21 Day Fix Salmon Recipe

21 Day Fix Salmon Recipe

21 day fix salmon recipe is a great dish to enjoy. It has components like honey mustard sauce that give it a great glaze and adds a burst of flavor to the fish. It is a very easy recipe. It does not take much time to cook either. There isn’t a margination duration either. 

How to Cook Honey Glazed Salmon

This salmon dish is really easy to cook. This is obviously different from baked salmon with coconut oil. This recipe requires you to grill the fish. It even demands a very simple mix of spices and ingredients.

The sizzling grilled fish can be enjoyed with lemon wedge squeezed with a bit of flavored rice. You can also eat it with asparagus as a side and baked potatoes.

Ingredients That You Will Need Are:

  • Two pounds of raw salmon, cut into fillets
  • Dash of salt
  • Dash of black pepper
  • One-fourth of a tablespoon of dill
  • One cup of Honey mustard sauce

Method of Preparing Grilled Honey Glazed Salmon Step by Step:

Step 1: Curate the fish fillets to check for remaining bones. Remove the skin if you do not want that in your dish. Although, salmon has nice skin with fat in it which enhances the taste so it is recommended to keep it.

Step 2: Set your grill top to preheat at medium-low. 

Step 3:  Add the salt, pepper, and dill to a small bowl and mix. Make sure the ingredients are well incorporated so they can be sprinkled on the salmon fillets. 

Step 4: Sprinkle that mixture on the salmon fillets. Rub to make sure the spice mix gets into the surface. 

Step 5: Baste the fillets on both sides, primarily with a light coating of honey mustard sauce. 

Step 6: Grill the fillets. You have to flip each fillet every 4-5 minutes because that is how long it takes to cook one side. And you have to baste before you flip every time. 

Step 7: Keep doing so until all the salmon fillets are done. Serve them hot with rice or asparagus on the side. You can add a lemon wedge according to your wish. If you like that extra citrus-like freshness with your salmon recipe. 


So, here is the honey mustard glazed salmon dish. This process as you have noticed is not very complicated to follow through. It is fairly easy to follow through with the detailed description provided here. You can enjoy this dish in your dinner as a whole meal.

It is delicious and fulfilling. You can enjoy this with some rice or vegetables. Asparagus as a side is highly recommended. Hopefully, you will enjoy cooking and eating it.

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