West Bend Bread Maker Reviews

West Bend Bread Maker Reviews

You can make any kind of bread when you have the right machine for the job. With this West Bend Bread Maker Reviews, you also have the option to choose from the alternatives, if you are not a fan of West Band. But of course, you are here probably because the brand is your favorite.

Therefore, we are going to compare the different models from the same brand, and later on some alternatives.

West Bend Bread Maker Reviews

What Makes West Bend Bread Makers So Special?

West Bend is a reputable brand. It comes with different model types of bread makers and it is so special in the following ways:

Different capacities

West Bend models come with different capacities in terms of the number of breads that they can make, and the sizes of loaves. This gives the buyer the option to choose the right capacity that suits bread making. Whether you want to make 1lbs, 2lbs, 3lbs or anything between, you can choose the right model for that size. 

Reliable performance 

The other thing that makes this brand special is the reliability when it comes to performance. The models from this brand come with different control settings and crust control features that make them reliable for bread making. 

Affordable pricing 

West Bend also comes with competitive pricing in all their models and that makes them affordable. This is compared to other brands that price their machines highly.

West Bend Bread Maker Reviews

There are several models of West Bend bread makers and each comes with its features and specifications. Choosing one would require you to compare and contrast the specs that come with each. In this review, we also have the alternatives or the competing brands that are also good for bread making.

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 West Bend High-Rise Bread Maker

This is an ideal choice bread maker that comes with dual blades for kneading. It thoroughly kneads dough for best quality bread. West Bend High-Rise Bread Maker is made compact and you can use it anywhere since it is portable. 

Digital settings 

Among the best features of this West Bend High-Rise Bread Maker is the 12 settings that are useful for control purposes when making bread. That is for wheat, dough, French, gluten-free, and other functions. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the easiest to use bread makers, then West Bend High-Rise Bread Maker is a choice to consider. 

Crust control 

When making bread, crust is of essential value and you should have an appliance that allows you to control the results of your crust. West Bend High-Rise Bread Maker is a great choice for that matter since it comes with settings for dark, medium, and light.


Comes with instructions manual with recipes

Compact and highly portable design

Digital settings for customization

Crust control level settings

Dual blades for thorough kneading


Pretty loud when making bread

Not stable while working on the counter

Expert opinion: This is a great and reliable bread maker for home use. It is efficient in performance and is affordable and thus a recommended product to have for your bread making needs.

West Bend Bread Maker

This brand features a digital control panel that is easy to use. It is compact in shape and that makes it useful wherever you may want to use it. You can easily travel with it, or work at the comfort of your kitchen counter space without hassle. 

Dual mixing blades 

Kneading your dough has never been easier than when using West Bend Bread Maker. It features dual-blades that enhance mixing for better quality dough and bread. It also comes with plenty of power for efficient cooking and performance. 

Control panel 

West Bend Bread Maker comes with easy-to-use control panel and with a 12-hour delay timer. Therefore, you can program your timer to work within that time limit. The buttons are visible enough and good for everyone to use. It also features crust settings for dark, light, and medium.


Delay timer for convenience

Control panel with easy-to-use buttons

Dual-kneading blades for better mixing

Compact design that is easily portable

Cleans up easily

Plenty of power for efficient performance


Bread is a bit dark on medium crust settings

Expert opinion:  This 3lb bread machine is a great choice for making large pieces of bread loaves. It is convenient and easy to use  hence a recommended West Bend Model.

West Bend Programmable Bread Maker

This bread maker is programmable as the name suggests. It features 12-programs making it convenient for different bread making choices. West Bend Programmable Bread Maker comes with a bread pan that is good for 3 loaves of different sizes. That is for 1lbs, 1.5lbs, and 2lbs respectively. 

Therefore, if you are inspired by the features, this model is a great choice for your bread making, whether for home or commercial use. 

Digital control

As mentioned, West Bend Programmable Bread Maker is easy to program and works perfectly for making different kinds of breads for different sizes. If you are looking for one of the best West Bend Bread Makers, then you have West Bend Programmable Bread Maker with great programs for better quality bread. 

Other features 

Since we might not exhaust mentioning or describing the features of this West Bend Programmable Bread Maker, we can just touch on the most important. This bread maker comes with other features that include 3 levels of crust control, 1-hour keep warm setting, and 13-hour delay start function among other valuable features.


Comes with a non-stick bread pan

Includes a measuring cup and spoon

Knead blade and its removal tool

Comes with the instructions manual and recipes

3 crust control settings

12 pre-programmed settings for any bread type

Easy to operate and to clean up


May not be suitable for large scale bread making

Expert opinion: If you want a good bread making machine for home use, or for small scale bread making, then West Bend Programmable Bread Maker is a recommendable choice that is efficient and reliable.

West Bend 43100 Electronic Bread Maker

This bread maker looks compact and with digital control features making it easy to operate. If you can buy this for your home, then definitely you are going to enjoy using it. This brand model also features dual-blade design, a feature that is common with this brand, and is a great choice to buy for your home. 

Control panel

West Bend 43100 Electronic Bread Maker comes with 11 pre-programmed settings and you can make any type of bread with it. The 3 crust level settings, is also a common feature for this West Bend brand. 

There are also buttons that are easy to use and you will find this brand a great option with an affordable price. 

Other specifications 

The other things to say with this West Bend model is that it comes with everything that you need to get started. From the instructions and recipes, measuring cups and spoons, and the knead-blade tool for removal purposes. Therefore, this model comes complete and at an affordable price.


Comes with recipes and instructions

Dual-blade design for better mixing

Comes with a measuring cup and spoon

Pre-programmed settings for making different bread types

Compact size and space saving design

Three crust shade levels


A bit noisy and unstable while in operation

Expert opinion: If you want a model that would yield 4 loaf bread sizes, then West Bend 43100 Electronic Bread Maker is an ideal choice.

West Bend 41077 Bread Maker

West Bend 41077 Bread Maker comes with a different design from the rest of the models. It is oval in shape and a great choice for use at home. The size may not suit large scale bread making or commercial bakery. The features that come with this model makes it ideal and suitable for dinner parties. 

Control settings 

This model features convenient settings that are useful for making different bread types. That is for wheat, specialty, and basic bread types. The other thing about West Bend 41077 Bread Maker is that it comes with LED indicators for control purposes. 

Other details 

This model comes with gourmet recipes and is a good choice bread maker for parties of not more than four people. It is compact in design and when placed on the countertop, it takes up the least space.


Oval and compact design for limited spaces

It bakes bread faster than most similar models

Comes with easy-to-use convenience settings

Features LED indicator lights for control

Comes with a non-stick pan for easy cleanup


The product has been discontinued by the manufacturer

Expert opinion:  If you want a good bread maker for dinner parties, this West Bend 41077 Bread Maker is an ideal option. It comes with oval-shaped design and basic settings and is ideal for making different bread types.

 The Competition with Other Brands (West Bend Bread Maker Alternatives)

West Bend brand faces competition from other bread making brands. It is one of the most-reputed brands on the market, but others that compete with this include but not limited to Hamilton Beach Bread Maker and the Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine.

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

This is a great competitor for the West Bend models. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a great bread maker with options to choose the sizes between 1.5lbs, and 2lbs. The pan is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and also comes with 2 kneading paddles. 

Control settings 

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is digital and programmable. It comes with 12 control settings and with the same, you can choose to make any type of bread. 

Digital display 

The other feature that makes Hamilton Beach Bread Maker compete with the West Bend is the large digital display that is rated with the later brand. Therefore, it is easy to read the cycle, loaf size, and crust and that makes Hamilton Beach Bread Maker easy to use.


Easy to use with the large digital display

Makes different bread sizes

Comes with recipes for 25 different bread types

Dishwasher safe non-stick pan for easy cleaning

Good machine for dough prep

Different settings for different bread types or flavors

Comes with 2 kneading paddles


The heating element does not get hot enough for yeast activation

Expert opinion: This being a great competitor for West Bend brands, it is only good for dough prep. With 2 kneading paddles, it is a great choice if you want to get the best of your dough.

Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine

Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine is another competitor with 14 settings for making different types of breads or cakes. This brand features a compact design shape for better saving of space when working on the counter, and is a recommendable product alternative if you aren’t a fan of West Bend. 

Control settings 

This bread maker features 14 settings for control when making different types of bread as mentioned. Therefore, with Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine, you can make your favorite bread or customize your bread the way you like it. 

Other functionalities 

There are other wonderful specs that make this Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine a great bread maker for choice. That should include the digital display, delay timer, and of all, the ingredient reminder beep that makes this bread maker easy to operate.


Easy to use with ingredient beep reminders

14-settings for different bread types

Crust levels to suit different tastes

Digital display for better performance and convenience

Makes three different sizes of bread


Makes a lot of noise when operating

Expert opinion: Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine is one of the easiest to use bread making machine. The beep ingredient reminder makes everything simple and is a recommended and reliable machine that can be used by anyone, with or without experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bread Makers

Choosing the best bread makers has never been easier and with the competing models from different brands, you need to be keen on specs and functionalities. Some of the factors to check should include:


You need to compare the programs that come with each model to ensure it is the right bread maker that you want. Different bread making machines come with different programs or control settings for making different types of bread. 

Crust settings 

Does the machine come with settings for bread crust levels? Of course, this is an important thing to check since you should be able to choose the level that you want for your crust. 

Dough mixing blades 

Check the mixing paddles or the blades to ensure that they are good for dough preparation. You should be able to get the best of your dough if you get the right machine with dual-blades or paddles. 

Loaf sizes 

Regarding the size, you should compare the sizes that come with each model. The different models and brands on this review come with different specifications for sizes. Therefore, you should be able to get one that matches your size needs. 


This comes with the pans. You need a machine that comes with pans that are dishwasher safe or easy to clean. Also check the type of material that comes with the pans, and if they are easy to clean or not.


West Bend models are good because of reliability in performance and the variety of options with the different models. Therefore, you should be able to make a choice within this brand. If you aren’t or cannot find a suitable match, you can try on the alternatives. Of course, they are the closest competitors and are also great in bread making.

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