Chicken Demi glace Recipes

Chicken Demi glace Recipes

The half glace or demi glace is used as a base for various types of gravies and sauces. If your baked meat is less in flavor or seasonings then this Chicken Demi Glace Recipes can amazingly enhance the taste of your meal. This can be made at home or found in instant packets in groceries.

How to Make Chicken Demi Glace?

Demi-glace are made in big batches simmering the bones for long time. The bones are later thrown away and the liquid is then cooked adding seasonings and seasonal vegetables, aromatics reducing almost to one fourth of the total content.

Let’s find the ingredients for making this Chicken demi glace and taste this French styled semi glaze on our food. 

Ingredients that You Need to Make Chicken Demi-Glace Are:

Chicken Wings, 8 to 10 Pieces

Cold Water, 12 Cups

White Wine, 1 Cup

Onions, Diced, 1.5 Cups

Carrot, Diced, 1 Cup

Celery, Diced, Quarter Cup

Leek, Diced, Quarter Cup

White Peppercorns, Three Teaspoons

Bay Leaves, One or Two Pieces

Method of Preparing Homemade Chicken Demi Glace Step by Step:

Step 1:

Take a big stockpot. Keep the chicken wings inside it and cover it with 12 cups of water or more. Boil until all the meat gets loosen off the bones. You can smell the flavor of the chicken too. 

Step 2:

Strain the bones out and keep the broth in the same pot. Boil the broth in high flame adding all the ingredients except salt. 

Step 3:

Bring into big bubbles. The water will also get all the flavors from those seasonings and vegetables.

Step 4:

Cook it for more than 1 and half an hour.

Step 5:

Strain the vegetables and spices out the pot. Bring the broth back into the pot.

Step 6: 

Boil the broth again on high flame. Boil until it reduce to three fourth of the total.

How to make Roasted Chicken Demi Glace?

As the name says, this recipe gets completed with roasted chicken, the corn meal mush gravy and the sauce after condensing the chicken broth and seasonings.

There is steak demi glace recipe too for beef lovers!  This preparation can be a great source of calcium and fat from poultry or beef bones. Let’s grab the ingredients for Roasted Chicken Demi Glace from the grocery isle!

Ingredients that you need to make Roasted Chicken Demi-Glace are:

Chicken Leg Quarters, Two Pairs

Garlic, Few Cloves

Lemon, Squeezed, One Tablespoon

Flour (if Preferred for Thicker Gravy)

Basil Leaves, Chopped, One Tbsp.

Balsamic Vinegar, Three Teaspoons

Teaspoon Salt, Half Teaspoon

Pepper, Half Teaspoon

Garlic, Minced, One Teaspoon

Rosemary, Chopped, One Teaspoon

Parsley, Chopped, Half Teaspoon

For the Corn Meal Mush:

2 Cups Corn Meal with Chicken Stock or Water, Half a Quart or More

8 Table Spoon Grated Cheese, Mozzarella

8 Table Spoons Parmesan Cheese or as Desired

2 Tablespoons Melted Butter

Salt (as Desired)

Pepper (as Preferred)

For Marinade:

Olive Oil, Two Tbsp.

White Wine, Two Tbsp.

For the Sauce:

Chicken Stock, Reduced in Water Contents from 8 Cups to 2 Cups before Use

Red Wine, Half a Cup

Balsamic Vinegar, ½ Tbsp.

Melted Butter, 2 Tbsp.

Lemon Juice, One Slice or Half

Salt (as Desired)

Pepper (as Desired)

Method of Preparing Homemade Roasted Chicken Demi Glace Step by Step:

Step 1:

Make a seasoning mix for the chicken. Mix all aromatics, seasonings, herbs, and salt with olive oil and keep it ready in the beginning.

Step 2:

Now, season the chicken with the mix. Rub well. Rub some more salt and pepper.

Step 3:

Turn on the oven and preheat it at 350 degree. Bake it for more than one and half hours or two hours. Check whether they are fully cooked or not.

Step 4:

Make the polenta now. Boil 8 cups of chicken broth and reduce it to two cups by stirring constantly pouring the corn meal in. Stir frequently that nothing sticks at the bottom. 

Step 5:

Stir constantly until all corn meal has been poured into the broth. Stir until the mush gets a silky look with a glaze shining over it.

Step 6:

After the corn meal mush is ready , immediately take it off the stove. Drip butter and cheese, and adjust the taste with salt and pepper. Don’t forget to taste the flavor as you desire. Balance the taste at this stage and keep side.

Step 7:

Now prepare the sauce. Take all the liquids you get in the baking tray. Transfer it to another pan. Add the reduced chicken broth you made previously. Combine with red wine.

Mix properly. Cook over high heat checking and stirring carefully. It will be dense and flavorful.

Step 8:

After your sauce is ready now add a little of balsamic vinegar. Lower the heat and add melted butter. Mix until everything gets combined well.

If required throw a bit flour to increase the density. Whisk properly that none of the flour lumps stayed in the gravy.

Step 9:

Pour a little amount of lemon juice in the sauce. Again taste the salt and flavor. Add pepper for fresh peppery flavor.

Step 10:

Finally, check the desired taste as this is the stage when you will look for the finishing taste. Sprinkle salt, lemon and ground pepper as your prefer.

Step 11:

Present your baked chicken over the mushy corn meal gravy, top with some sauce and fresh chopped basil. Enjoy the meal!


If we want to enhance the taste of our baked meats, we can take this chicken demi glace on our chicken or eat as a side.

It is very tasty gravy that adds up flavors to your food. As this came out of chicken or beef broth, it contains calcium and fat too!

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