Campbell’s Chunky Soup Recipes

Campbell's Chunky Soup Recipes

Campbell’s chunky soup recipes have wide popularity. There are many varieties of this dish with several experimentations and ingredient differences.

Campbell’s has been producing many variants of the Chunky soup line for quite some time now. You may try cooking this soup from scratch where you won’t have to cook from large cans of soup.

Campbell’s thick and chunky soups franchise sure has made cooking easier with getting the average home-cook access to soup in a can. But if you want to go further and cook from scratch, this recipe is bound to come in handy. 

How to Cook Chunky’s Beef Tip Soup?

This particular recipe features the beef-based flavor of the chunky soups franchise. The most popular one is Chunky’s chicken soup. In most cases, Campbell’s Chunky chicken noodle soup also has shown great profit and potential in the market.

The thing is, because of chicken-based soups being more popular, beef flavor soup recipes are lesser-known. So, this recipe guides you through the process of cooking this beef-based soup among the other Chunky soup varieties. 

The following recipe can hopefully help you.

Ingredients That You Will Need Are:

Eight cups of sodium-reduced beef stock

Sixteen ounces of sirloin tip beef

Two whole carrots

Two russet potatoes

One stalk of celery

One small onion

One tablespoon of tomato paste

One and half a teaspoon of oyster sauce

Half a cup of cornstarch

Half a cup of room temperature water

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

Method of Preparing the Chunky Beef Soup Step by Step:

Step 1: Wash all your vegetables. Dice the celery and onion. Cut the carrots and potatoes into cubes. Make sure the cuts are all bite-sized. Trim the fat off of the beef tips and cut them into manageable slices. 

Step 2: Ready a stockpot and set the heat on low-medium. Pour the beef stock into the pot. Add the beef, then add the diced and cubed vegetables into the beef stock. Let it simmer and add the tomato paste. Stir and mix the ingredients.

Step 3: Add the oyster sauce, salt, and pepper according to taste and cover the pot. Let it simmer and cook in low heat for about 5 hours.

Occasionally uncover the lid of the pot and give the mixture a stir. Check the thickness of the soup. Adjust seasoning accordingly. 

Step 4: In a bowl, mix the cornstarch with water and dissolve the lumps. Stir and mix well. Add the cornstarch mix into the soup 20-15 minutes before the soup is ready. Let it simmer and cook. 

Step 5: Once the soup is ready, serve warm with bread or in a bread bowl and sour cream on top, if you prefer it. Enjoy!

Note: Many soup-lovers like to add fresh green chilies to their soup recipe. If you would like the flavor of fresh green chili, you may add the chilies after the cornstarch mixing.

The spicy level would not overpower the other ingredients in the dish. You can add green chilies if you choose to cook a chicken vegetable soup, as well. 

The sour cream addition is completely optional. If you would rather enjoy your freshly made delicious soup with bread only, it is not a problem. You can always garnish the soup with some freshly chopped parsley or cilantro. 

How to Make Chunky Soup Varieties

This particular recipe is centered on a beef base. You can also make the more popular one from the Chunky chicken vegetable soups. All you need to do is replace the beef stock and beef meat with chicken stock or vegetable stock and chicken meat.

You can also opt to use both chicken and vegetable broth and stock. You can keep the basic diced and cubed vegetables used in the beef soup recipe. But you can also add vegetables of your own choice. 

Some of the best vegetables to go with chicken are- peas, potatoes, corn, cabbages, etc.

You can adjust the ingredients and timing according to your wish. You only have to make sure the texture of the soup is just right. It must not stay too watery and it must not become gravy-like.

When you scoop a bit of soup and pour it back into the pot, it should seem thick yet liquid in substance. The mixture of all those vegetables and broth would make a soup packed with lots of flavors. 


Campbell’s soups are generally hearty and made directly from the can to the pot. This recipe and suggestions will help you cook a version of the soups from scratch.

The ingredients will be all fresh and you will get the satisfaction to enjoy homemade soup that you cooked on your own. You can enjoy the chicken or beef-based soup during any main meal as an appetizer.

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