Brazilian Fried Bananas Recipe

Brazilian Fried Bananas Recipe

The Brazilian fried bananas recipe is a delicious easy to make dessert dish that is an instant favorite for whoever tastes it. This fried bananas dessert is sweet and the fried texture only adds weight to it. The best part is, it is not excessively sweet. You have to try this recipe out!

How to Caramelize Bananas?

Pan fried banana is a new look and spin of traditional desserts made with bananas. But there is nothing to regret about it. The recipe doesn’t add extra sugar, so the whole sweetness comes from the ripe taste of the bananas. This banana Brazil grill dish is an awesome dessert and this recipe will help you taste it by making it by yourself. 

Ingredients That You Will Need Are:

Five bit ripe but firm bananas

One cup of all-purpose flour

Three large eggs whisked with One teaspoon of water

One cup of breadcrumbs

Method of Preparing the Fried Bananas Dessert Step by Step:

Step 1: Clean the bananas, pull off the strings and make sure the bananas are clean. Slice into halves. While doing that, set a pan on the stove. Heat the pan with oil on it. The heat should be on 350˚F. You will have to cook slowly. 

Step 2: Put the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs in separate bowls. Make sure the bowls are placed closer to each other. This way, the coating process will be easier. 

Step 3: Roll the banana slices on the flour first, then the eggs lastly toss on the bread crumbs. Shake off excess. 

Step 4: Test how hot the pan is. Fry until golden brown. Make sure that you fry them two at a time. Do not deep fry these or the banana will become mushy in texture inside the coating. 

Step 5: Drain the excess oil. Place the fried bananas on a cooling rack. Let the fried bananas drain off oil and cool down. Top them with chocolate, caramel or ice cream. Or all three, if you wish.

Step 6: You can refrigerate them if you want. If not, you can eat it at room temperature. Serve and enjoy, accordingly. 


Therefore, hopefully this recipe will help you follow through with an amazing and simple dessert dish. This can be enjoyed as afternoon snacks too. In some cases, if served warm, it can be enjoyed with baked beans. It all depends on how you would wish to consume this tasty dessert.

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