Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe

Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe

Almost all sweet tooth people like to enjoy cake and ice-cream. Here’s where Portillos chocolate cake shake recipe brings both of those delicious sweetness together. Originating from Chicago cake shake menus, this chocolate cake milk shake is one of the best drinks to enjoy, especially for chocolate lovers. 

This amazing drink invention lets you enjoy all the thick texture of a real chocolate cake and ice cream. The best part about this is that Portillo’s chocolate cake shake is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. You can easily get all the ingredients at your local grocery store and give yourself treat!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the recipe to make the famous Portillo’s milkshake.

Portillo’s Cake Shake Recipe

Portillo’s cake shake is one of the ultimate cake shakes you will savor and once you have it, there is very less room of doubt that you will definitely make this chocolate cake milkshake again and again. You can also bake the cake from scratch using Portillo’s chocolate cake ingredients, before making the milkshake itself. So, here is the recipe for the famous Portillo’s chocolate cake shake:

Portillos Chocolate Cake Ingredients:

  • Two full tablespoons of whole milk (or lactose-free milk will also work)
  • Three full scoops of Vanilla Ice-cream 
  • Portillo’s chocolate cake (desired amount cut into smaller pieces, this will help the shake to mix well)
  • Whipped cream (to individual taste)
  • Chocolate frosting (to individual taste)
  • Vanilla essence (if you want that extra kick of vanilla flavor)

How to Make the Cake Shake:

Now that you have all your ingredients lined up, you are only a few steps away from tasting the delicious milkshake that all the fuss is about.

Step 1: Assemble your blender and pour the milk into it. 

Step 2: Scoop the ice-cream and let it in the blender jug. Be careful so there are no milk splashes.

Step 3: Drop the cake pieces into the mix.

Step 4: Add the whipped cream, chocolate frosting and Vanilla essence (according to taste) in the blender

Step 5: Close the lid and start the blender. Watch through the transparent lid the thickness you desire. Thicker the milkshake better the flavor. The recommended blending time is 3-4 minutes.

Step 6: Once you see the mix bringing out a liquid form and can see that the texture is thick; you can open the lid and stick a spoon in to check. If you are satisfied with the result, turn the blender off. If you want to mix the ingredients some more, blend it for an extra minute or two.

Step 7: After the blending is done, pour the mixture into a milkshake glass, you can top the drink off with some whipped cream and add sprinkles too. 

Get a straw and drink away. Enjoy the ultimate chocolate cake milkshake and see for yourself how good it tastes!

(This recipe is intended for singular serving unit. If you are blending up this milkshake for several people, just add accordingly for per person and you are good to go.)


If you are a chocolate and ice-cream lover, Portillo’s chocolate cake milk shake is one of the best milkshakes you will ever come across that can be guaranteed. Sure, you may indulge in other recipes and try out different flavors. But this Chicago style chocolate cake shake is bound to become a favorite. Hope you enjoy!

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