Cardiff Crack Recipe

Cardiff Crack Recipe

Cardiff crack recipe is a classic recipe to cook beef tri tips. It is a great dish to enjoy as a main course of your meal and you are bound to love having it because of its taste. This is a Californian special dish that is quite popular among the locals. You can try cooking this at home too by following this recipe. You surely will not regret it. If you love meaty deliciousness, this rich in flavor dish will fulfill your desire. 

How to Cook Cardiff Crack?

Cardiff crack is a local name for the beef tri tip steak cooked after being marinated for some time. The beef tri tip marinade makes the steak juicy and packs it with flavor. You can taste the hearty aroma and delicious meaty goodness in every bite. If you like to grill your food, you will definitely love cooking this. 

The tried and tested seasoning is the specialty of this dish. The recipe contains the ingredients that the food chains use to cook the beef tri tips. Let us get into the recipe and try to follow through as directed. 

Ingredients that You Will Need Are:

Two cups of red wine

Three pounds of trimmed and cleaned beef tri tips

Three minced cloves of garlic

One-fourth of a cup of olive oil

One-fourth of a cup of soy sauce

One tablespoon of ground black pepper

One teaspoon of paprika

Half a teaspoon of mustard powder

One teaspoon of honey

Method of Preparing the Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip Step by Step:

Step 1: To make the tri tip steak marinade, in a big Ziploc bag, combine the red wine, minced garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, black pepper, paprika, mustard powder, and honey. Close the bag and give it a good shake to incorporate everything.

Step 2: Place the tri tip in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours, or overnight, but no more than 24 hours, to marinade.

Step 3: Heat one side of a grill to high heat and leave the other side of the grill as it is. You will cook on the high heated side of the grill only. 

Step 4: Remove the tri tip from the marinade and dispose of the marinade. 

Step 5: Place the tri tip on the hot grill. Sear each side for 1-2 minutes.

Step 6: Place the tri tip on the other side of the grill, away from the direct heat.

Step 7: Grill for 10-15 minutes per side, or until a thermometer registers the temperature you prefer. For medium-rare, 140°F temperature is ideal.

Step 8: Remove the tri tip from the grill and lay it on a chopping board, covering it loosely with foil. Before slicing, let the meat rest for 15-20 minutes. To slice the tri tip, cut it in half where the grains meet, then slice each half against the grain. Serve and enjoy.

Note: For the red wine, Burgundy or Pinot Noir is recommended to give the beef tips an even and better taste than other types of red wine. 


This local beef tips dish has come to be very popular among average meat-loving foodies. So, there may be many variations of this dish. But this recipe, in particular, makes the best marinade and thus tastes best if done right. It is not a very difficult dish to prepare. So, you should definitely try cooking this dish if you like having beef tri tips in Cardiff crack style.

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