Thousand Year Old Egg Recipe

Thousand Year Old Egg Recipe

Thousand year old egg or preserved eggs are a delicacy rooting from Ancient China. The other names this dish is called are: century eggs, Chinese century eggs, etc.

This Chinese delicacy dish take a few weeks to finally be ready to eat. We have the thousand year egg recipe her to help you make your own!

Recipe of Thousand Year Old Egg

It takes patience and genuine effort to make this interesting and unusual dish of special black egg.

The ingredient and process of cooking this dish is also unusual. But in the end, the result is worth it. The century egg taste is different and fun to eat. 

Here we have the recipe so you can make this special dish on your own. By following this recipe you can learn how to make thousand year egg by yourself. 

Ingredients You Will Need Are:

  • Three-four cups of strongly brewed black tea
  • Eighteen duck eggs
  • Two-third cup of sea salt
  • Three cups of charcoal ash
  • Three cups of wood ash
  • Three-fourth cup of quicklime
  • Two-three lbs. or around one kilogram of rice chaff

Method of Preparing the Thousand Year Old Egg Recipe Step by Step:

Step 1: In a pot, brew the black tea. The ratio should be 8 cups of water to a cup of black tea leaves. The tea has to be very strong. So, let it simmer in low heat after coming to boil for at least an hour.

Step 2: Get a large and deep bowl which is non-reactive. This will work as a vessel in which the egg will be processed. 

Step 3: Pour the salt, ashes and quicklime into the vessel.

Step 4: After the tea is done, do not strain it first.

Step 5: Add about three cups of unstrained tea into the vessel and stir well. Now strain the tea to preserve both mixtures of liquid and solids.

Step 6: Add some spent leaves to the muddy mixture. The mixture has to be thick but not very runny or a watery.

Step 7: Put on some protective gloves on both hands, latex gloves are recommended.

Step 8: Place a few eggs into the mixture and coat he eggs well with the mixture. Let the eggs sit in the muddy mixture for about 15 minutes before moving on to the next step. 

Step 9: Fill up a long deep vessel or pot with the rice chaff. Take each well rested egg and coat them with the rice chaff. The coating should be even and should cover the eggs completely.

The coating should be fully compressed with the egg inside. Continue with all the eggs in the same process.

Step 10: Let the eggs sit and rest overnight. Then bury then in soil and lime. Keep them in normal temperature. Keep the whole dish buried in soil in a safe place so it is not disturbed in any way.

Step 11: After a few months, (at least a 100 days) take them out, clean up and the eggs will be ready to eat.


Th process may be a bit lengthy but the dish is worth it. The thousand year old egg is a sought after Chinese delicacy. You can follow this recipe to make them by yourself.

It may be unusual but you can taste the cuisine using ancient Chinese methods and you will be making them by yourself. Hopefully, you will enjoy the century egg taste packed with nutrients and a gelatinous texture.

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