Godfathers Taco Pizza Recipe

Godfathers Taco Pizza Recipe

Pizza is the most flavourful food, comes with an attractive shape, colourful toppings, and sassy taste. This is a great choice for any occasion or evening snacks or any reason. And if talking about the latest pizza craze that is increasingly creating a big fan following, then the name would come first is Godfathers Taco Pizza recipe. This recipe serves you a grand dish with a perfect harmony of all the fresh ingredients that brings a mouthwatering flavour you can’t resist easily. 

How to Make Godfathers Taco Pizza?

Godfathers Taco Pizza is a different kind of pizza. Its thick layer of bread, tomato sauce, cheez, meat and other ingredients gives it a soulful taste. If you have tried skillet taco pizza, vegetarian taco pizza or homemade taco pizza at home or have learned how to make Mexican pizza like school many days back, then you will forget everything else if you try this recipe at least once. Or you can even try this taco pizza recipe without beans. This is also very good to taste. Now let’s check out the recipe. 


  • Pizza sauce ⅔ c
  • Taco sauce ⅔ c
  • Taco seasoning 1 envelope
  • Refried beans ¼ c
  • Mozzarella cheez 11/2 c
  • Ground beef 1lb.


  • Chopped tomato
  • Shredded lettuce 
  • Shredded cheddar cheese.


Step 1: Take a skillet and pour ground chicken into it, and drain. 

Step 2: Mix it well with the taco meat seasoning and some water. 

Step 3: Now stretch the dough.

Step 4: Mix taco sauce, tomato sauce and refried beans and spread them on the dough.

Step 5: Now make a layer of Mozzarella on the dough, above that another layer of taco meat, then again a layer of mozzarella on the meat portion.

Step 6: Bake the whole at 480° for 11 minutes. 

Step 7: Once the pizza is ready, cut it and top it with chopped tomato and shredded lettuce.


Now you don’t need to go to your favourite spot nor need to order for online delivery. Make your favourite food at home with the Godfathers Special Taco Pizza recipe. You will definitely forget any other recipe if you make this for once. So if you don’t want to miss such a craze, taste the recipe at home right now.

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