Razzoo’s Rat Toes Recipe

Razzoo's Rat Toes Recipe

The best way to satisfy your hunger for delicious snacks is to serve mini bites full of flavors. The combination of the crispy outer layer and spicy tender inner fillings can always give a heavenly flavor to every bite. The Razzoo’s Rat Toes recipe with amazing meaty taste can be made at home easily and serve in no time.

The special flavor of spicy jalapeno filled with tender shrimp and crab meats made this meal more mouth-watering. Besides, the rat toes recipe is a must-go dish for any party, family occasion, or simple evening snacks. The cooking process is very easy and anyone can make this dish and serve it in time.

How Do You Make Razzoo’s Rat Toes?

Food lovers who are fond of seafood and spicy tender meat of shrimp, then this recipe is going to be the best option. It can be the best-served dish as an appetizer or snacks with any of your main course meals to enhance the overall flavor. So, let’s start the recipe:

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10-12 Jalapeno pepper (large)

½ cups of peeled and cooked shrimp (chopped)

1 – ½ cups of crab meat

½ cups of chopped onions

½ -1 cup of cheese (any choice)

½ cups of sugar

2 cups of beer (any choice)

½ cups of frying oil

½ cups of condensed milk

1 cup of water

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:

Start to make the base of the rat toes. Take the large jalapeno pieces and wash them thoroughly. Then cut them lengthwise making an opening to keep the inner fillings. The joint of the opening should not be cut while slicing.

Step 2:

Then remove all the seeds and place them in a saucepan. Fill up the pan with water and start to boil. Cook the jalapeno for a few minutes to make them soft and a bit crispy. Then dry them and set them aside to chill them.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to make the inner fish fillings. Take the cooked shrimp and crab meats in a bowl and add chopped onions to it. Start to mix the ingredients with your hands or mash them with a spoon.

Step 4:

Then sprinkle pepper and salt into the bowl while mixing to enhance the spicy tang. After that, add cheese to bring a creamy texture to the Razzoo’s shrimp fondue recipe. In a frying pan, pour some frying oil and heat them.

Step 5:

Then make small cubes of meat fillings and release them in heated oil. Flip them and fry them equally on each side to eliminate the chances of excess burning. When the meat gets tender and light brownish after 2 minutes, take them out and place them on the prepared jalapeno base.

Step 6:

Make the tossing sauce by pouring beer in a bowl. Then add sugar and condensed milk to thicken the gravy texture of the sauce. Then whisk for a couple of seconds to mix all the sauce ingredients.

Finally, toss the upper layer of the prepared rat toes with the sauce and serve.



Razzoo’s copycat recipes have always been the most loved appetizer among all food lovers. By serving this dish on the table along with rice, bread, or any other main course, you can get a heavenly flavor in every bite. The goodness of spicy and tender tastes assures your appetite every time.

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