Best Kitchen Vintage Knives

Best Kitchen Vintage Knives

As a culinary expert, chef, food caterer, or home owner, vintage knives are essential and necessary for everyday chopping, mincing, slicing, cutting, and dicing. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it professionally or at the comfort of your home. What you need is to get the best kitchen vintage knives that are efficient to help make the kitchen work easier.

Best Kitchen Vintage Knives

What Are the Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Kitchen Vintage Knives?

Due to the variety of different sets of knives and brands, and whether you need a vintage japan knife, German, or American made, there are some considerations that still hold common regardless of the place of manufacture. These include but not limited to: 

Blade length and quality 

You will realize that different sets of knives, even in one set, come with different sizes in terms of blade length. What you will choose will be dependent on the purpose of the knife. The quality of the blade is also something to consider. You should check the style and finishing type that come with the blade, and whether it is efficient or not. 

In addition, you need to consider the ease of sharpening the blades, or rather the sharpness. This will dictate the efficiency of your knives. The ease of losing the sharpness will also depend on the quality of the blade material. 

Type of material used

From the blades to the handles, you need to be aware of the quality of the material that has been used to make the knives. If you want a durable quality option, you should go for the steel alloy types or the ones that have been toughened or with high-carbon. 

Weight of the knives 

How well is the knife balanced? This is another factor to check before buying any knife on the market. Whether it is the best American made kitchen knives, Japan made, or German, among others, you should always check on the weight depending also on the purpose that you want to put into it. 

Number of pieces 

Each set comes with a specific number of pieces and you should always check that to make sure you have a good number that would be enough. This is especially the case for starter kitchens or for professionals that need different types of knives in one pack. 

Handle design and comfort 

How comfortable is the handle of the knife? You don’t need a type that would easily cause blisters on your fingers. Therefore, you should have a great quality one with ergonomic and comfortable handles. Handle design materials also vary. In that case, you should pick a material that matches the use and specs that satiates your taste.

Whether you need old pocket knife brands or a set for starter kitchen among other considerations as we have specified, this guide brings to fore the best kitchen knives from different brands and manufacturers to help you meet your preferred choice. Each product comes with advantages and disadvantages and with that, you can easily use it to make a right choice without spending so much of your time.

What is The Best Kitchen Vintage Knife?

Among the ten products that we picked based on performance, McCook MC21 German Knives is the best overall product and the runner up is HENCKELS Modernist Knife Block Set and this is purely based on our expert’s analysis and opinions.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Vintage Knives

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Our experts have ranked the top ten vintage knives based on a number of factors that we described and also customer reviews and ratings. Therefore, the top 10 picks include the following:

McCook MC21 German Knives

McCook® MC21 Knife Sets,15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Knife Block Sets with Built-in Sharpener

There is no match that can easily beat the quality that comes with McCook MC21 German Knives. They are the best on the market and among the best-selling German knife brands. They are made of high-carbon stainless-steel and hence a durable quality set that you will always admire to have in your kitchen. 

Material quality and design 

About the material quality, McCook MC21 German Knives is a great set that features rust-resistant and durable quality knives and comes as a set of 15 pieces in one pack. On the design, the knives are serrated and are suitable for any kitchen whether at home, hotel, or restaurant. 

Other features 

McCook MC21 German Knives also come with built-in sharpeners and are a world class set that looks modern and presentable. There is also a hardwood storage block that makes storage of these knives a breeze.


Different types of knives in one pack

Comes with an affordable price

It is very easy and quick to clean

Made of quality hardened stainless-steel

Easy storage with a hardwood knife block

Built-in sharpener for better sharpening


The storage wood block is not of good quality

Expert opinion: These knives are the best in all aspects and quality. They are good for hotels, restaurants, butcher shops, and for home use.

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HENCKELS Modernist Knife Block Set

HENCKELS Modernist Razor-Sharp 13-pc Knife Set, Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Steak Knife, German Engineered Informed by 100+ Years of Mastery

With this set, you have 13 knives of high-quality material and design. It is a great set that is suitable for use in any setting whether it is a restaurant, hotels, and even home use among other settings. The good thing with HENCKELS Modernist Knife Block Set is the fact that they come in different designs and sizes hence fits into different uses. 

Material quality 

As already mentioned, HENCKELS Modernist Knife Block Sets are made of stainless-steel and hence strong and durable. There is also an aspect of the handle and with this, the handle is made of the same material as the blade; that is the stainless-steel and is lightweight and ergonomic. 

Other features 

The other thing about HENCKELS Modernist Knife Block Set is that it comes with a pair of scissors for use in the kitchen, and also a sharpener. In addition to that, HENCKELS Modernist Knives features a polished cap at the end and with an embossed logo. They are dishwasher safe and cleaning is just a breeze.


Made of durable and strong materials

Ergonomic and lightweight handles

Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Comes in different sizes and designs

Good starter set for a new kitchen


The block does not fit all the knives

Expert opinion: If you are looking for a starter set of knives for a new kitchen, then HENCKELS Modernist Knife Block Set is a choice made for you and is of great quality and with different designs and functions.

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AmazonBasics Premium Steak Knives

Amazon Basics 8-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife Set, Black

AmazonBasics Premium is among the best vintage kitchen knife brands that come with high-value quality and serrated design to suit steak. If you are looking for a set with serrated design for your home, restaurant, or for a barbecue grill, then you may want to consider this awesome set. 

Material quality 

Even before we mention the quality of the materials that make up AmazonBasics Premium Steak Knives, it is also important to say it comes in a set of 8 pieces and all affordable. The blade is made of alloy steel material and is strong and of durable quality. 

Other features 

AmazonBasics Premium Steak Knives are triple-riveted and with a full bolster that helps in keeping the fingers safe and away from the blades. The other thing about the micro-serrated edges is that you will not need to sharpen them.


Made of quality stain-resistant material

Does not need sharpening

Available at an affordable price

Suitable for versatile uses

Comfortable and safe handles with full bolster


It is not compatible with the dishwashing machine

Expert opinion: This set is good for anyone looking for serrated knives set for kitchen, hotel, or restaurant. They are of great quality, reliable, and affordable.

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Case XX Household Vintage Knife

WR Case XX Pocket Knife Case Household 8 Inch Chef's Knife Item #7316 - (XX635) -

 This is a straight-edged knife that is made of excellent quality and durable materials and is a valuable choice for your kitchen. This Chef’s knife is what will serve multiple functions since it is made to suit a wide variety of applications.  Case XX Household Vintage Knife is made of stainless-steel material and would surely last. 

Material quality 

Stainless-steel is a good quality material and is what makes Case XX Household Vintage Knife. It is tough and sharp with a straight edge blade hence efficient when it comes to cutting performance. It is a must-have gadget for any kitchen and is also a good pocket knife for hunting and other daily projects at home. 

Other features

The size of this Case XX Household Vintage Knife is 3 x 7 x 4 inches and with a natural wooden handle that is riveted and offers comfortable grip. It is, therefore, a recommendable and versatile knife to have in your kitchen.


Suitable for wide applications

Made of durable stainless-steel.

Comfortable grip wooden handles

Well-balanced and lightweight

Blade scallops that prevent vegetables sticking


The ridges on the handles can easily accumulate crud

Loses its sharpness easily

Expert opinion: If you need a hunting knife, then you ought to check out on this Case XX Household Vintage Knife since it is a versatile kind that is also useful for everyday kitchen needs.

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 AUIIKIY Professional German Knife

AUIIKIY Professional Chef Knife, 8 Inch Pro Kitchen Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife with Ergonomic Handle

This knife has been tested and is not just efficient but can handle all kitchen tasks whether big or small. It is made of high-carbon stainless-steel material with forged construction and hence reliable for dicing, slicing, chopping, and mincing among other functions. 

Purpose and efficiency 

As we have mentioned, this is a chef knife that comes in 8-inches length and with an ergonomic and comfortable grip handle that makes it easy to use. It is multipurpose and is a great choice for any use in the kitchen. With a sharp high-carbon stainless-steel, this knife is efficient and highly useful. 

Other features 

The blade that comes with this knife is highly polished and smooth just with a wave pattern that makes it look great and attractive. This feature is useful in reducing the friction when mincing or chopping. The advantage with AUIIKIY Professional German Knife is that it retains the sharpness for a long period. It also comes with a comfortable handle that will protect your fingers from hurt and blisters.


Does all kitchen functions

Comes with comfortable ergonomic handles

Made of high-carbon stainless-steel material

Retains sharpness for long

Smooth blade surfaces to reduce friction when cutting


Difficult to sharpen when it loses its sharpness

Expert opinion: This knife is recommendable for everyday use at home. It is probably not a good knife for professionals but it does the job well. In addition to that, it is good for the price.

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Cangshan W Series Steel Knife

Cangshan W Series 6 Piece German Steel Knife Block Set, Walnut

This is a 6-piece set of knives that include the chef’s knife, paring knife, serrated utility knife, carving, and bread knife. All the knives are housed in a wood block that comes with it and is a great set for professionals, homes, restaurants, and bars among other places. 

Material quality and efficiency 

If you are looking for antique kitchen knives that are versatile, of great quality, and affordable, then you have Cangshan W Series Steel Knives set. It features an ergonomic hand-crafted unique handle made of wood and with hollow copper rivets. Therefore, it is an efficient and comfortable set to have in your kitchen. 

Other features 

The blades have been toughened to enhance the strength and enhance its quality and are super-durable and efficient for its work. Cangshan W Series Steel Knife is versatile and you can put it to any task that you come across in your kitchen. Whether it is peeling, chopping, or slicing, this knife is just perfect for the job.


Comes in a set with different knives and functions

Super-strong blades that are efficient

Wooden and comfortable handles

Comes in a wooden housing block

Made of high-quality steel alloy

Versatile and can do any kitchen task


Wooden handles and not safe in dish washing machines

Expert opinion:  This is a great set for a starter kitchen or anyone that needs a set of different types of knives in one pack. They are efficient, versatile, durable, and affordable.

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Imarku German Chef Knife

Amazon product

If you want to replace your old kitchen knife, then Imarku German Chef Knife is the perfect match for your case. It is a well-balanced knife that has been trusted for efficient performance and good-quality construction. As you can see, this knife is one of the most comfortable to use due to its comfortable handles made of pakkawood material. 

Efficiency and purpose 

When it comes to purpose, Imarku German Chef Knife is a multipurpose knife that you can use anywhere for any function. It is an essential knife to have in your kitchen if you want value for your money. It is made of high-carbon stainless-steel and is of great quality and efficiency. 

Other features 

There is also an aspect of ultra-sharp edge that comes with this Imarku German Chef Knife hence making it an efficient knife for everyday use. It is resistant to corrosion and hence a durable choice to get for your kitchen.


High-carbon stainless-steel material

Well-balanced and efficient

Ergonomic grip wooden comfortable handle

Highly versatile and suits various usese

Comfortable, strong, and durable


Not good for use with frozen foods

Expert opinion: This brand is the best choice to have for everyday kitchen cutting needs. With Imarku German Chef Knife, you can do virtually everything that a knife can do. Being one of the best-selling products from the best kitchen knife manufacturer, it is worth and recommendable for any kitchen.

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Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef Knife

Amazon product

Here is a great vintage Japan knife that is made for versatile uses whether at home or commercial settings. Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef Knife comes with a 2.5mm blade and with dimples that enhances its efficiency as it ensures that the food glides through the sticky food with ease. Therefore, it is a valuable and multipurpose piece to have. 

Efficiency and quality 

Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef Knife is made of alloy steel material and is strong and efficient. It is lightweight and comes with an awesome length of 12.63 inches overall and 7.88 inches of blade length. It is, therefore, a good knife for everyday use, in any setting. 

Other features 

There is also an aspect of handling. What you should also note with Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef Knife is that the handle is made of pakka wood and is well-balanced and comfortable.


Well-balanced and lightweight

Alloy steel material hence durable

Dimples to glide easily on sticky foods

Wooden and comfortable handle

Suitable for any function in the kitchen


Not dishwasher safe

Expert opinion: This is a great knife that is good for everyday use. It is one of the best-selling and top-rated on Amazon hence a recommendable high-quality knife. It is also versatile and efficient for any cutting function.

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HENCKELS J.A Kitchen Knife Set

Amazon product

HENCKELS J.A Kitchen Knife Set is now the best for starter kitchen as it comes with all the pieces that you may want to have in your new kitchen. The 15-pieces makes this pack the best choice for professionals, new kitchens, or for replacing old kitchen knives. 

Quality and efficiency 

Looking into the quality of these knives, you ought to note that HENCKELS J.A Kitchen Knife Set are made of high-quality stainless-steel and that does not just enhance durability of the knives but also their performance. The stamped blade construction is also a feature that enhances the quality of these knives and makes them useful for any kitchen work. 

Other features 

You also ought to note that the handles are made of plastic making HENCKELS J.A Kitchen Knife Set suitable for cleaning in a dish washing machine. The satin finished blade gives these knives a professional look. The other thing is that they are finely honed, hence sharp and efficient.


Dishwasher safe

Excellently honed hence sharp and durable

Made of high-quality stainless-steel

Comes with a sharpener

Comes with a hardwood block for storage

Professionally finished and classy

Comfortable grip plastic handles


The slots that come with the block don’t fit all the knives perfectly

Expert opinion: If you want a good kitchen knife starter set, then HENCKELS J.A Kitchen Knife Set is the right choice to have. It is also a set for professionals and for replacement if you want a new set of knives for your kitchen, restaurant, hotel, or any other setting.

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Basics Dexter-Rusell Knife

Amazon product

This is among the best vintage knives that don’t disappoint in terms of quality and efficiency. Being made of high-carbon stainless-steel material, you would expect it to last while offering its service efficiently. The material used, that is the high-carbon, resists corrosion and hence would last more than you would expect. 

Quality and efficiency 

The quality that comes with Basics Dexter-Rusell Knife is second to none. The material design and the blade that is concave grounded makes this knife sharp and efficient for its work. It also resists corrosion and would maintain its edge and sharpness for long. 

Other features 

Basics Dexter-Rusell Knife also come with an ergonomic handle that is made of polypropylene and textured for comfort. In addition to that, Basics Dexter-Rusell Knife is 13-inches long and with 8-inches being the length of the blade while the rest is the handle.


Made from durable materials

Highly textured and comfortable propylene handle

The edge is beveled for sharpness

Well-balanced and lightweight

Easy to wipe clean

Finger guard for safety

Suitable for kitchen everyday use

Easy to sharpen and retain the sharpness for long


The protective sleeve or sheath of poor quality

Expert opinion: Just like most other brands here, Basics Dexter-Rusell Knife is also a good knife for everyday kitchen uses that include cutting, chopping, mincing, and slicing among other functions. It is strong, durable, efficient, and recommendable.

Amazon product

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Vintage Knives?

When choosing kitchen knives, you need to first know your worth because not all knives are of the same class and quality. Of course, we have already highlighted the factors that you need to consider above and, in this section, we will narrow down to the following: 

Best overall 

We have done our analysis and comparison and based on expert’s opinion, McCook MC21 German Knives is the best product overall. If you are after making a choice based on performance, then you may want to have this awesome set. It is a professional set of 15 knives and a good starter set for any home or commercial settings. 

Best price 

AmazonBasics Premium Steak Knives is not just the best in quality but comes with a friendly price. The 8-piece set is highly affordable and good for budget. They are of good-quality, efficient, and with serrated blades. 

Best for starter kitchen 

A starter kitchen would need a set of knives that comprises perhaps different knives sets. HENCKELS J.A Kitchen Knife Set is a great addition for a new kitchen since the set comprises different types of 15 knives and with a sharpener.


It is now easier to make a comparison with the few selected best vintage knives that we have in this guide than if you were to compare with thousands of others on the market. Of course, we have done our research thoroughly and what you have is a reliable guide that is of great value and reliable. You can always bank on this guide for any type of knives that you may want for your kitchen.

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