Best Container for Sourdough Starter

Best Container for Sourdough Starter

If you are going to make sourdough, then you need the best container for sourdough starter and in this guide, we have availed a wide variety of jars and containers from different brands so that you can easily choose one that suits your needs.

The good side with most of these containers also is that they are versatile and multifunctional hence you can put them into different other uses including food canning, preservation, and storage.

Best Container for Sourdough Starter

What Are the Features You Should Consider Before Buying the Best Container for Sourdough Starter?

Due to the variety and difference that exist from one product to the other regarding material type and quality, design, capacity, and other specs, it is important to note that when choosing your bread dough container, you need to always consider the following:

Mouth opening and size 

Different containers come with different mouth openings. The larger the mouth, the easier it is to use; that is to fill up the contents and to pout out when need be. In addition to that, sourdough as you may know is tenacious and hence would easily keep stuck inside the sides of the container. Therefore, a larger mouth would make it easy to clean the container. 

Lids and gaskets 

Lids and gaskets are important for airtight sealing. Of course, most containers come with lids while some do not. Therefore, it is important to check whether your cans include the lids or not. In addition to that, you also need to check whether you have gaskets included since they are useful for airtight sealing. 

Material design 

The material design and quality that come with your containers is also a matter of concern. You need to get a good quality material that is BPA-free and with food-grade quality. The container should also be clear or made of transparent material, if that is your wish. This is helpful when monitoring your food and you will not have to open the lids when checking your fermentation progress. 

Size and capacity 

Containers also come with different sizes and hence you may need to be aware before buying any container on the market. depending on your storage or sourdough demands, you should always get to know the size and if that size is enough for your dough fermentation or food storage. 

Number of pieces 

The number of pieces of containers that you get in one pack is also a matter of great concern. This is so if you need more than one piece of container for different storage or canning functions. Of course, you may want to use more than one container to prepare your sourdough and that is when the number of pieces come into place.

Here are the best sourdough starter containers that come in different designs and sizes. You will find them useful for fermentation purposes, canning and storage of different food stuff both solid and liquid, and for other purposes that you can put into. They are so essential and invaluable for anyone looking for the best storage containers.

What Is the Best Container for Sourdough Starter?

Among the products that we picked, we find so many competing closely with each other in terms of quality of the features, design, and sizes among other considerations. With that, 1790 Fermentation Glass Jars are our best based on a number of considerations and reviews from other users.

Top 10 Best Container for Sourdough Starter

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With all the information that you have now, you are now better placed to choose the right starter for your kitchen and for any storage function. Some of our best picks as per our expert’s analysis include:

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Container

Ball Regular Mouth 32-Ounces Mason Jar with Lids and Bands, Clear,(Pack Of 2)

These are clear containers or jars that come in a pack of 2. The clear and transparent nature of these jars make them useful for a wide variety of applications that include preservation and storage. Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Containers are suitable for fruits, vegetables, sauces, powder, sourdough, and more. 

Capacity and material 

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Container comes in 32-ounces capacity and is made of glass. The other thing about the material that makes this brand is the BPA-free nature that makes it safe and healthy for food. In addition, the material makes it safe for dishwashers. 


As we have said, Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Containers are versatile and suitable for preservation and storage of food that include sliced fruits and more. In this case, you can use it for the fermentation of dough that you can use to make your sourdough bread.


Transparent and clear design for easy viewing

Versatile and can be useful for different storage and preservation purposes

Comes with fitting lids for canned preservation

Made of BPA-free and food grade materials

Reusable and dishwasher safe

Can preserve food for long


They are not safe for use in the freezer

Expert opinion: If you want to make sourdough, Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Container would be ideal for your fermentation needs. They come in ideal sizes and are worth the value for money and recommendable.

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N\ Sourdough Starter Jar

Sourdough Starter Jar with Chalkboard, 1500mL (50.75oz) Large Glass Mason Jar with Airtight Lid for Kitchen Storage - Includes Chalkboard Marker and Red Rubber Bands Triumph Products

This is a good capacity jar that is versatile and suitable for kitchen storage and other preservation needs. It is a great sourdough starter jar that comes with 1500ml capacity. N\ Sourdough Starter Jar comes with a chalkboard maker and also with red rubber bands. 

Material design 

These are the features with this N\ Sourdough Starter Jar. It is made of glass and rubber materials. With the transparent glass, you can easily view the contents and the advantage is that it is made of food-grade quality materials. 

Chalkboard and airtight lid 

As we mentioned, N\ Sourdough Starter Jar comes with a chalkboard that is helpful when it comes to labeling your contents. This makes identification easy and with the airtight seal, you are assured of safety and freshness of your food.


Includes chalkboard for labeling

Comes with rubber bands and airtight seal

Made of food grade quality materials

Transparent glass to enhance easy viewing of contents

Comes with a sourdough recipe

It is of good capacity and size

Useful for storing a variety of dry foods


The chalkboard sticker does not last with washings

Expert opinion: This brand is good if you are looking for a single container that comes with good capacity, chalkboard sticker, and rubber bands. Though the price is a bit higher for a single container, it is a recommended product if you don’t mind spending a few extra coins on it.

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Weck Jars Sourdough Starter Jars

Weck Tulip Jars 1 Liter - Large Sour Dough Starter Jars with Wide Mouth - Suitable for Canning and Storage - 2 with Glass Lids

Weck Jars Sourdough Starter Jars is an attractive design that comes with wide mouths and suitable for home canning and sour dough fermentation among other uses. They are round in shape and with a capacity of 1 liter each, and in 2-piece packs. 

Material and design 

What matters most when choosing the best sourdough starter container is the quality and safety of the material. The design is also a matter to consider and with Weck Jars Sourdough Starter Jars, you have a container made of BPA-free transparent glass that is thick and durable. 

Wide mouth and glass lids 

When filling up, you will find Weck Jars Sourdough Starter Jars easy since it comes with wide mouth design. That makes it easy to fill and also to pour out the contents when need be. The airtight glass lids and rubber gaskets that come with these jars enhances their food preservation performance.


Made of thick and durable glass

Wide mouth opening for easy content filling and pouring

Transparent for viewing and monitoring food

Multifunctional and can serve several functions

BPA-free and safe for food canning

Comes with rubber gaskets and clips

Microwave and dishwasher safe


The gaskets are so thin and may not seal tightly

It’s a bit difficult to clean the sour dough inside

Expert opinion: Weck Jars Sourdough Starter Jars is a recommendable product that is invaluable for a wide variety of functions in regards to storage and food preservation. Apart from sourdough, you can use it to keep other foods such as sliced vegetables and fruits.

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Humble House Fermenting Crock

Humble House SAUERKROCK Fermentation Crock Jar 2 Liter in Traditional Brown - Stoneware Sauerkraut Crock for Fermenting or Pickling Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Pickles, Vegetables, Kombucha - 1/2 Gallon Ceram...

This unique sourdough starter crock is a good choice to get if you are looking for a larger fermentation jar. Humble House Fermenting Crock comes with 2L capacity and with a round elegant shape. That makes it a great addition for your kitchen décor as well. 

Size and capacity 

Humble House Fermenting Crock as we have mentioned comes with 0.5 gallons size or 2L capacity and measures 6-inches wide by 8-inches tall. Therefore, it is the right size and is a good one for making large sourdough. 

Material design 

It is also important to note that Humble House Fermenting Crock is made from ceramic material, and this is a unique starter from the rest that we have discussed that are made of glass. The lead-finishing and cadmium-free materials makes this starter crock look attractive and awesome.


Attractive and elegant finish

Large size for making large sourdough

Versatile and can be used for other purposes

Finished with food-grade glaze and materials

Good size that can fit well into cabinets

Thick but lightweight ceramic material


It is not transparent and not easy to view the contents inside

Expert opinion: Humble House Fermenting Crock is a great ceramic jar that comes with a large capacity size and is good for anyone that wants to make large amounts of sourdough or for other purposes in the kitchen

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Bormioli Rocco Clear Sourdough Starter

Bormioli Rocco Fido Square Jaw with Blue Lid, 33-3/4-Ounce, 33.75 Ounce, Clear

This is another awesome transparent and the best jar for sourdough starter. It comes with a good capacity and square shape and with a blue lid and fastening clips. The advantage with this Bormioli Rocco Clear Sourdough Starter is that it is made of lead-free and BPA-free materials and hence healthy and safe for food. 

Size and capacity 

What matters when choosing any jar or container for your kitchen apart from the other features to consider is the capacity and size. Bormioli Rocco Clear Sourdough Starter comes with 33.75-ounce capacity and clear square design. It is, therefore, a good and versatile choice that you can always rely on for any purpose apart from making sourdough. 

Glass material 

Bormioli Rocco Clear Sourdough Starter is made from recyclable glass material and the benefit of that is the clear and transparent nature that makes viewing of contents easy. That is beneficial also when used for various storage or canning needs in the kitchen for easy identification.


Dishwasher safe and BPA-free

Square and elegant design

Versatile for different kitchen storage needs

Shock resistant and durable

Comes with rubber gasket for airtight sealing

Easy to handle and to use


The dough can easily get stuck on the neck due to the design

Expert opinion: If you are looking for a square and versatile container for sourdough starter, Bormioli Rocco Fido brand is a suitable and recommendable choice that you can easily afford.

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1790 Fermentation Glass Jars

1790 Large Glass Jars with Lid - Wide Mouth 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Lid - Glass Gallon Jar for Kombucha & Sun Tea - Gallon Mason Jars are Large Glass Jars with Lids 1 Gallon for Food Storage - 2 P...

This is an excellent fermentation set that is good for sourdough and other storage and canning needs. 1790 Fermentation Glass Jars come in a pack of 2 and of 1-gallon capacity. It also comes with lids and with rubber bands that you can use to stick labels in each container. 

Size and capacity 

These jars come in a pack of 2 and with the same size and capacity of 1-gallon each. This makes them versatile and apart from making sourdough, you can use them for other food storage and canning needs in the kitchen, and also for kombucha, sun tea, and kefir among other storage and fermentation needs. These containers also feature 4-inches wide mouths and that makes them easy to fill up and also to clean after use. 

Material design and quality 

The jar is made of glass and with plastic lids. All the materials that make up 1790 Fermentation Glass Jars are certified and of food-grade quality. The materials are also free of toxins and can also resist heat for up to 350-degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to that, the glass material of the jar is clear and transparent for content viewing.


Made of food-grade and certified materials

Wide mouth for easy fill up and cleaning

Comes with rubber bands and airtight plastic lids

Dishwasher safe

Versatile for storage, fermentation, and canning

Made from toxic-free and lead-free materials

Transparent hence easy identification of contents


The included bands are too big

Expert opinion:   1790 Fermentation Glass Jars is a recommendable set to have for your kitchen and can serve a wide variety of canning and storage needs. It is a good starter for sourdough and worth the value for money.

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Mason Craft Clear Glass Containers

Amazon product

These jars look elegant and good for any countertop. With Mason Craft Clear Glass Containers, you can use them for sourdough starter or other functions such as storing pantry items such as rice, and for baking items. Mason Craft Clear Glass Containers are transparent and hence a good choice if you need a reliable sourdough jar. 

Durable glass construction 

These containers are made of quality glass that is not just safe but also durable. Apart from that it is BPA-free and safe for use with food items. Mason Craft Clear Glass Containers also come with clamp top lid and a rubber gasket for airtight sealing. 

Size and capacity 

Another important aspect of these Mason Craft Clear Glass Containers is that they come in good capacity size hence great for storing different food items. Each comes with 1L capacity and there are 2 pieces in a pack.


Comes with good volume capacity

Rubber gaskets for airtight sealing

Made of BPA-free and cadmium free glass

Features high-quality and durable thick glass

Versatile and useful for many storage and preservation functions

Airtight and leak proof


Not recommendable for use with hot liquids

Expert opinion: If you are looking for the best bread starter container, then Mason Craft Clear Glass Containers would be the right versatile choice that is made of high-quality materials and are of good size. The pair is recommendable and comes with a good price.

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 Le Parfait Glass Canning Jar

Amazon product

This is a great container that is made in France and is a wonderful addition that you need for healthy preservation of your food items. Le Parfait Glass Canning Jar is a great idea for sourdough starter and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill up and to clean. 

Glass material 

Le Parfait Glass Canning Jar is made of high-quality glass. Therefore, you cannot compare this product with that made of plastic since glass comes with numerous advantages over plastic. It is also transparent and you can identify the contents without the need to open the jar. 

Size and other features 

When it comes to size or capacity, Le Parfait Glass Canning Jar comes with 32oz or 1000ml capacity each and in a pack of 4 pieces. Therefore, you have beautifully branded clear glass jars that you can use for any storage function in your kitchen if you aren’t going to use it for sourdough.


Made of high-quality non-reactive and safe glass

Transparent for easy contents identification

Rubber seals for airtight sealing

Pack of four good size containers

Highly multifunctional and you can use it for any storage

Does not change the food flavor


Not recommendable for dishwasher cleaning.

Expert opinion:  These are awesome and recommendable jars that are essential and multifunctional. They come in great quality design and materials hence safe for sourdough starter and other storage purposes.

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Anchor Hocking Food Storage Container

Amazon product

The design with Anchor Hocking Food Storage Container is a bit different from other containers that we have discussed. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill, to pour out contents, and to clean after use. In addition to that, the lid seals tightly and hence there are no leaks or spills with this Anchor Hocking Food Storage Container. 

Pure glass container 

Anchor Hocking Food Storage Container is made from pure glass material that is safe for food, and durable. It is BPA-free and does not change the flavor, or get stained. The quality of the glass material that makes this Anchor Hocking Food Storage Container gives it the ability to withstand high temperatures of up to 425-degrees Fahrenheit. 

Lid design 

This brand comes with airtight lids that are tough and are dishwasher safe. That makes the whole container safe for cleaning in a dishwashing machine. It is, therefore, a reliable container for sourdough and other food stuff.


Airtight with zero spills and leaks

Made from BPA-free and food safe materials

Microwave and oven safe glass material

Freezer and dishwasher safe

Large capacity size with wide mouth

Clear and transparent

Suitable for a variety of food storage functions


Can easily break on sudden changes in temperature

Expert opinion: Generally, Anchor Hocking Food Storage Container is a recommendable product for anyone that needs the best storage containers and for sourdough starter. It also comes with competitive pricing and worth the value for money.

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oysdone Tulip Sourdough Container

Amazon product

This is an elegant jar that can serve all your storage needs in the kitchen. With Toysdone Tulip Sourdough Container, you can store your food stuff safely whether in solid or liquid form. It is a wonderful design also for sourdough starters and comes with a good price for the budget. 

Size and capacity 

Before buying this Toysdone Tulip Sourdough Container, you must get to know its size. Toysdone Tulip Sourdough Container comes with 1L capacity and is a good size for most storage requirements. 

Glass material and airtight locking lids 

These are just a few awesome features about this Toysdone Tulip Sourdough Container. It is made of glass that is clear and transparent, and of great quality. It also features stainless-steel lids that are hinged on it and provides an airtight sealing.


Non-slip textured wide bottom

Suitable for a variety of storage for solid and liquid food stuff

Wide mouth for easy refill and cleanup

Airtight sealing to keep food longer

Made from durable and clear glass material

Comes in a good and perfect size

Competitive and affordable price


The rubber seal does not fit well

Expert opinion: This is a perfect bread starter container that comes with great design and wide mouth for easy filling and stirring. It also comes with a good price and is recommendable for any storage needs or for sourdough starter.

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How to Store Sourdough Starter in Fridge

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about sourdough starters. Among the questions include: 

  • Can I store my sourdough starter in the fridge? 
  • Why should I store my sourdough starter in the fridge?

These are two related questions about storing sourdough and to answer, YES! You can store your sourdough starter in the freezer or the fridge. Now it’s about how to do it perfectly. These are the steps: 

  • Put in small amounts so that you can feed your starter regularly, say weekly. 
  • Stir your starter well and leave it for some time for the yeast to metabolize.
  • Label your starter container with an erase pen or whiteboard stocker. This is for you to remember the date that you fed your starter. 
  • Give some allowance for air to escape by not sealing it tight. Leave the lid loose so that the air that is generated as a result of fermentation can escape.
  • Once your sourdough is ready, remove it and give it at least 12 hours before you can start baking it.

How to Choose the Best Sourdough starter Container?

As we mentioned, sourdough starters are of great variety in terms of material design and quality, sizes and capacities, price ranges, and other specs. We have already discussed the factors to consider and here, you may also choose your product based on our expert’s opinion regarding: 

Best price 

If you need a budget container, then Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Container despite the quality and the fact that it is one of the top-rated sets, it still comes with a cheap price that is good for budget. 

Best overall 

Already, we have highlighted 1790 Fermentation Glass Jars as our best selection that is the best overall based on all aspects and features. It comes with a competitive price, good quality features, and the right size. It has also attracted great satisfaction based on the thousands of reviews from consumers. 

Runner up Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jar Container is at the front of our list but based on our in-depth analysis and comparison with 1790 Fermentation Glass Jars, we came to the conclusion that it becomes our second best and is a good choice made of high-quality materials, and comes in 2 pieces.


Sourdough starter containers come in different designs and types as you have seen on the list above. While some are made of plastic or ceramic materials, some are made of glass and with this variety, you won’t miss a good choice that perfectly matches with your specifications. They are also of different sizes and you have a variety of sizes to choose from as well. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make your own analysis using this informative guide.

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