Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker recipes

Ah, ice cream. The one dessert that questions everything. It’s cold but it’s a treat. It’s dessert, but sometimes it’s dinner (don’t pretend you haven’t been there). Everyone’s met an ice cream they didn’t like, but they ate it anyway because… well, it’s ice cream.

Today, we’re about to embark on a culinary journey with the Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker recipes. It’s like taking a familiar road, but in a fancy convertible you just learned how to drive.

Follow the Nostalgia ice cream maker‘s instructions and what do you get? Not just ice cream, but a creamy declaration of independence. That little machine is more than an appliance – it’s the unsung hero of summer days and broken hearts.

Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

Classic Ice Cream Recipe using Nostalgia Maker

Amidst a galaxy of flavors, vanilla stands tall. It’s not just a flavor, it’s the starting point of every ice cream debate. Designed for the Nostalgia electric maker, this is the classic with a touch of “extra.”


3 cups of milk

2 cups of heavy cream (vanilla or any choice)

2 cups of sugar to taste

2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 package Chocolate biscuits (any choice)

3 cups of salt

Ice cubes and crushed ice

2 eggs (mixed in a bowl)

How Do You Make Ice Cream With a Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker? (Step by Step Guide):

Step 1:

In a food mixer, take the heavy cream and milk to blend and make a creamy mixture. While blending, add in half of the sugar and some crushed ice to enhance the chilling process of the cream.

Step 2:

When the cream mixture gets smooth, add in the prepared mixed eggs and blend on high speed until the cream gets fluffy and creamy for 3-4 minutes. Then place it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to prepare the Nostalgia Maker. Place the canister in the refrigerator filled with crushed ice for a couple of hours, so that it can prevent the melting of ice.

Step 4:

When the canister and the prepared ice cream mixture reaches the same temperature, take out the canister. Clean the remaining ice pieces and clean them with a paper towel. Then pour the ice cream mixture into the canister and add sugar and some salt.

Step 5:

Place the canister in a Nostalgia container keeping spaces for the ice cubes around it. Then pour in ice on all sides of the container in such a way that it can cool the canister perfectly. Then place the grinder at the center of the canister and firmly cover the lid.

Step 6:

Place the motor on the container and start to make the ice cream mixture by rotating the canister along with the ice cubes.

Add in extra ice and salt if they get reduced due to melting. Add in the salt from time to time to maintain the perfect flavor.

Finally, take out the canister and open the lid. When the grinder is removed, take all the ice cream attached to it with a spoon. Then garnish the upper part of the ice cream with the crushed chocolate biscuit.

Then with a scoop spoon, make small ice cream balls and the delicious ice cream of Nostalgia maker is ready to be served.

Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

4 Quart Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Here’s to the multi-quart experience. Forget double or triple, we’re going fourfold. For those wondering about store-bought versus homemade, this recipe is the sly grin that says, “You have no idea what you’ve been missing.”


3 eggs (mixed in a bowl)

3 cups of sugar

2 ½ cups of heavy cream (Vanilla flavor)

1 ½ cups of milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

Ice cubes and salt

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:

In a large bowl, pour in the prepared eggs and start to blend with a hand mixer to make a fluffy and smooth foam for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2:

Then while blending, add in the sugar and continue to mix at medium speed to get an evenly sweet texture.

Step 3:

After getting a smooth and fluffy cream, add in the milk and heavy vanilla cream. Blend the ice cream mixture to get a perfectly smooth and foamy appearance.

Step 4:

Add in the vanilla extract to enhance the flavor and after that, pour the mixture into the Nostalgia maker. Cover the lid of the canister and start to mix the ice cream once the container is filled with ice cubes and salt.

Step 5:

Add in ice and extra salt if required to maintain the chilling process of the ice cream perfectly.

Finally, take out the canister and settle all the ice cream from the grinder properly.

Besides, it can be stored in the refrigerator if desired to get a more freezing texture. Once the ice cream is chilled make 4 quarts of the desired scoop and are ready to be served.

Conclusion – The Final Scoop

In the grand tapestry of desserts, ice cream is the thread that holds everything together. And with the Nostalgia maker? It’s like taking the scenic route in flavor town. No fuss, just pure, unadulterated joy. And maybe a second serving.

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