Tubby Custard Recipe

Tubby Custard Recipe

Tubby Custard Recipe came into the limelight due to the famous children television show that started in 1997, and ran as a family-friendly show for a long time. The Tubby Custard found in the TV show is actually smashed potatoes colored with acrylic paint and not audible in real sense. This tubby custard is a pink gooey stuff that the Teletubbies drink from the Tubby Custard machine.

As it came into focus through a well discussed TV show, it got popularity among children viewers across the world. With all chores and the food preparation tasks, parents get overwhelmed all the time looking for something healthy and delicious. To make your kitchen work easier, you can follow this recipe. However, following a similar concept this Tubby’s special Custard Recipe can be made from scratch and served to our kids as a good source of nutrition.

How to Make Tubby Custard:

It’s an easy and fun recipe. We need milk, sugar and cornstarch to make the custard. For flavor one can add vanilla. A pinch of salt will make the taste better. Now we are going to put extra care about coloring the Tubby Custard as it’s made for our little ones. Our kids are always attracted to colorful dishes. A touch of reddish pink fruit coloring will attract them more. It’s creamy and velvety smooth. Trust me your kids will ask for more!

Also, we prefer a healthy diet for them.  To ensure all natural ingredients we will not use any artificial color for this yummy and attractive Tubby Custard. For natural coloring, we are going to use Raspberry red color originated from red chicory. Now there is no complaint left from our children as it will look like the Teletubbies Pink Goo and not yellow at all. Don’t worry moms! This Tubby Pudding is not going to be a mess in our real kitchen! You bet!

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Ingredients That You Need Are:

Two Cups Milk

¾ Cup Sugar

Three Tablespoons Cornstarch

One Teaspoon Vanilla

Pinch of Salt

Raspberry Fruit Color Generated From Red Chicory

Method of Preparing Tubby Custard:  

Step 1:

In a big sauce pan gently bring the milk just below boiling point. Meanwhile, in a large bowl whisk the cornstarch, sugar, pinch of salt and vanilla. Then gently pour the warm milk mixture into the starch and sugar mixture. At this stage mix a few drops of color.

Mix well with a whisker. Now, scrap the sauce pan properly. Wash the pan so that the entire pan gets cleaned as we are going to reuse this big saucepan. For mixing a wooden spatula is helpful and suggested.

Step 2:

Put the pan again on the stove. On medium heat pour the custard mixture back into the pan.  Heat gently, stirring with a wooden spatula until the custard is thickened. Check that no lump is developing in the pan. It will look smooth and velvety. Serve warm or cold.



Isn’t it easy to make! You need just a few ingredients and a little magic that you can bring from watching the TV show. Parents who are careful about their children’s diet can encourage the kids to have this Teletubby Custard while watching the show.

Don’t worry about the mess as kids learn from the mess. Keep the cleanup time after they finish watching. Kids are big followers of their favorite characters so; you just make your Tubby Custard following this quick Custard recipe by tubby. They will be gobbled down in a moment!

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