Moon Water Recipe

Moon Water Recipe

Moon water recipe is no ordinary drink recipe. This is basically a drink that introduces you to true serenity. It is a pure drink that you won’t find at any local restaurant or supermarket. With a very secret ritual, it gets the power and spreads in the whole body.

But this secret is no longer a secret. Now you also have it in the easiest way, enjoy the pure drink and get the satisfaction you were looking for. So let’s not waste time and bring out the purity on the earth. 

Moon Water

Moon water is made in a very special way with a special ritual. This drink can’t be made on any ordinary day. It can only be made when a new moon appears, in a full moon night, As Luna has a great impact on the earth and our body, so it is believed that this water can transfer the moon energy into the human body. 

It almost needs a night to contain the energy in itself. So if you haven’t tried it yet, you can try it at home now. We have collected this authentic recipe so you can enjoy this earthy drink and can bring your inner peace out. You need just some simple ingredients, a special day and you will be able to enjoy the best drink of your life. 

Needed Ingredients 

Spring or Distilled Water 1 Quart

Quart Sized Jar

Rose Petals, Quartz Crystals or Herbs (Optional)

How To Make Moon Water

Step 1: Take a quart size jar and pour 1 quart of distilled or spring water into it. 

Step 2: Rose petals, herbs or quartz crystals whatever you like you can add or if you want you can even avoid these. 

Step 3: Now sit in a quiet place, hold the jar and now imagine an intention or anything you want to want to manifest. 

Step 4: It’s time to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes on what you are thinking and feel your intention. 

Step 5: While it’s done, cover the jar gently and let it be outside where the moon light appears or you can set it in the window but make sure the jar gets the full moon light there. 

Step 6: In the dawn bring the jar back to the house. Now your moon water is ready with the moon energy.


If you use any crystal in the water, don’t forget to bring that out of your jar before you drink. Drink a sip then pour into the tea, for moon bath or room spray for the positive vibe.

Benefits Of Drinking Moon Charged Water

Though you won’t get any scientific proof that works but if you see the detain used here you will understand how effective it is on the body. 

It Brings Balance to Your Body by Resetting the Whole Cycle.

It Removes Migraine, Anxiety, Stress and Hormonal Imbalance.

Also It Is Said that the Moon Has a Great Impact on the Women so It May Create an Effect on Fertility.

This Moon Water Works Great on Spreading Positivity. 

This is an ayurvedic treatment that brings maximum benefit to the human body and has no side effects even. It’s tasteless water but still has all the goodness inside. So you can enjoy the drink and fill your life with the goodness of lunar. 

Strawberry Moon Water

Now if you want something different that is filled with taste then you can try strawberry moon water. This is nothing like the above one but is a perfect one for fall, winter or any occasion.

It tastes amazing and a sip is enough to refresh your mind. Now let’s not waste time and take a look at the recipe. 

Necessary Ingredients 

Tres Agaves Cocktail-Ready Organic Agave Nectar 5 Oz

Fresh Squeezed Meyer Lemon Juice 1 Oz.

Tres Agaves Organic 100% De Agave Tequila (Blanco O Reposado) 1.5 Oz.

Strawberries 3

Sprigs of Mint 3

How To Make Strawberry Moon Water

Step 1: Take a mixing tin and mix strawberries and mint together carefully.

Step 2: Now take ice and liquid ingredients together and shake continuously till they get ready.

Step 3: Take a rocks glass, fill it with ice and after straining the liquor pour it inside. 

Step 4: Now decor it with lemon, mint and strawberry. Now your drink is ready to serve.


Moon water is a very special water that has a very good image on the spiritual side. This water balances your life while your life is full of negativity and you see no hope.

This water changes your mood, brings the positivity out and fills your life with satisfaction and gratitude. All this happens due to the lunar effect.

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