Hershey Special Dark Cocoa Recipes

Hershey Special Dark Cocoa Recipes

Chocolate lovers, especially those who have a craze for dark chocolate, are fond of Hershey special dark cocoa recipes. It spreads an amazing taste which is remarkable. Light chocolate lovers may not find it tasty, but these will bring a heavenly taste for dark chocolate lovers.

You will find no added sugar here, so the taste will be a little bitter and pungent. It is totally gluten and kosher-free. This intense, rich dark chocolate is great for baking or other uses. .

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Brownies

Bring an earthy change to the classic brownies and give it a new form with Hershey’s special dark cocoa. Perfect for any occasion, or even you can enjoy these brownies for no reason. This dark choc brownie recipe won’t let you forget the taste so easily.

When the dark chocolate brownies cocoa powder starts to spread the chocolate flavor slowly, it becomes more divine. These earthy brownies are enough to melt the heart. So if you are crazy about dark chocolate brownies, try the recipe below.

Hersheys Special Dark Ingredients

Eggs 2 Pieces

Sugar 2 Cups

All-Purpose Flour 1 & ⅓

Baking Soda ½ Tsp

Sugar 2 Cups

Vanilla Extract 1 Tsp

Salt ¼ Tsp

Butter or Margarine ⅔ Cups

Boiling Water ½ Cup

1 Cup

Hershey’S Special Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate Chips 1 Cup


Step 1: First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step 2: Grease the 13×9×2 inches baking pan. 

Step 3: Now, take cocoa and baking soda in a big bowl, add ⅓ cup butter, and stir.

Step 4: Add boiling water to the mixture and stir until it gets thicker.

Step 5: This time, add the remaining ⅓ cup butter, eggs, and sugar and stir until it gets smooth & creamy.

Step 6: Now add vanilla, flour, salt and mix again.

Step 7: Finally, add chocolate chips and spread the mixture to the pan.

Step 8: Bake it for almost 35 to 40 minutes and bring it out. 

Step 9: Let it cool down for 5 minutes and cut it into square pieces. Your Brownie is ready to serve.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Hershey’s Cocoa Powder?

Hot chocolate is simply a great recipe that is quite a favorite to all ages. A mug of hot chocolate in the winter is nothing but a blessing. It is a real treat for all those who admire dark chocolate too much. Now, if you are one of those who are obsessed with hot chocolate, then this is time to explore the recipe.


Sugar ½ Cup

Salt a Pinch

Hershey’S Cocoa ¼ Cup

Milk 4 Cups

Vanilla Extract ¾ Tsp

Water Hot ⅓ Cup


Step 1: Take a saucepan, pour salt, sugar, and cocoa inside and start heating the pan.

Step 2: Now add water and stir. 

Step 3: Bring to a boil and stir continuously. 

Step 4: After 2 minutes, add milk and stir.

Step 5: Heat the pan until it’s hot; no need to boil the mixture. 

Step 6: Now, remove the pan from the stove and add vanilla extract. 

Step 7: Start to beat the mixture until it turns foamy. 


You can add ground cinnamon ½ or ¼ tsp or mint extract ½ tsp or crushed peppermint candy or instant coffee 1 or 2 tsp to add more flavors.

Hershey’s Chocolate Fudge

Here is another breathtaking recipe for dark chocolate lovers, which is simple but awesome; this is none other than Hershey’s chocolate fudge. A straightforward recipe, replete with chocolate. Now, if you are getting mad to get the recipe, here it is for you.


Granulated Sugar 3 Cups

Salt ⅛ Tsp

Milk 1 and ½ Cups

Butter ½ Sticks

Vanilla Extract 1 Tsp

Hershey’S Cocoa ⅔ Cup


Step 1: Take a saucepan, pour salt, sugar, and cocoa powder inside and mix gently.

Step 2: Now add milk to the mixture and stir. 

Step 3: Start to heat the saucepan at medium-high heat and stir continuously until it comes to a boil.

Step 4: When it starts to boil, put a thermometer inside to check the temperature. 

Step 5: Heat the mixture until it gets to 234 degrees. 

Step 6: When reached the desired temperature, remove the pan. 

Step 7: Add vanilla and butter. But don’t think about stirring. Let it be the way it is.

Step 8: Recheck the temperature; when it comes to 130 degrees, stir for a few minutes.

Step 9: Now pour it into a dish but before that, grease the dish with butter.

Step 10: Take the help of a knife to give it a good shape and freeze it for a couple of hours. Now your fudge is ready to go.


Dark chocolate desserts are no more fantasy, nor do you even need to wait for any special occasion to enjoy them. All the hershey special dark cocoa recipes are here to show you the best ways to enjoy your desired item.

Whether it’s dark brownies, hot chocolate, dark chocolate cake, or chocolate fudge, any recipe can be more joyous when you put Hershey’s dark cocoa inside. So if you want to enjoy some authentic dark chocolate recipes, try these all.

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