Donkey Balls Recipe

Donkey Balls Recipe

If you are looking for a simple but delicious recipe with fewer ingredients, then try the donkey balls recipe, a great thing to try. This recipe needs only five ingredients which are almost present in every house. These meatballs are amazing. Every bite will take deep into the heavenly taste. This item is preferred by the most for its simple making style and mouthwatering taste.

These actually are made of sausage balls with cream cheese and crescent rolls and creates a perfect combination to allure you. You can compare this stuff with the sausage and cream cheese stuffed biscuits, but donkey balls taste more unique and something amazing. 

Donkey Balls

Donkey balls will take you back to the childhood where you used to have tiny donuts. Similar kind but different taste, what we call donkey ball. Tasty enough to have unlimited. This is perfect for tea time snacks. This recipe is one of the most requested recipes, which is also a big hit at parties. It is a perfect family recipe that everyone can try at home.

These donkey balls are so easy to make that anyone can bake them at home, so even though you try hard you can’t be donkey nuts while trying this recipe at home. Only five ingredients and such an awesome recipe, really rare to see. Still, If you are not sure how to make donkey balls, here is the recipe to try.


Cream Cheese 8 Oz. in room temperature

Crescent Rolls 2 packages

Jimmy Dean Sausage 16 Oz. 1 standard package

Medium-sized Onion 1 piece finely chopped

Garlic Powder ½ teaspoon


Step 1: Take a saucepan, pour some oil and cook onion, garlic powder and sausage in medium flame until the sausage seems brown. 

Step 2: Carry the excess oil away carefully from the sausage.

Step 3: Now add cream cheese to the mixture and stir well for a perfect mixture. 

Step 4: Take the crescent rolls and unroll them. 

Step 5: Cut them into two pieces and give them a triangle shape.

Step 6: Now, take the mixture and pour it inside the roll.

Step 7: Give it a ball shape and seal.

Step 8: Now, place cooky sheets on a tray and assemble the balls there.

Step 9: Preheat the oven for a few minutes and put the tray into the oven

Step 10: Let it bake for 8 to 10 minutes and bring it out.

Step 11: Cool it down for 3 minutes now your dish is ready to serve.


You can try different types of meat instead of Jimmy Dean Sausage. Such as maple-flavoured pork, regular ground pork, ground chicken

hamburger, or turkey. Change in ingredients can bring change in flavour. But, you can try to bring a little variety to this recipe.


Donkey balls are all in one dish. You don’t need to add any sauce for extra taste. It is packed with flavours; therefore, it can be taken all alone. You may have heard about donkey testicles, donkey bread but don’t get confused with donkey balls as they are different and special kinds.

It is effortless to make, easy to serve. At a time, you can make more than 50 balls. So if you haven’t made it yet, don’t forget to try.

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