Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipes

Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipes

Olive Garden is famous for all its drinks and cuisines that are full of flavours and freshness. It’s situated in America, but the foods it comes up with are Italian. So you can say it’s the best American-Italian combination which is quite popular for their rich menus.

Every item is amazing and delicious, and among them, olive garden’s cocktails are the best. But if you haven’t tried anything yet, we suggest you start with olive garden mango martini recipes. One of its best drinks you will hardly forget. 

Olive Garden Mango Martini

Olive Garden martini is a traditional tropical cocktail that has a fresh taste. Tequila lovers will love the drink. Its soulful taste is perfect for serving at special parties.

This item is one of the best drinks at Olive Garden, which is now within your reach. If you are an Olive Garden Mango Martini lover, then you must be excited to know how to make a mango martini. Here it is for you. 


Lemon slice

Sweet and sour 2 ounces

Mango Nectar 2 ounces

Triple Sec ¾ ounce

Caribbean rum( Malibu mango flavoured) 2 ounces


Step 1: Take a cocktail shaker, put some ices inside the shaker.

Step 2: Now add all the ingredients inside the shaker except the lemon and now shake continuously. 

Step 3: Take a 12 ounce martini glass, which is totally chilled and with a cocktail strainer, strain the liquor and pour inside the glass.

Step 4: Take a slice of lemon and float it on the drink or decorate it on the rim of the glass. Now your drink is ready to serve.

Olive Garden Italian Margarita Recipes

Another very easy recipe that is also very popular among cocktail lovers is none other than the Olive garden italian margarita recipe. This is also well known in the Olive Garden for its exceptional taste.

With few ingredients, you can easily make a drink for yourself. Though it contains 323 calories, it is still on the top favourite list. So if you want to try this awesome drink, follow the recipe. 


Triple Sec 1 ounce

Orange juice 1 ounce

Jose Cuervo Blanco Tequila 1 & ½ ounces

Amaretto 1 ounce

Sour mix 3 ounces

Lime slice

Orange slice



Step 1: Dip the top of the cocktail into lime juice; now dip into the sugar.

Step 2: Pour amaretto into the glass. 

Step 3: Now take a Boston shaker, pour triple sec, orange juice, tequila, sour mix and start to shake. 

Step 4: Pour the margarita into the glass. 

Step 5: Garnish with lime and orange slices. 

Olive Garden Green Apple Moscato Sangria

This beverage is something grand which is truly incredible. It is one of Olive Garden’s popular recipes. Once you have, you will desire to get more. A wonderful drink that takes 10 minutes to get in form.

The drink contains only 210 calories, and you can easily serve 6 people at a time. So if you have any special occasion at home, don’t forget to try the recipe. Now let’s see what special is in this recipe. 


Green apple slices ½ cup

Orange slice ½ cup

Strawberries ½ cup

Ice 8 cups

Granny Smith Apple Puree 6 ounces

Pineapple juice 6 ounces

Moscato 750 mls


Step 1: Take a big jar, pour granny smith apple puree, pineapple juice and Moscato inside.

Step 2: Now stir until it mixes together.

Step 3: Take a cockatiel glass, add ice cubes and pour the liquor above the ice.

Step 4: Trim with strawberry, orange and apple slices. Now your drink is all set.

Watermelon Moscato Sangria 

Another hot favourite drink of Olive garden is this Watermelon Moscato Sangria recipe which is a fabulous drink, good to have during summer. The beverages don’t only look beautiful but also very flavourful. The highest 7 minutes it takes to get prepared and serves you the best quality drink.

204 calories it contains, and at a time, six people can enjoy this soulful drink. It gives an amazing feeling while you take your first sip. Now let’s see how easy the recipe is.


Ginger Ale 6 ounces

Strawberries sliced ¾ cup

Ice 4 cups

Orange 1 sliced

Monin watermelon syrup 6 ounces

Moscato 750 mls


Step 1: Clean all the fruits and cut them into small chunks.

Step 2: Take a pitcher and pour Moscato, watermelon syrup, ginger ale inside it and stir.

Step 3: Add ice cubes into the mixture and stir again.

Step 4: Now, add all the fruit chunks into the liquor and serve.

Note: You can even use watermelon for a colourful look.


Olive garden martini recipes introduce you to a soulful taste that is the most authentic and incompatible one. This cocktail is a great treat that is very easy to make. So if you are looking for an authentic drink, try this mango martini recipe. You will never have to look back for any other drink.

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