O’charley’s Prime Rib Pasta Recipe

O’charley’s Prime Rib Pasta Recipe

O’charley’s prime rib pasta recipe is a dish to die for. It is a perfect mix for pasta lovers as well as meat lovers. This recipe is another popular one besides the O’charley’s Cajun chicken pasta recipe; equally famous for its taste, flavor, and quality. 

How to make prime rib pasta?

The technique to cooking this delicious dish is patience and caution. If you follow the steps properly, you can enjoy the perfect dish with the sauce of horseradish pasta and prime rib meat medley. 

So, let’s follow the ocharleys cajun chicken pasta recipe and try to prepare this flavorful dish. 

Ingredients that you will need are:

Two tablespoons of Cajun Blackening Spice

Two pounds of Prime Rib

Half a cup of one stick of Butter

One medium-sized minced onion

Four medium-sized chopped mushrooms

Ten slices of Bacon

Eight pieces of Asparagus

Half a cup of all-purpose Flour

One cup of Chicken Broth

Half a cup of grated Parmesan

Two tablespoons of olive Oil

Eight ounces of Sun-Dried Tomatoes packed in oil or, if dehydrated, soaked in warm water, chopped
One pound of Ziti Pasta

Salt, according to taste

Black pepper, according to taste

Cajun Horseradish Sauce, to desire

Method of preparing the leftover prime rib pasta step by step:

Step 1: Rub the Cajun spice on the prime rib and set it aside. Then cook it to your desired preference. Set aside to rest.

Step 2: Melt the butter on a big pot that can hold all the ingredients and sauté onions

Step 3: Add flour to make a roux. 

Step 4: Add broth and keep stirring. Allow it to slowly thicken. 

Step 5: Now, mix the cheese and stir until smooth and set the pot aside. 

Step 6: Separately sauté the tomatoes a bit and mix with the sauce that you set aside. 

Step 7: Boil some water and cook the pasta. After it is cooked, drain and mix the cooked pasta with the sauce, season with salt and pepper. 

Step 8: Crisp the bacon on the skillet that you sautéed the tomatoes in. Add the mushrooms and asparagus. Cook until soft and tender.

Step 9: Cut the steak into bits and mix the pasta, sauce, and steak bits together. 

Step 10: Crumble bacon on top of the pasta, drizzle Cajun horseradish sauce according to your preferred amount. Serve and enjoy.


If you can follow this recipe and cook it well, you have yourself an amazing pasta with prime ribs dish for dinner. It can serve as a portion of comfort food during dinner. It can definitely be served as a dinner party special because it will be well appreciated, for sure.

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