Bing Cherry Jam Recipe

Bing Cherry Jam Recipe

Bing cherry jam recipe can be a perfect recipe for cherry lovers who love the light, sweet taste of ripe bing cherry. It’s dark, deep colour, firm texture, light, sweet taste comes out the best way when it is paired with lemon juice, almond extract, sugar and liquid pectin. That unusual taste can’t be compared to any other recipe, and if you try it once, then you will never switch to any other cherry jam for sure.

Bing Cherry Jam

Bing cherries are basically deep dark red cherries that are firm but sweet to have. The people with the bing cherry garden love to have this jam at home as it is very simple and easy to make. This recipe is very common to the pacific northwest as the harvest of the cherry is more over there. You can even try it at home with some simple steps. Now let’s see how to make cherry jam.


4 cups of freshly chopped and pitted, ripe Bring cherries that will weigh nearly 3 pounds.

5 cups of sugar.

½ cup freshly strained lemon juice.

½ teaspoons of unsalted butter.

1 teaspoon of pure almond extract.

3 ounce of liquid pectin(not the dry one)


Step 1: Clean all the cherries well, cut them into pieces and bring all the seeds out.

Step 2: Take a big saucepan and pour chopped cherries, sugar, lemon juice, butter and liquid pectin inside the pan.

Step 3: Now, put the pan onto the burner and stir the mixture on medium-low heat.

Step 4: Stir constantly until the sugar totally dissolves.

Step 5: Now increase the heat to medium-high and bring it to a full rolling boil. If you stop stirring, the mixture will burn, and it will taste bitter. So stir until the mixture is ready.

Step 6: Constantly boil and stir for at least 1 minute.

Step 7: Now, take the pan out of the stove. Skim off all the foam from the mixture. 

Step 8: Add almond extract and stir again.

Step 9: Leave it to cool down for 5 minutes before you put them inside the jar, or else they will be separated. 

Step 10: Now fill the jar with the mixture leaving ¼ inch headspace, and wipe the rim and the thread of the jar well. 

Step 11: Cover the jar with a hot lid and use the screw ring to seal the jar.

Step 12: Now process the jar in 93C(200F) water for a few minutes. If you are using a half-pint jar, then it will take 10 minutes, and for a pint jar, it will take 15 minutes.

Step 13: Take it out after the due time. Wipe the water, make sure the lid is tight enough. Now store it in a cool area.

Note: For a low sugar cherry jam recipe, you can alter sugar and pectin with Splenda and the sugar-free pectin. Other ingredients will remain the same. It will give you a light, sweet version of the jam.


You may have tried many cherry recipes like cherry marmalade, black cherry jam, cherry jelly recipes, or others before. These are pretty general in taste. But if you want to taste a new kind of jam that is overloaded with fresh cherry flavour, then the bing cherry jam recipe can be your new partner. Its heavenly taste will never dissatisfy you. So make it at home and let us know about your feelings.

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