Del Frisco’s Lemon Cake Recipe

Del Frisco's Lemon Cake Recipe

This Del Frisco’s lemon cake recipe is a lemon flavored yellow dessert recipe; originate from New Orleans, Louisiana. It has multiple layers, each filled with yummy and fluffy lemon-butter frosting. The bite of lemon jests and sugary sweetness is very thrilling and distinguishable.

How to Make Del Frisco’s Lemon Cake?

This is a very festive looking gorgeous cake followed by different stages of baking, frosting, chilling, and decoration processes. There are similar recipes of the same flavor, such as Del Frisco’s NYC Lemon Cake or lemon Dobash Cake. 

Also, Chocolate lovers might go for the Chocolate Dobash Cake rather than the yellow cake. Let’s check the ingredients for making this Lemon Doberge cake.

Ingredients that You Need:

2 1⁄4 Cups Cake Flour

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

1⁄4 Teaspoon Fine Sea Salt

1⁄2 Cup Sweet Butter

1⁄4 Cup Crisco White Shortening

1 1⁄2 Cups White Sugar

1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

1 Teaspoon Lemon Extract

3 Large Egg Yolks, Room Temperature

1⁄2 Cup Milk

1⁄4 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

3 Egg Whites, Beaten till Stiff

Lemon Filling

1 1⁄4 Cups White Sugar

3 Tablespoons Cornstarch

3 Tablespoons Flour

1⁄8 Teaspoon Fine Sea Salt

1 1⁄2 Cups Cold Water

3 Egg Yolks, Lightly Beaten

2 Tablespoons Sweet Butter

2 Teaspoons Lemon Peel, Finely Shredded

1⁄3 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemon Frosting

6 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature

3 cups icing sugar

1 teaspoon lemon peel, delicately shredded

1⁄4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1⁄4 teaspoon lemon extract

How to Make Doberge Cake Step by Step:

Lemon Cake:

Step 1:

In a pan add sugar, cornstarch, flour and salt. Mix in cold water and cook until gets dense and turns bubbly. Cook for two more minutes. Cool it down.

Step 2:

Take a bowl. Pour the beaten egg yolks. Give the preciously made sugar mixture a stir, when the sugar mixture gets well blended pour the beaten egg yolks in the mixture.

Lower the heat to medium. Bring the mixture into a gentle boil. Stir constantly. Cook carefully and when thickened, remove from the stove.

Step 3: 

Mix butter with 1 tsp lemon peel and lemon juice, and mix properly. Cover it with cling wrap. Let it sit for a while and do not stir again. 

Step 4:

For Making Cake

Set the oven at 375 degree F for preheating.  Prepare three 8” round baking pans. Grease well and flour the pans.

Step 5:

Sift flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Mix well. Mix butter and shortening into a creamy blend.

Step 6:

Combine sugar, vanilla and lemon extracts, mix until light and fluffy.

Step 7:

Mix the egg yolks one at a time and mix well. Pour milk and lemon juice together. Keep aside.

Step 8:

Now mix the dry ingredients with the already made egg and milk mixture gradually and mix properly. Slowly, fold in the egg whites. Now you have your batter ready.

Step 9:

Now into each prepared pan, pour the batter carefully dividing it into ¾ cup for each. Bake for 10 – 13 minutes in the preheated oven. If a fork comes clean, it’s done!

Step 10:

Cool for 5 minutes. Remove from pans and cool on racks for 10 minutes. Prepare the pans for three more cakes.  You will have six cakes.

Step 11:

Lemon Frosting: 

Beat cream cheese, and icing sugar until frothy. Let’s pour, 1 tsp lemon peel, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract and 1/4 tsp lemon extract and bring to a smooth texture.

Step 12:

Cake Assembly:

Now for making the layers, place one layer on bottom of a cake board or a big plate. Spread evenly, a thick layer of lemon filling on each cake and pile them one after another following the same. 

Step 13:

Wrap the cake with cling wrap, and keep in fridge for 2 hours. Chill well.

Step 14:

Cover the sides of the cake with the Lemon frosting. Top the cake with the lemon frosting too. Use a butter knife to trim all the uneven frosting lumps. Keep it in the fridge and chill. Enjoy!


Del Frisco’s lemon Cake is differently made than the traditional cakes. Though the process is a little lengthy, its amazing taste and flavor pay off the hard work. If you want to bake something yummy at home using all natural flavors and basic ingredients, then give it a try!

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