Rice Cooker Chili Recipes

Rice Cooker Chili Recipes

Every cooking style has a reason behind it! If thinking of going out for long time staying in a hotel room or in an RV for home coming in the town, you definitely need a rice cooker for your comfort eating.

These rice cooker chili recipes are tried and admired by many cooks as it lets you to cook small amount of food quickly and easily! 

How to Make Rice Cooker Chili?

Cooking on a rice cooker is risk-free to me as the rice cooker has a very steady heating technology that it automatically stops and keeps food warm after cooking is done.

Moreover, white rice and chili, or chili cheese rice is possible to cook in the same way using the cooker. For aroma rice cooker recipe, substitute the regular rice with ‘basmati’ or other aromatic rice such as, Jasmine rice.

The Rice Cooker Chili Recipe has the same style of cooking like the stove cooking but you need not to use any heating regulator as the rice cooker will do it automatically. Let’s see what ingredients we need to make the rice cooker chili today.

Ingredients that you Need to Make White Rice and Chili are:

Olive Oil, 3 Tsps.

Minced Beef , Half Lb.

Hot Chili Powder, ½ Tbsp.

Ground Cumin, 1/2 Tsp.

Cayenne Pepper Powder, 1/8 Tsp.

Granulated Garlic, 1/4 Tsp.

Granulated Onion, 1/2 Tsp.

Brown Sugar, Packed, 1 Tsp

Regular Table Salt, 1/2 Tsp.

Crushed Black Pepper, ½ Tsp.

Cubed Tomatoes, Canned, 15 Oz.

Tomato Paste, Canned, 6 Oz.

Kidney Beans, Canned, Washed and Drained, 15 Oz.

Water or Chicken Stock, 3/4 Cup or as Needed

Method of Preparing Homemade Rice Cooker Chili Step by Step:

Step 1:

Cook the ground beef in the rice cooker. At first, add oil and let it be heated for few seconds. Pour the minced beef.  Some cookers need to keep the lid closed for cooking  so, close the lid and choose the option ‘white rice’ or ‘cook’ on the operation part according to the manual of your cooker. 

Step 2:

Break the ground beef with a wooden spatula and cook putting the lid on. If the beef looks cooked then discard the excess fat. Now, add all the spices to the beef in the cooker. Put brown sugar and salt too.

Mix the spices with the beef stirring well. Put on the lid again and cook for another minute.

Step 3:

Now, to make the gravy pour all diced tomatoes washed canned beans, and the tomato paste. Stir well. Mix in some water or chicken broth. Cook well. Check that no sticking occurs on the bottom.

Keep the lid close too.  As some rice cooker stops after a 30 minutes of cook cycle, your cooker may stop too. If the cooker gets off then turn it on again to simmer the beans.

Step 4:

Taste the chili and balance the seasonings as you prefer.  Let it simmer for 30 minutes. Turn off the cooker or wait for the cooker to stop automatically. Enjoy with your preferred beef chili toppings. 

How to Make Beef Chili with Rice Cooker?

Beef Chili with Rice recipe is another meal that is one dish meal and doesn’t require any sides. To tell more about cooking in a rice cooker, the 3 squares rice cooker recipes bring the experience of using ‘time machine’ in the kitchen.

The functions are very smart that you cook just pressing the buttons forgetting about all the hassle you do on the stove cooking! 

Let’s grab all the ingredients that we need to follow the Beef Chili with Rice Cooker Recipe and do a magic in the kitchen!

Ingredients that You Need to Make Beef Chili with Rice Are:

Cooking Oil, 3 Tbsp.

Red Onion, Finely Chopped, 1 Count

Jalapeno, Seeds Out, Finely Chopped

Green Bell Pepper, Finely Chopped, 1

Red Bell Pepper, Finely Chopped, 1

Garlic, Finely Chopped, 2 Tbsps.

Roma Tomatoes, Cubed, 1 Cup

Burger Meat, or Ground Turkey, 3/4 Lb.

Long-Grain White Rice, 2 Cups

Kidney Beans, 8 Oz.

Chicken Broth, 2 Cups

Water, 1.5 Cups

Paprika Powder, 1 Tsp.

Chili Powder, 1 Tsp.

Regular Table Salt, 3 Tsp.

Freshly Crushed Black Pepper, 1tsp.

Scallions, Chopped, 3tbsps.

Method of Preparing Homemade Beef Chili with Rice Step by Step:

Step 1:

Take a medium pot. Pour in oil, chopped onions and stir until they get tender. Add the minced garlic, burger meat and tomatoes. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Stir well that it doesn’t stick to bottom. Wait to get a brown hue on the meat. 

Step 2:

Now, pour washed rice grains on the beef mixture over low heat. Cook for 3 minutes. Stir well to coat the rice with the oil and spices from the pan. Give another stir. Cook for 1 minute.

Add boiled beans, chicken broth and all the other seasonings. It will start to boil bigger. Close the lid. Simmer it for 2 minutes.

Check the taste and adjust the seasonings and salt. Cover the pot. Put the heat down to low. Cook for 20 minutes with lid on. 

Use a fork to fluff the rice. Top with chopped scallions.


When situation demands, we don’t have an excuse to avoid cooking mostly if there is a health issue or time constraint. Though cooking is fun but it doesn’t come without hassles.

In this case cooking in a rice cooker when you don’t have a stove or space for cooking is the best option. So, to save time and energy try these rice cooker chili recipes and enjoy your time!

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