Old Fashioned Guava Jelly Recipe

Old Fashioned Guava Jelly Recipe

Nothing is more fun than having your self-made jelly right in front of you for a faboolus breakfast. You may find many recipes of guava jelly on internet but Old Fashioned Guava Jelly Recipe beats nothing! 

It may take time but the taste is absolutely wholesome. I almost forgot about the recipe, but my little daughter wanted some jelly for breakfast and I had the idea of preparing it at home.

The recipe is super authentic and I had to share this recipe with you guys!

How to Make Guava Jelly at Home

Without a clear instruction, this is not an easy pie to prepare. Here is the complete direction for you. 

Ingredients we Need: 

12 Guavas, Super Ripe

6 Cups of Water

7 Cups of Sugar or as Needed

7 Tbsp of Lemon Juice or Lime Juice

Methods of Preparing Guava Jelly Step by Step:

Step 1: First of all, you need to dice the guavas into one inch cubes. 

Step 2: Bring out a large saucepan and place the pieces.

Step 3: Pour 5 cups of water that should be enough to cover the fruit finely. 

Step 4:  Over medium heat, cover the saucepan and cook until the guava pieces are mushy. This may take 2 hours. 

Step 5: When done, remove from heat and let cool. 

Step 6: Cover a large bowl with a muslin cloth and pour the cooked guava onto the cloth.  The bowl should be enough to catch the juice that drips through the cloth into the large bowl. 

Step 7: Prepare the cloth by gathering the four ends and making a knot like a tote bag. Hang the bag for 4 hours or more until the collection of drippings is done.

Step 8: After done, lightly squeeze out if any juice left in the muslin cloth. 

Step 9: discarding the pulp, measure the liquid with a measuring cup. 

Step 10: Bring out a large saucepan and add the guava juice with measuring cup. 

Step 11: Here you need to add same cup of sugar and same tbsp. of lemon or lime juice. I had 7 cups of juice. So, I added 7 cups of sugar with 7 tbsp. of lemon juice. The equation is very simple. 

Step 12: Stir the mixture and pour back to the heat. Bring it to a boil. 

Step 13: Reduce the heat to a simmer and continue heating. Now, you need to stir continuously. Cook until the juices thicken and coat thickly to the spatula. 

 Step 14: Turn off the heat and let it stand for 30 minutes. 

After that, when the jam is still warm, pour it into a jelly jar. Cover the jar and seal tightly! 


This is a new addition. Guava jelly recipe with pectin makes the jelly harder and much more stable. If you don’t want to add it’s fine. But if you want market-jar like jelly then I would suggest you add some pectin with water and pour it into the jam while cooking. 

Strawberry Pineapple Guava Jam Recipe

Pineapple guavas are not available everywhere but the taste is awesome! With strawberries, it makes a super tempting jam. Let’s see how to prepare it easily at home! 

Ingredients we Need:

3 Cups of Sliced Strawberries

2 Pounds or 14 Pineapple Guavas (Equivalent to about 1/2 Cup of Pulp)

½ Cup of Lemon Juice

1/3 Cup of Sugar, I Used 1/3 Cup of Vanilla Sugar

3 Tbsp of Lemon Zest or Orange Zest

2 Tablespoons of 43 Liqueur or Cointreau Optional

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:  The first thing you will do is to slice the strawberries finely and measure into 3 cups. 

Step 2: Slice the pineapple guavas and boil in a large saucepan until they get wilted and super mushy. 

Step 3: Through a filter bag of muslin, collect the juice in a bowl. Extract the pulp. This process takes 3 to 4 hours. 

Step 4: Bring out a heavy bottomed saucepan and pour ½ cup of lemon juice along with the guava juice and strawberries. 

Step 5: Once the juice starts boiling, add 1/3 cup of sugar and 3 tbsp of lemon zest. 

Step 6: Continue cooking in the medium heat until the jam thickens. 

Step 7: During cooking, skim off the foam and you will notice the fragrance. So mouth-watering! 

Step 8: Lastly add 2 tbsp of 43 liqueur. 

When done preparing, let cool and add to the glass jars. 

Transfer it to glass jars and then refrigerate. You’ll need to use it up in a week or two. That won’t be a problem.


Do try these amazing recipes of guava jelly and I’m sure you will never buy one from the store. Preparing these is fun as well if you don’t get anxious about why it is taking so long! Jokes apart, the balanced fruity flavour is just perfect for everyone, from kids to adults.

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