Sand Bucket Drink Recipes

Sand Bucket Drink Recipes

Sand bucket drink recipes are some of the best drink cocktails that you can whip up instantly for a party event. The drinks taste amazing and you can enjoy them with your fruity snacks or appetizers (finger food).

You will not regret making these. You might even get them to gain popularity and have the drinks become trendy. 

How to Make Party Bucket Drink Recipes?

Beach bucket cocktails are very easy to make. All you need to do is follow the amounts of mixes properly so nothing gets messed up and you can just enjoy the drinks. That is the easiest part.

You will only need to be more careful when you open the Smirnoff bottle and set it in the mix. Make sure too much liquid hasn’t escaped the bottle in an instant because that will make the drink way stronger on the first hit. 

So, here’s a recipe rundown of the things you need and the process of making the drinks. 

Ingredients that You Will Need Are:

One Ounce of Malibu Rum

One Ounce of Vodka

Three Ounces of Orange Juice

Three Ounces of Pineapple Juice

One Ounce of Cherry Juice

Three Ounces of Hawaiian Punch

One Soda Can of Sprite or Light Non-Alcoholic Beverage

a Bottle of Smirnoff Ice, Red White & Berry

Crushed Ice, According to Preference

Frozen Fruits of Any Kind for Garnishing

Method of Preparing the Bucket Drinks Step by Step:

Step 1: Fill the sand bucket halfway with ice. Measure out all of the ingredients and place them in a bucket with the exception of the Smirnoff Ice Red, White & Berry, and the fruit. Using a spoon, thoroughly combine the ingredients.

Step 2: Fresh or frozen fruit can be used to garnish the drink. Remove the cap from the Smirnoff Ice Red, White & Berry bottle and place it in the bucket. Add a cocktail umbrella pick and a straw.

How to Make Beach Bucket Drinks?

This drinks bucket cocktail is amazing to have during a party. Many people may enjoy the cocktails and the great factor of having an actual Smirnoff bottle being emptied slowly into the drink. 

Ingredients that You Will Need Are:

One and a Half Ounces of Blue CuraçAo

One and a Half Ounces of Coconut Rum

One Splash (the Equivalent of a Tablespoon Amount) of Pineapple Juice

a Small Bottle of Smirnoff Ice, Red White & Berry

Ice, According to Preference

Frozen Fruit for Garnishing

Method of Preparing the Lake Water Cocktail Step by Step:

Step 1: Ice should be added to a sand bucket where you will pour everything in. Combine blue Curaçao and coconut rum in a mixing glass. 

Step 2: Pour the mix into the bucket. Give it a whirl and do a taste check. Turn the Smirnoff bottle upside down and uncap the head to set it into the drink. Serve in drinks glasses with frozen fruit garnishes. 

Another Recipe to Make Beach Bucket Cocktails

You can alter the recipes and add or subtract any ingredients that you are comfortable with. This recipe is another variation of the sand bucket cocktails. You can mix these up and try to see which one works the best for you. The flavors are quite good but you may like one or the other. 

So, it is wiser to taste the variations and decide which one you like the most. You can add your own twist to the drink cocktail if you know just what the recipe might need. Here is another recipe that will definitely be a hit at your next event. The fruity flavors feel refreshing and the beverages add zing to the drink. Check this recipe out and try it. 

Ingredients that You Will Need Are:

Half a Cup of Coconut Rum

One-Fourth of a Cup of Tropical Fruit Rum,

Half a Cup of Fruit Juice,

One-Fourth of a Cup of Pineapple Juice,

One Can of Orange Fanta,

One Can of Mango Hard Seltzer,

Frozen Fruit for Garnish, According to Preference

Method of Preparing Bucket Cocktail Step by Step:

Step 1: Clean and prepare the bucket. Fill it almost all the way up in ice. At least the three-fourth part of the bucket needs to be filled. Pour the coconut rum into the bucket.

Step 2: Now, add one-fourth of a cup of tropical fruit rum. You can use any type of fruit-flavored rum or a mixed version of them. Then pour in the fruit juices.

Which means, mixed fruit juice and pineapple juice. You can also opt for orange juice instead of pineapple. 

Step 3: Now, add the orange Fanta and seltzer. Mix the drink well. After the bubbling and fizzing have settled down, open the cap of the Smirnoff bottle and put it between all the ice and other drink mixes.

The bottle will slowly keep emptying into the cocktail. You can garnish with or keep the option open for frozen fruit and drink umbrellas. Serve and enjoy. 


So, here are the recipes that can help you make these drinks that you can serve and enjoy yourself too.

If you want to make the drink just for yourself, all you need to do is adjust the ratios for one person and you will be good to go. The drinks are suggestive of tropical flavors and they work best during the summer season.

They can be served during any summer event and party, even barbecues. So, trying these out beforehand might be good before you serve them for others. Hopefully, the recipes will guide you through the process and you will prevail.

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