Best Quenelle Spoon

Best Quenelle Spoon

Not every spoon is the best for serving or preparing quenelle. It is a special kind of dish that requires a special type of spoon. In this review, we are doing the best quenelle spoon sets to guide you into making that decision right. Whether you need one for home, restaurant, or hotel, most of these spoons are also versatile and come in different sizes and designs to meet other demanding functions. That includes stirring, cooking, serving, decorating, and plating among other uses.

Best Quenelle Spoon

What Are the Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Quenelle Spoon Set?

If you are into buying these spoons, you need first to understand the inside out of each regarding the specs and quality. In that regard, some of the few aspects that you ought to take into account include the following: 

Ease of Cleaning

Since you must clean them after use, it is important to get a set or spoon type that is well finished. The smooth finishing and texture make the spoons easy to clean. In addition to that, you may want a type that is dishwasher safe. Using the machine is surely one of the simplest ways to clean your spoons. 

Material Quality and Durability

Spoons are made of different types of materials. Even if made of the same material, the qualities of the material may also differ. Therefore, you must check on the quality and type of the material used. Of course, you do this if you want durable and long-lasting spoons. 

Size of the Spoons

What you should also take note is the size of the spoons, from the head to the tip of the handle. The size comes in the form of length, width, thickness of the spoon, and the capacity of liquid that it can scoop or fill it up with. Size is an important aspect to check since each brand comes with different sizes. In that case, you have long handled ice cream spoons, and average sized ones. 

Number of Pieces

Some brands come as single spoons while others come as a set. Therefore, it all depends on what you want. If you want more than one piece, then you have options on this guide to choose from. If you want only one piece, you can’t miss it herein. 

Other Functionalities

This refers to what the spoon can serve. You have the best ice cream spoon, quenelle spoon, and more. The variety of options and designs make the spoons multifunctional and versatile. Therefore, you can find spoons that can serve a variety of functions that include plating, stirring, cooking, and serving among other functions.

This review comes with quenelle spoons. You can always enjoy your quenelle when you have the right serve ware. Among the picks on our list are spoons that are versatile and can serve more than one function. Therefore, you may put them to different uses that include serving, cooking, stirring food, plating, and more other functions.

What Is the Best Quenelle Spoon?

It is one of the frequently asked questions on the market. As per our comparison and analysis, Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon is our overall best. This is taking into consideration the material quality, design, functionalities, user feedback, and ratings among other specs. It is also one of the cheapest and good for budget.

Top 7 Best Quenelle Spoon Sets

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Here comes a variety of spoons that you can consider. We have sampled the top-rated and the best-selling options after a thorough analysis and comparisons. Therefore, you have reliable and trustworthy options to make the right purchase decision.

Orange Zest Culinary Spoons

Professional Culinary Saucier Decorating Spoons 2-piece Plating Kit for Precision Drawing with Sauces Stainless Tapered Spouts

This is a set of 2 spoons that are well designed and look attractive and classy. The professional design is also a mark of this Orange Zest Culinary Spoons and are so versatile and multifunctional. You can enjoy your quenelle with classy taste of the best cutlery and this set is not an exception. 

2-piece set sizes 

Each spoon comes with its size. That means Orange Zest Culinary Spoons are not of the same size. One measures 7.5 inches in length, while the other measures 9-inches. That makes them versatile and suitable for various serving purposes. 

Appealing design 

As you can see in the image, it is exactly what you are going to get. The design is just awesome, professional, and with a taste of class. That adds to your décor while serving different dishes including but not limited to sauces, quenelle, chocolate, and salad dressing.


Looks elegant and appealing for presentation

Comes in different sizes to suit different uses

Mirror finish and slimline classy finish

Made of high-quality stainless-steel material

Heavy-duty and durable quality

Safe for the dishwashing machine


Relatively expensive compared to other similar models

Expert opinion: Being made of heavy-duty and high-quality material plus the elegant design, Orange Zest Culinary Spoons are worth the value for money and are recommendable.

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Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon

Mercer Culinary 18-8 Stainless Steel Plating Spoon, 7-7/8 Inch, Black

Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon is another choice of the best unique spoons that you can get. It is a versatile and multifunctional spoon that you can put into various uses. Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon also comes with a great price that is good for the budget. Whether for home use, restaurant, or hotel, this spoon is just a fantastic and affordable choice.

Size and design 

The first thing to note about Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon is that it does not shine like the previous brand above. While the above one features mirror finish, Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon has got satin finish handles that hides the wear that may come with time. 

When it comes to size, you have the right and comfortable spoon for your serving. Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon comes with 7-7/8 inches length and is just a standard good size. It also features a bowl-shaped design for easy quenelle scoop. 

Material quality 

This spoon is made of 18-8 stainless-steel material, and you are assured of its durability. Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon also features micro-serrations on both sides for the purposes of enhancing stability.


Durable stainless-steel material

Satin finished elegant handles

Micro-serrations on both sides for comfortable handling

Well-balanced and easy to use

Bowl-shaped design for easy scooping


Not good for serving due to the small size

Expert opinion: If you love the satin finish and the bowl-shaped spoons, then Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon is a great deal for you. It is versatile, durable, and reliable.

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 JB Prince XL Sauce Spoon

JB Prince Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon XL

The size makes this JB Prince XL Sauce Spoon ideal for a variety of uses. It is a sauce spoon and also a good cream top spoon among other functions that it can do. The first thing that you can note with JB Prince XL Sauce Spoon is the attractive and classy finish. It looks elegant and stylish. 

Size and design 

JB Prince XL Sauce Spoon is big in size and hence suitable for various uses including scooping and serving. The 11.5 inches size is just ideal for this spoon and is one of the largest on this guide. The handle alone is 8-inches in size and that also makes it comfortable to use. 

Material quality 

This spoon is made from plated stainless-steel and cannot get stained or discolor. JB Prince XL Sauce Spoon is, therefore, the finest in terms of quality. The handle is brushed and looks awesome for its purpose.


Good for professional use

Looks classy and modern in design

Suitable for many use

Long and comfortable to use

Brushed and comfortable well-balanced handle

Made of durable quality stainless-steel


The poon head is a bit small in size

Expert opinion: JB Prince XL Sauce Spoon is a reliable and recommendable spoon that comes with a long handle, and small head. It works for a variety of uses including stirring, serving, and dishing up among other uses.

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Saucier Decorating Spoons

Saucier Spoon, 8.98 Inches Chef Spoons,2 Pieces Caviar Spoons Drizzle Spoon, Stainless Steel Gravy Spoons, Chocolate Spoons with Tapered Spout, Decorating Spoon Drop for Precision Drawing

The name says it all. These spoons are good for drawing and decoration. If you want to decorate your dishes with accurate precision, then Saucier Decorating Spoons would do it perfectly. As you can see the design, the elongated tip makes it possible to achieve the same. 

Long sturdy handles 

Saucier Decorating Spoons come with long handles and that makes them versatile and multifunctional. The handles are strong and sturdy and offer a comfortable grip. The non-slip stripes on the handle also serves to enhance the stability when being used. 

Precision spout design 

The top of the spoon head is elongated to form a sharp spout. This makes the spoon useful for accurate drawings. The design also gives Saucier Decorating Spoons many names. They are also called gravy spoons, drizzle spoons, and more.


Highly multifunctional spoons

Features a spout for precision drawing and decorations

Long and sturdy comfortable handles

Non-slip handle stripes for stability and comfort

Easy to clean and safe for the dishwasher

Made of thick and high-quality stainless-steel


Not the best for serving dishes

Expert opinion: If you are looking for the best decorating or drawing spoons, Saucier Decorating Spoons would serve you perfectly well. The design is meant for precision drawing among other functions.

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Berglander Black Dinner Spoons

Black Dinner Spoon of 4, Berglander 7.5" Stainless Steel Titanium Plating Shiny Black Soup Spoons Silverware, Black Soup Spoon Table Spoon Set Sturdy Easy To Clean, Dishwasher Safe

These are multipurpose spoons that are essential and useful for any home. They can be used for serving among other functions. Berglander Black Dinner Spoons are the best for everyday use at home, for restaurants, hotels, among other settings. 

Heavy-duty and durable construction 

Berglander Black Dinner Spoons are made of stainless-steel material and plated with titanium. They are of great quality in terms of design and materials. These spoons will not rust or bend. It also features a smooth mirror finish hence looks attractive and elegant. 

Titanium plating 

As we have mentioned, Berglander Black Dinner Spoons are made of stainless-steel of high-quality stainless steel. With the titanium plating, these spoons become even more classy, attractive, and durable. This also makes these spoons luxurious and valuable. 

Ease of cleaning 

Berglander Black Dinner Spoons are the easiest to clean. They are safe for the dishwashing machine and that simplifies cleaning even further. It is, therefore, a breeze to clean these spoons after use.


Made from high-quality stainless-steel material

Titanium plating to boost the strength and quality

Looks classy, beautiful and luxurious

Offers a well-balanced grip for comfortable use

Versatile and multifunctional design

Dishwasher safe for easy care


Not suitable for regular use since they can easily fade

Expert opinion:  If you need black soup spoons, then Berglander Black Dinner Spoons are a great deal for your choice. They come with satisfactory features, except that you may not want to put them on regular use.

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Chef Spoons Choice Revolution

Tasting Chef Spoon 2-Pack Plating, Cooking, and Serving Spoon 18/10 Stainless

These are good spoons for tasting perfect size quenelles. They come in awesome shape and design and look stylish. Chef Spoons Choice Revolution is perhaps the choice that would transform the taste of your delicacies. They are multifunctional and useful for serving, cooking, and plating among other everyday uses. 

Material quality 

Chef Spoons Choice Revolution are made of excellent quality stainless-steel material. This, therefore, makes these spoons durable. It also features an excellent brushed finish that makes them look classy and beautiful. The finish type also gives them the nonstick quality. 

Size and design 

Chef Spoons Choice Revolution features a great shape and design. The size is 7.25-inches and is also 3.5mm thick. This design also makes Chef Spoons Choice Revolution a great spoon to hold 15ml liquid capacity. In addition to that, Chef Spoons Choice Revolution comes in 2 packs with an affordable cost.


Long and comfortable handle

Good for serving, cooking, and plating

Perfect for use with quenelle

Bowl design that can handle a good amount of liquid

Made of durable and high-quality stainless-steel

Looks beautiful and elegant


A bit more expensive compared to similar brands

Expert opinion: Chef Spoons Choice Revolution are the best spoons that are useful for plating, serving, and cooking among other uses. They come in great design and are elegant and beautiful for home, hotel, or restaurants.

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 Bisda Orange Buffet Serving Spoons

Amazon product

The orange-red color is just appealing. Bisda Orange Buffet Serving Spoons are well designed and suitable for everyday use. They are made of the best quality stainless-steel and with mirror finish hence looks beautiful for serving. 

Size and design 

When it comes to size, Bisda Orange Buffet Serving Spoons are 26cm in length. They are perfectly designed to suit a variety of uses. You can use them at home, for hotels, restaurants, and other settings. It also features smooth edges that make them comfortable and safe to use. 

Material quality 

Bisda Orange Buffet Serving Spoons are made of durable stainless-steel, and with an excellent finish that does not fade. The material also makes them washable in a dishwasher machine. That makes cleaning a breeze.


Dishwasher safe thus easy to clean

Durable construction with stainless-steel

Orange red looks appealing and attractive

Suitable for a variety of uses in different settings

The mirror polish and color are durable and don’t fade


Some detergents can make them fade

Expert opinion: If you like the orange red color, then Bisda Orange Buffet Serving Spoons are just the perfect spoons for your home, hotel, or restaurant. They are elegant and beautiful and also made with durable quality materials.

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How to Make Quenelle?

Quenelle has evolved over time as chefs become creative. Usually, it was a kind of a dish with an oval shape, made from creamed fish or meat. Currently, you can use ice cream to make your perfect quenelles. 

Making quenelle is such a simple thing to do when you have the right directions. That is the reason we are here to help you with the steps. You can make a perfect quenelle by following these steps: 

Get your ingredients in order. That includes whipped cream, chocolate, sorbet, mousse, or creamed meat.

Put your ingredients in a bowl where you can easily scoop.

Get two identical quenelle spoons and dip them in hot water for a few minutes.

Remove the spoons and get rid of water by shaking the spoons well.

Now with one spoon, scoop a good amount of ingredients that you have mixed well and press firmly onto the bowl of the spoon.

Scoop the contents from the first spoon into the second spoon and repeat the process. You can repeat as many times until a perfect smooth quenelle is formed. You can repeat

until you achieve an oval shape.

Your quenelle product is dependent on the ingredients but the final product is oval in shape and looks fine with smooth edges.

How to Choose Quenelle Spoon Set?

If you want to choose a quenelle spoon on Amazon, then you need to have gone through the list above. You will notice the difference in specs and features, and also in designs. As we have already discussed the factors, we may not cover every detail about everything. Just to let you choose the best, here are some of the criterions that you may adopt:

Best in overall 

After a number of considerations, Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon is the best overall spoon that serves a variety of everyday uses. It is a choice that you cannot dispute in terms of quality, design, and size among other considerations. In addition, it features a black durable finish that makes them look presentable and professional. 

Best for Budget

There are two options that are good for a limited budget as per our analysis. That includes Orange Zest Culinary Spoons, being one of the top-rated herein, and Berglander Black Dinner Spoons that come with the cheapest price ever. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, these two options can serve you well.


With this quenelle spoon set reviews, you can make a valuable choice that can serve your needs. Most of these spoons that we have reviewed are versatile and multifunctional. That means you can use them for various functions in the kitchen, and on the dining table. They also come in different designs and sizes, and you have a variety of options to make the right buying choice.

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