Recipe for Stuffed Calamari

Recipe for Stuffed Calamari

Recipe for stuffed calamari has seen popularity. Stuffed calamari in red sauce is among one of the most delicious seafood dishes to eat. Calamari is basically the Italian for “squid”. Stuffed calamari simply mean stuffed squid. 

Stuffed Calamari Recipe 

Stuffed squid Italian dishes have become very popular since the cultural explorations via food cuisines started during the boom of globalization. 

Preparing and following a large squid recipe is not as intimidating as it sounds. All you need to do is follow through the steps. Stuffed calamari is one of the most flavorful and fragrant dishes in the seafood category. 

Here is the recipe for stuffed calamari so you can cook it at home by yourself.

Ingredients You Will Need Are:

  • 20 medium-sized squids (weighing around 1.6 kilograms) with tentacles, cleaned and gutted
  • Four ounces or 120 grams of frozen peas
  • Three egg whites, separated from the yolks
  • Diced Romano peppers, seven ounces or 200 grams in weight
  • One third ounces or 10 grams of chives
  • One whole garlic clove (for the squid), two chopped garlic cloves (for the sauce)
  • One tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin recommended)
  • Three ounces or 100 ml of white wine/ white vinegar
  • Half a pint or 250 ml of fish stock
  • Finely sliced white onions, ten ounces or 300 grams in weight
  • Four tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin recommended)
  • Large ripe tomatoes, two pounds or 1 kilogram in weight 
  • Three fourth ounces or 20 grams of chopped basil leaves
  • Sea salt
  • Rosemary twigs (optional)

How to Make Stuffed Calamari Step by Step:

Step 1: Start by prepping the tomato sauce. Place a saucepan on the stove on low-medium heat and put the onions into the pan. Let it slowly sweat for around 15 minutes. Add a splash of water if it looks like it will color.

Step 2: Add in the tomatoes and add sea salt. Simmer it for 45 minutes. Check and stir if needed. Make sure the sauce is rich and thick in texture. After it’s done, remove from heat and set aside to let it rest.

Step 3: Pour the remaining oil and add the garlic clove and basil leaves. Stir and let it become fragrant. Pour onto the sauce through a sieve and mix.

Step 4: Preheat the oven to 392° or 200°C. Blanch the peas for 30 seconds in boiling water and drain

Step 5: Put 8 of the squids and egg whites into a food processor to get them roughly chopped. Add in the pepper, peas, chives and mix till you get a rough mixture.

Step 6: Stuff the rest of the squid with this mixture, close the tentacles with rosemary twigs wrapped or toothpicks. Cut a tiny hole on top of the squid to avoid combustion.

Step 7: On medium heat, pour the oil and garlic clove, fry the stuffed calamari for a few minutes till they turn brownish. Pour the wine and let it evaporate on heat.

Step 8: Add in the fish stock and sauce into pan and transfer it into the oven for 20 minutes. Check if it’s done by poking into the squid with a toothpick. Serve immediately.


Here you go, the full recipe for Stuffed calamari. Now you can cook it by yourself and enjoy as you wish. You can have it with fresh bread too.

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