi roll on your cutting board. 
  • Dip your knife in water and let the water run through the edge of the knife, that is where the knife cuts. 
  • Cut thin slices of sushi and in between the cuts, clean the knife and dip it in water until the process is over. You can repeat this process until your sushi roll is well sliced. 
  • Always maintain a uniform thickness for each sushi piece.

How to Choose the Best Sushi Cutting Knife?

With the multiple varieties of knives of different types and brands, buying a sushi knife is something that you need to take critically if you want an efficient one for your cutting needs. Since we have already highlighted the factors that you should check, this is how you can choose your desired option: 

Best price 

On our list, the cheapest knife is Happy Sales Japanese Sushi knife. It is a simple design but efficient hence works perfectly for smooth slicing and chopping among many other uses. 

Best overall 

The best overall according to our expert’s analysis is Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife and features excellent design and features that makes it efficient. It tops on our list and is a reliable knife that is not only useful for sushi rolls but for other purposes as well. 

Runner up 

Mercer Culinary Sashimi Knife is a great alternative if you are for the best of the best. This is the runner up for Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife and is a reliable and efficient knife that you can ever have in your kitchen.


With these varieties of sushi cutting knife brands, you will not go wrong choosing any on this awesome guide that matches your specs. They come in different designs and with different specs and features but are all efficient when it comes to performance. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy your cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing, or mincing, then you need to get yourself one of these awesome knives.

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