Julia Child Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Julia Child Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Any dish made from chunks of tender and smoky beef can give you the most delicious feeling ever. Above all, if you eat egg noodles, mushrooms, and other veggies along with meats then you can satisfy your cravings to full. The Julia Child Beef Stroganoff recipe is such a highly enriched dish that can is always a must-go meal for dinner or snacks.

A perfect combination of veggie and beef meats with a tossing saucy layer and buttery finish made this recipe more mouth-watering. Besides, Julia child beef stroganoff can be made at home easily and can be served on all types of occasions like a family party, homey weekend, and outdoor picnic as well. So, let’s check out the required ingredients and preparation methods.

How Do You Make Beef Stroganoff?

The secret to the delicious taste of this recipe lies within the perfect layer of buttery and saucy texture on top of the beef and noodles. So, let’s start the classic beef stroganoff recipe:


1-lb of beef shell steak

2-3 tbsp of all-purpose flour

½ tsp of salt and pepper to taste

½ cups of olive oil

2 sticks of unsalted butter (any choice)

½ cups of chopped onions

1 cup of fresh mushrooms

2 cloves of minced garlic

2 cups of beef broth (any choice)

1 ½ tsp of Worcestershire sauce (any choice)

½ tsp of chopped thyme

1 – ½ cups of sour cream

1-package of egg noodles

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:

At first, cook the egg noodles as directed in the package in boiling water. Then drain water and let the noodles cool down for some time. Now, it is time to cook the beef meats and gravy for the dish.

Step 2:

Take the beefsteak and make thin slices according to desire. Then make a seasoning for the meat pieces. Take the all-purpose flour and add salt to it. Stir for a couple of minutes and sprinkle pepper while mixing.

Step 3:

After that, place the prepared beef steak pieces in the prepared flour mixture. Rub them with hands to give an even coating on all sides. Then take out the meat pieces and shake to drain the excess flour. This coating will give a smoky and crispy texture to the beef pieces.

Step 4:

Then start to heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium speed to fry the beef pieces. When the oil gets heated, release the seasoned beef pieces in the pan. Reduce heat and fry the beef pieces slowly on both sides for 2 minutes.

Step 5:

Eliminate excess burning by flipping the meats from time to time. When all the beefsteak gets fried, take them out. Now, let’s make a gravy for the quick beef stroganoff. Start to melt the butter sticks in the pan and add chopped onions to it.

Step 6:

When the onions get tender and fried, add the minced garlic and canned mushroom to them. Sauté the veggies for a few moments to cook them properly. Then add flour and beef broth to make the gravy texture.

Step 7:

After that, add the Worcestershire sauce and sour cream to make the gravy thicker. Stir the mixture to eliminate bottom burning. After 10 minutes, add the cooked beef meats in the gravy and simmer the mixture for 15 minutes.

Finally, remove heat and pour the prepared beef and gravy mixture on top of the stored egg noodles. Then the homemade Julia child mushrooms with beef and noodles are ready to be served.


This recipe can always amaze your guests since it comes with all types of flavors. The combination of the savory and smoky texture of the beef along with veggies can always make a delicious moment. Apart from this, the added egg noodles and buttery gravy can enhance the overall flavor giving a heavenly taste every time.

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