Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

You are here most probably because you are looking for the best hot plate for cast iron skillet. We have done our best to research, analyze, and review the best of our picks. As you go through the list, we hope that you will get the right appliance for your home kitchen, office, or even for outdoor settings. Don’t hesitate to check the prices on Amazon whenever you find your preferred choice.

Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

What Are the Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet?

When it comes to making a choice, or picking one product from the list, it is not an easy task. You need to have a grasp of the inside out of the features and specs. Among the considerations that you need to put into account include the following: 

Number of Burners 

This is so important and should be the first thing to check. Even from the image of the product, you can easily see the number of burners that it comes with. If you want to multitask or cook different food at the same time, then you can go with the one with more than one burner. 

Material Design and Quality 

There is also an aspect of material that makes up the hot plate housing, and the burner section. This is important to consider since it determines the quality and durability of your hot plate appliance. 

Dimensions and Size 

The size of the hot plate also matters a lot. This is, especially, if you are looking for a portable size, or one that saves your counter space. Fortunately, this guide has more options of compact and portable sizes that you can choose from. 

Safety Features 

This includes the lock function that bars children from starting the burner. It is a safety concern that is of great value to consider. Another safety concern is the automatic shut off feature that works to prevent overheating. What you should always note is that safety is a priority to consider. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Cleaning is an inevitable activity after using the stovetop or hot plate. The design and the type of materials is what determines the ease of cleaning. The smooth flat plate is always easy to wipe clean, while some burners come with designs that make it difficult to clean the mess.

In this guide, you have a variety of the best hot plates of different designs and nature. With it, you can make the right choice by considering the features that come with each. You will note that each hot plate is made to suit a particular function but most come with common features. They are all efficient and suitable for use with different cookware, apart from some few exceptions regarding the size of the cookware.

What is the Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet?

As the saying goes, facts speak for themselves. In this review, there is no reason why Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner should not be at the top. It is the most sought-after brand by consumers as reflected in the thousands of positive reviews. The product is also highly-rated and comes with awesome features making it top on our list.

Top 10 Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet Reviews

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We have compiled our top picks of the best hot plates so that you can easily pick an option that matches perfectly to your needs. The list comes with these products:

 Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner

[amazon fields=”B00C8C5I7I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This plate is made of aluminum material and measures 9-inches by 9-inches length and width respectively. It is a highly portable appliance that you can use to cook anywhere you want. Whether at home, office, or outdoor trips, Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner is the real deal. 

Temperature control 

Using this Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner is never a difficult task. You have total control over it and you can adjust the temperature to suit your cooking needs. That includes high, medium, low, warm, and off settings. 

Heavy-duty flat plate

Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner features a heavy-duty flat plate that enhances better heat distribution for even cooking. This also makes it suitable for use with stainless-steel pots, glass pots, ceramic pots, cast iron skillet, and aluminum pan to mention a few.


Adjustable temperature settings for control

Cooks faster and efficiently

Features a power indicator light

Better heat distribution for even heating

Non-slip rubber feet to enhance stability

Easy to clean flat plate


Does not have an automatic shut-off feature

Expert opinion: This brand is a great choice that is useful for cast iron skillet and other cookware pots and pans. It comes with one heating element and high-power for faster cooking.

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Cuisinart Cast Iron Burner

[amazon fields=”B01IA3H8QM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Cuisinart Cast Iron Burner is another great and the best hot plate for cooking. It is a heavy-duty type that is made from stainless-steel material. On the dimensions, this brand is a bit bigger in size compared to Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner. Therefore, it is an ideal choice that fits any kitchen counter space. 

Temperature control 

The positive side with Cuisinart Cast Iron Burner is that it comes with 6 temperature control features. That is for high, medium, and low. Therefore, you can adjust the temperature at any time to suit your cooking needs. 

Heavy-duty cast-iron plate 

Cuisinart Cast Iron Burner features a large heavy-duty cast-iron plate and one heating element. It is efficient and works perfectly for any cooking need. In addition to that, it cooks faster than most similar models.


Indicator lights for on and ready

Adjustable temperature to suit specific cooking needs

Compact and countertop friendly size and design

Non-slip rubber feet to enhance stability

Easy to use knob for control

Elegant brushed housing made of stainless-steel

Flat and easy to clean surface


Does not shut-off automatically

Difficult to know if the burner is still hot or not

Expert opinion: Cuisinart Cast Iron Burner comes with countertop friendly design, and adjustable temperature settings. It is a good choice for any kitchen or office.

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CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate

[amazon fields=”B07DPDNTJT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This brand type works with all cookware types. It also comes with a great design making it the best portable hot plate. With that in mind, you can use it with stainless-steel pots, cast-iron skillets, aluminum pans, tea pots, ceramic pots, casserole, and steak plates. 

Thermostat regulation 

CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate comes with adjustable temperature settings. You can control or adjust the temperature using the thermostat without hassle. That makes this hot plate easy to operate. It also features an auto shut-off feature that works to prevent overheating. The indicator light is also a feature that comes with this model. 

Cast-iron cooktop and durable construction 

CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate features a durable construction with high-quality materials hence would last long. The cast-iron cooktop is made to last. It also features a stainless-steel body design, and with that, it becomes easy to clean after use.


Non-slip feet for safety and stability

Suitable for any kind of cookware

Adjustable temperature settings

Power indicator light

Easy to clean body design

Stainless-steel durable body construction

Efficient and durable cast-iron heating plate


It takes a long time to cool down after use

Expert opinion: This is a reliable cast iron electric burner that has 2 heating elements. It is easy to operate and works with any kind of cookware.

[amazon fields=”B07DPDNTJT” button_text=”Buy on Amazon” value=”button”]

OVENTE BGI101S Electric Single Hot Plate

[amazon fields=”B07456SPMF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is the best electric single burner hot plate that works with almost all kinds of cookware. OVENTE Electric Single Hot Plate is made from stainless-steel material and ceramic glass. The design looks classy and good for countertops. It also comes with 1000 watts of power for faster cooking. 

Temperature control 

You can easily adjust the temperature with this OVENTE Electric Single Hot Plate to suit your cooking needs. It adjusts to 5 levels and that is one of the advantages that you get with OVENTE BGI101S. With the 7-inch plate and adjustable temperature, this model is efficient and can cook fast. There is a knob for temperature control hence making it easy to use. 

Stainless-steel housing

It is easy to identify with this OVENTE BGI101S due to its design. It features stainless-steel housing and can last for years. The ceramic glass top adds to the elegance of this awesome hot plate. It is one of the best burners that suit any countertop due to the classy design and housing.


Ceramic glass top makes it easy to clean

Indicator light shows when it is on

Countertop friendly and portable design

Compatible with all kinds of cookware

Infrared burner that heats up quickly

Adjustable temperature control settings

Heats faster and evenly

Non-slip feet for safety and stability when in use


It may not work only for the larger pots due to the small size

Expert opinion: This single burner hot plate is reliable, faster, and efficient when it comes to cooking. It works with all kinds of cookware except the larger ones that do not fit well onto the plate.

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Techwood Electric Hot Plate

[amazon fields=”B07VL5M4NG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is a unique stove with 2 heating elements. The good thing about Techwood Electric Hot Plate is that you are able to multitask. The other advantage is that it is compatible with all kinds of cookware whether glass, ceramic, or stainless-steel types among others. 

Double burner design 

Techwood Electric Hot Plate comes with two burners and each burner is 7.1 inches in diameter. These also feature ceramic infrared hot plate and crystal glass top. This design is efficient and allows you to cook different dishes at the same time. 

Temperature control and overheat protection 

This model features a thermostatic knob that you can use to set your working temperature. With this feature, you can cook any kind of dish without hassle. The overheat protection is also a feature that works to automatically switch off the burner hence cannot burn your food.


Infrared ceramic double burner for faster cooking

Easy to clean stainless-steel body

Automatic shut-off for overheat protection

Easy to operate and control

Adjustable temperature settings to suit different dishes

Non-slip rubber feet for stability and safety

Suitable for use in different settings


Not suitable for larger pots

Expert opinion: Techwood Electric Hot Plate comes with a friendly and portable design hence you can use it anywhere. It is also efficient, cooks faster, and a recommendable hot plate for office, home kitchen, or restaurants.

[amazon fields=”B07VL5M4NG” button_text=”Buy on Amazon” value=”button”]

 Aroma Housewares AHP-303 Hot Plate

[amazon fields=”B0007QCRNU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Aroma Housewares AHP-303 is a 10 inch hot plate that comes with a single burner. The design is friendly and portable. Therefore, you can always take it with you wherever you want to use it. It is suitable for office cooking, home kitchen, and for outdoor fun activities. 

Temperature control 

Aroma Housewares AHP-303 features adjustable temperature settings. This makes it suitable to cook different dishes perfectly. The 4 temperature settings include the low, high, medium, and warm. It is easy to regulate the temperature with a knob. 

Cookware compatibility 

When using this hot plate, you need to note that it is compatible with all kinds of cookware. That includes pots and pans that do not exceed 6-inches in diameter. Aroma Housewares AHP-303 hot plate is, therefore, useful for any kitchen, office, or outdoor use.


Adjustable temperature settings

Easy to control and to operate

Comes with friendly and portable size

Durable metal construction

Power indicator light to show when it is ON

No open flame hence safe to use

Cooks relatively faster and efficiently

Compatible with all cookware types


Does not work with large pots and pans that exceed 6-inches

Expert opinion:  If you need a hot plate for outdoors, home kitchen, or office, then Aroma Housewares AHP-303 is an ideal choice. It is efficient and comes with a friendly portable size.

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Proctor Silex 34106 Hot Plate Burner

[amazon fields=”B086BYH8LJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

One of the advantages of this Proctor Silex 34106 is the small and portable size. You will find it easy to travel with at the comfort of your suitcase. It is also easy to use and suitable for outdoor, office, or home kitchens. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cast iron electric burner, you ought to check on this Proctor Silex 34106. 

12000 Watts of power 

The power rating that comes with Proctor Silex 34106 is just fantastic. It makes it efficient and fast for cooking. The other thing is that it is the best hot plate for boiling water, and it does so faster than you could imagine. It is also versatile and suitable for other dishes. 

Adjustable temperature 

As you can see, Proctor Silex 34106 comes with a knob for adjusting the temperature. This makes it suitable for slow cooking, and also for faster boiling of water and other dishes. With that, you can use it at the comfort of your office to prepare coffee, home kitchen, or while on your outdoor trips to prepare different kinds of meals.


Works with any cookware

Easy to use knob for adjusting the temperature

Compact and portable design

Useful for cooking different kinds of dishes

High power for faster cooking and boiling


It is a bit difficult to clean under the coil

Expert opinion:  If you need a hot plate for boiling water and for other small office or kitchen stuff, then Proctor Silex 34106 is an ideal choice. It is compact in size and you can easily travel with it.

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SUNAVO Electric Hot Plate

[amazon fields=”B07SW2M2WL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is one of the reliable hot plates that work with any cookware. It is a single burner with one heating element. The high-power of 1500 watts make this SUNAVO Electric Hot Plate useful for boiling water and cooking all kinds of dishes. It also comes in a compact design and suitable for outdoor and indoor cooking needs. 

6 power levels 

SUNAVO Electric Hot Plate features 6 power levels and you can easily control that with a knob. From the minimum temperature to the maximum, you can choose the best suitable for your dishes. You can virtually cook or boil anything with any cookware while using this awesome model. 

Thermo-insulated handles 

As one of the safety measures, SUNAVO Electric Hot Plate comes with thermo-insulated handles hence you can work safely and comfortably. You can handle or lift it when hot with ease. In addition to that, it features an automatic shut-off for added safety.


Compact and lightweight design

Easy to control and adjust the temperature

Automatic shut-off for overheat protection

Works with any kind of flat cookware

Thermo-insulated safe handles

Zero noise and electromagnetic radiation

Non-slip rubber feet for safety and stability


Takes a lot of time to preheat

Expert opinion:  SUNAVO is a safe hot plate that comes with a compact design and high-power for faster cooking and boiling. It is safe, efficient, and thus recommendable for home use, camping, and office among other settings.

[amazon fields=”B07SW2M2WL” button_text=”Buy on Amazon” value=”button”]

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

[amazon fields=”B0045QEPYM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

This is the best portable hot plate that comes with a countertop friendly and portable design. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop comes with numerous features that makes it efficient for cooking. The flat smooth top is easy to wipe clean after use. 

Digital control panel

The good thing and the difference with other hot plates herein is the digital control panel. While others use manual knobs, this one is more advanced and you can control without struggle. With that, you can control the temperature, set timer for auto shut-off, and more. 

1800 watts power 

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop comes with a maximum of 1800 watts of power for versatile cooking. The good thing is that you can adjust this to the lowest 200 watts. Therefore, with adjustable temperature, timer, and power, you have total control over this cooktop.


LED display for easy reading

Intuitive digital control panel

Adjustable timer and temperature

Adjustable power levels

Ability to detect the absence of a pan

No open flame for safety

Compact and portable design

Flat smooth surface hence easy to wipe clean


Does not have a boil and keeps a warm feature

There is no lock function for children’s safety

Expert opinion: Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop offers total control and is efficient and easy to use. It is also easy to wipe clean. In addition to that, it is compact and portable. It is, therefore, a recommendable cooktop for any setting.

[amazon fields=”B0045QEPYM” button_text=”Buy on Amazon” value=”button”]

IMUSA GAU-80305 Electric Burner

[amazon fields=”B005T0SN0K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Here comes the last but not the least one burner hot plate that is reliable and efficient in performance. If you are looking for one for any setting, IMUSA GAU-80305 Electric Burner is not just efficient but also portable and with compact friendly design. It features 1000 watts of power and hence sufficient to cook and to boil. 

Temperature control 

With IMUSA GAU-80305 Electric Burner, you have total control over the temperature. It features a knob for adjusting the temperature to any setting that is suitable for your dishes. With the same feature, you will find it one of the easiest to control and to operate. 

Compact and portable 

This is something that you can easily travel with. You can place it in your backpack or suitcase comfortably. It is compact, slim, and lightweight for that matter.


Good for cooking and boiling water

Suitable for camping and outdoor use

Easy to operate and to control

Heat distribution coils for even cooking

Non-slip runner feet for safety

Indicator light for power ON

High power and adjustable temperature


Does not work continuously for more than 60 minutes

Expert opinion:  It is one of the best hot plate skillet burners that come with a single burner. It is highly efficient and suitable for outdoors, office use, or for home kitchens. It is also affordable and recommendable.

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How to Choose the Best Cast Iron Hotplate?

Choosing the best hot plate for your kitchen, office, or outdoor use is never a walk in the park. This is due to a good number of brands and models of similar types, and with differing features and specs. As we have covered above, you may opt to choose your appliance based on the following: 

Best overall 

There is no doubt with Elite Gourmet Electric Hot Burner being the best in overall and performance. Based on the demand, the number of positive customer feedback, and top-ratings, this brand model is unbeatable. It is the best in all aspects. 

Best Budget

 IMUSA GAU-80305 Electric Burner is the cheapest on this list. If you are straining on your budget and need the cheapest, then you have no option but to pick this brand. Another worthwhile and cheaper option that is an alternative is the Aroma Housewares AHP-303 Hot Plate. It is also an affordable choice that you can easily buy without strain.


After going through this guide, you have what it takes to buy the best cast iron cooking plate of your choice. There is so much to decipher with this guide as it comes with the right picks that come after a thorough analysis and comparison. They are of great quality design, efficient in performance, and suitable for use with all cookware types, among other common features. Therefore, go through it and make your own preferred choice.

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