Mcguire’s Bean Soup Recipe

Mcguire's Bean Soup Recipe

Mcguire’s bean soup recipe is a great dish to add to the dinner table. This dish has gained popularity due to beans being an American favorite to have during meals. The ingredients are easy to find. And you can cook the dish very easily. 

That is the beauty of a soup recipe involving few ingredients and simple steps. You will find that this dish is convenient to make and you can get it right on your first try. You can enjoy this dish during a winter season dinner meal to add warmth to your meal. The velvety texture of the soup will go perfectly well with some freshly baked bread. 

How to Make Mcguire’s Senate Bean Soup

This dish is a variation of the Irish bean soup. The roots of this soup come from the simple bean and cabbage-based soup dishes. There are even more variations and alternative recipes that you can try out according to your wish. 

This particular senate bean soup recipe is a great dish on its own standing. But you can definitely try out the other variations too if you want. Like, adding cheese, some sauces, etc. 

This dish is rooted in Irish ancestry. The basic components being the cabbage and the beans. The mixture of these two ingredients is what adds a hearty yet homely flavor to the dish.

The ham adds a bit of thick element and meat to the soup. This goes really well with the fresh bread. So you can either buy the fresh bread or bake it from scratch if you want to. Baking bread is also easier than most other dishes. 

The recipe for bean and cabbage-based soup with ham hock and other ingredients is easy to cook, and now you can complete it too. Check the recipe out!

Ingredients that You Will Need Are:

One Pound of Dry Navy Beans

One Previously Smoked Ham Hock

Three Tablespoons of Butter

One Cup of Chopped Onion

One Cup of Chopped Cabbage

Half a Cup of Chopped Celery

Half a Cup of Chopped Carrot

Two Chopped Cloves of Garlic

Method of Preparing the Beans and Cabbage Soup Step by Step:

Step 1: Wash the beans thoroughly. Check for any debris or dark-colored beans that may seem not up to standard. Discard the pieces that you do not want in your dish. 

Step 2: Prepare a large stockpot. Cut and prepare the ham hock into smaller pieces so they pull apart easily. Add four quarts of water. This will help the beans to cook well and become soft. Add the rinsed beans and the cut-up ham hock to the water.

In addition, if you want to, you can also add chicken stock (low-sodium) if you want a little bit of chicken-like flavor.  Boil the mixture on high heat until bubbles form, then simmer it for 2 hours over low-medium heat. 

Step 3: Before the 2 hours are up, ready a skillet. Add the butter into the skillet and melt it. Add in the garlic first, sauté for a few seconds. Then add in the chopped onions, cabbages, carrots, and the celery.

Sauté the vegetables until they become tender and the onions have a translucent appearance. 

Step 4: Add the vegetables to the beans and ham hock soup, mix well. Add salt and pepper. Adjust the seasoning according to taste. Stir frequently. With a masher tool, mash the beans to add texture to the soup.

This will provide the soup with thickness and a velvety taste. Pour hot from the pot and serve with fresh bread. 


This recipe is an American variation of the Irish White bean and cabbage soup. The soup was originally rooted in Irish households.

The cultural simplicity yet mouth-watering taste still remains along with this dish. There are even more ways you can experiment as you desire.

If you want to add different types of sauces that may go well with the existing ingredients, you can try. However, the dish is perfect on its own without any fancy sauce or additives.

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