Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay

Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay

Will you be surprised if I say that a pasta maker can let you make lots of creative clay artifacts, even more than other crafting tools? Well, don’t be too shocked because, for some years, many artisans are using pasta machines instead of rollers and blades for the best results.

Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay

The best pasta machine for polymer clay is a must-need item in your workshop if you need to make your clay crafting works easier and more professional by every angle. 

The question is, can a normal pasta maker for regular flour dough is enough for practicing art professionally? Of course, there are some small differences, and not all pasta makers in the market are good for manipulating polymer clay. Thus, let us help you in this matter and introduce the list of selected products we’ve made and some thoughts that can help you buy a pasta machine.

Why It is Important to Choose Pasta Machines for Clay?

Earlier, somewhere in this article, we have already mentioned that using pasta machines makes clay crafting more attractive and meaningful. But some craftspersons still think using manual methods is the only option. So, at this point of our discussion, we should talk about why professionals insist on using pasta machines.

Assured Quality

It is true that using pasta machines instead of handheld cutters can be pretty vital. You get to have the right thickness along with the proper shape while cutting the clay using a pasta maker. 

Besides, the craft you make using the slices created by a pasta machine is quite firm according to the motive behind cutting the clay. Moreover, you can control the cutting or bending ability of the pasta machine manually to get any desired shape during the work. 

Less Effort

When you have a quality pasta cutter, things can be done in two steps. First, prepare the clay dough. Then, let it go through the machine for the right shape. 

Thus, it is a smart move if you are shifting to a pasta maker instead of going manually.

Time Saving

Manipulating or shape-shifting takes lots of time. Most professional craftsmen complain about running out of time while handling several projects. 

That is why no matter how reliable you feel to use your hands for clay crafting, you should at least try a pasta machine for cutting and shaping the clay. Give just one command and the machine might do several things at once without keeping a flaw.

One Tool Work

Obviously, we are suggesting to use pasta makers for ease of work. It takes lots of time to slice, shape, and polish the clay manually by using a cutter, roller, slicer, pin, etc. 

A normal pasta machine can fluently do all these tools’ works together within a short time. Also, you can save your money by using only a pasta machine as it eliminates the need of most of the manual tools. 

What is the Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay?

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Pasta machines a person can use for clay crafting are not too different from other pasta-making machines. A good pasta maker can easily shape any dough you put whether it is made of wheat or clay. 

Usually, good clay pasta machines have firm construction with easy functioning that lets any user work well. Apart, recent pasta maker models feature safety functions that can be handy in many ways. Also, they have the thickness and size-shifting feature that allows any individual to do better in manual crafting.

7 Best Polymer Clay Pasta Machine Reviews

Now, let’s dig into some of the best options for craftsmen that are worth buying not only for making things easy but also for creating something better.

Marcato-Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

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If you want the finest pasta machine within less than $100, then marcato atlas can be one of the best options. After researching and using plenty of pasta machines, we have selected this as one of the most useful products.

Say goodbye to regular sized boring lasagne, fettuccine, pasta etc. or clay stuff. Make them as you like at home effortlessly with this machine that provides you with quite perfect rolls, doughs, and amazing shapes for your daily meals. 

Anyways, let me tell you this is not dishwasher safe at all. You may ruin your pasta machine if you do so. Besides, after constantly washed for several periods, the external casing by far decomposes.

The pasta machine offers you 12 switchable different-shaped accessories that are super useful for any types of pasta shape you like also with 10 different thickness variety. This versatile product surely makes day to day life much easier. 

The manufacture has made it with high-quality Nickel-Plated steel which offers longevity and a gorgeous look both in your kitchen. The sturdy extruder is guaranteed the long-time use with a comfortable ergonomic design. Just be careful while washing. Make sure you read all the instructions before using and cleaning.


The crack arm design is absolutely ergonomic, assures effortless work hours

It is easy to disassemble with its easy design

This is quite light-weight so you can keep it wherever you want

The 12 switchable accessories are categorized by different pasta cuts, thicknesses, and shapes


The cleaning process may feel irritating in rush hours

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OxGord Pasta Maker Machine

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The OxGord pasta maker machine is providing you the most desired thing, customers have been wanted in a pasta maker machine. The manufacturer has designed it with dishwasher safe, meaning say goodbye to cleaning problem. 

Within your budget, this pasta maker machine has a dough roller, letting you make fresh spaghetti, ravioli, linguine, lasagne, and so on. Enjoy your weekend meal with all-homemade items with your family members. 

The finest stainless steel construction allows heavy use on rollers and blades. Also, each part of this machine is dishwasher safe. The 9 different thickness settings assure you get perfect dough every time. But after several times use, the inside gear may slip. Some of our people have informed us. Yet overall, it has the quality to be in our top 7 list.


With the easy click adjustable dial option, you can make your homemade pasta in 9 ways

The machine comes with 3 different blades assuring the perfect shape you want

The easy crank handle is removable for compact storage in your kitchen

The whole machine and every part of it are dishwasher safe


The inside gear may slip after a long time of usage, yet with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee you can fix it anytime

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Gourmex Manual Pasta-Maker Machine

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Check out the elegantly designed pasta maker machine which can be just within your budget along with a stunning look. You feel yourself working at the master chef kitchen with its shiny chrome body. 

Your worriers end up here for preparing homemade stuff. Enjoy these homemade items with your preferable sizes and thickness. This machine comes with 7 different thickness settings, confirming the best and perfect shaped clay items for you or professional purposes. 

Say goodbye to big clumsy storage killer pasta maker machines, this is designed with compact design meaning, easy storage for your kitchen. The detachable handle and clamp are the biggest facility for this compact design. 

Also, the easy-grip handles ensure comfortable gripping while working. Overall, its ergonomic design assures the restful and secure every time you work. Also, this pasta maker machine comes with a clamp lock closure ensuring the tight attachment on a wooden table, countertop, or worktable.


The pasta maker machine comes with a GOURMEX product lifetime guarantee

The compact design makes your kitchen looks like a master chef kitchen

The double cutter headed function lessen up your work period

The manufacturer has designed this pasta maker with an elegant design


The cleaning process is quite tough which may feel irritating to some users

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Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine

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Do yourself a favor, and without any doubt, bring this ultimate professional Makin’s clay machine that will surely enrich to condition your imagination with clay conveniently with the goodbye of breaking the bank. 

After using it for months, we have known so far that this is the fastest one for mixing and blending colors. Also, some authentic customers have given a positive review about blending colors. Another thing, we would like to mention about this machine is the amount of receiving clay. The manufacturer has created it with the capability of 7-inch wide clay function, meaning, you can insert way many clays comparative to other clay machines. 

Overall, the clay machine is super cool, yet the handle of the roller is slightly loose. Many customers informed us about that, and we hope the manufacturer will correct this flaw. Apart from, the attachment of the handle knob, everything is fine so far.


The clay machine allows attaching firmly on anywhere through its strong clamp

It is made of high-quality durable stainless steel which ensures longevity

The super-quick function provides quick blending, reducing your work time

This clay machine is perfectly invented with lightweight materials


The attachment of the handle knob is poorly made, creating a problem in work

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Amaco Craft Clay Machine

[amazon fields=”B087B8TJZM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If your budget is tight and you want a clay machine that is quite durable, then this product is suitable for you. The machine is made of stainless steel, meaning it offers durability undoubtedly. 

The color of this product is a stunning silver, so surely it will encourage your spirit at work. Besides, when we have tried this product, with conditional polymer clay they look so stunning while preparing. 

The product-weight is very comfortable (3 pounds only) which gives effortless portability during work. We as well as customers gave a super positive review for its light-weight. Also, this product is safe for children. 

Though it is called a clay machine, you can make also delicious shaped pasta. So, the versatility of this product has been confirmed. 

But in the cleaning factor, this is not quite fine, cause the plastic-tipped blades are to a certain extent irritating to clean.


The clay machine is made of durable stainless steel which finely refrains corrosion

The super lightweight allows it to be hand-carried and effortlessly transported

The 9 thickness options enhance the process of polymer clay conditioning


The machine has plastic-tipped blades which are uncomfortable to clean

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Delihom Pasta Maker

[amazon fields=”B087B8TJZM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

First of all, we like to introduce one of the most first-rate products on our list. This is over-all the best choice of ours, according to the choice of customers. This pasta or noodle making machine is undoubtedly well equipped with a pasta roller, pasta cutter, cleaning brush, ravioli, hand crank, and clamp, meaning you will never buy anything or accessories. 

The manufacturer has been included every possible accessory with the product. You are getting a full package while you buy it, and it’s just within your budget. We consider is as the ideal hand crank pasta machine of the market. 

This super-deluxe set is finely assembled with durable stainless steel material (the outer part) and anodized premium quality carbon steel roller and cutter. Just because of its durable construction, you can use it for years after years. 

Yet, the product is quite heavy. Transportation is not suitable at all. You can’t also use it for multi-purpose, meaning polymer clay making isn’t an option here, but it’s a heaven for homemade pasta Items. 

This product is manufactured with 9 adjustable dough thicknesses which are very useful for consistent cooking time, taste, and texture. Also, with the double cutter head attachment, you can have wavy edges with fettuccini, angel hair, ravioli, lasagne, and spaghetti.


It has 9 different thickness adjust system, from 0.75 mm to 5 mm

The product comes with a bonus wooden cleaning brush that eases the cleaning problem

The premium quality stainless steel product ensures its longevity


Transportation with it is quite impossible as it is heavier (8.2 pounds)

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Darice Studio-71 Polymer Clay Press:

[amazon fields=”B0018N9HIO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Among our best-selling products, Studio 71 clay machine has satisfied a large number of creative customers. This clay tool has made crafting way easier with its minimalistic features.

This machine has seven different thickness options to press clay and turn it into your desired piece of art. Jewellery, beads, sculpture, ornaments, magnets, etc. can be made in an easier way with this handy product of ours. 

It is easier to use, so it can be a fabulous gift to any beginner or hobbyist crafter. The clay tool is very lightweight, weighs only one pound. The machine includes a table clamp so that it can be used on a table or any other surface.

This user-friendly tool doesn’t put pressure on hands and arms. This product is not for use for cooking purposes. A proper clay machine can boost the confidence of a crafter as it can flatten the clay smooth texture and proper thickness. Entry-level crafters can find this product very useful to turn their creative ideas into amazing pieces of art.


The pasta maker machine is very user-friendly for its easy assemble facility

It is affordable in price so this won’t be an extra burden to you

It is affordable in price so this won’t be an extra burden to you

The lightweight and smaller size make it easier to carry

It is easy to clean because of its easy cleaning function


If the machine is not properly cleaned, oil stains can be spotted on the pressed clay

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Things that You Should Consider before Buying the Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay

The considerations before picking a pasta machine are rather less than things you have to think about while picking one. There are chances of you getting the best pasta machine even without judging anything. But it is not okay to gamble on the tool you need for crafting. So, let’s focus on some considerations.

Crafting type

The type of crafting you do or your way of doing work matters a lot when you are planning to buy a new pasta machine. You can find a good pasta machine by doing some good research on the market. But that chosen one may become useless with your type of doing crafting. So, it is better not to ignore your working style before deciding anything.


Here, capacity means how much clay a machine can modify or cut in one attempt. You have to calculate at least this topic before purchasing any. We think that a regular craftsman should buy a machine with higher capacity. Irregular ones can also buy high-capacity pasta machines, but it is not mandatory.


Your pasta machine needs to have several modes along with your preferable thickness level to make your work easier. If you don’t find the right mode and get the proper shape, the money used to buy the machine is a waste. Check out all the modes or pasta machines and know which modes you need.


In our list, the average price of the products we have highlighted is around 50 dollars. Even if you do some research now, you can barely find anything more than 65 USD capable of doing the best. 

So, our suggestion in this matter is to buy something around 50 to 60 USD. You can surely get the best option for you within this range.

How to Choose the Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay?

The last thing you need for finding the best pasta maker is a proper buying guide. That is why we are presenting a guide with some common factors suggested by experts that can shorten the distance between you and an ideal pasta maker if you follow the guide properly.


The handle of a pasta machine is the only part apart from the mode shifters that can allow you to directly control the mechanism. You can’t use even a good pasta machine if the knob length is too long or very short. Hard handle grips can also be a major problem here. 

To avoid any bad experience, you have to check the length of the pasta machine along with the material used to make the handle cover. Because you need to be comfortable while rolling the handle to slice clay. Or else, you might get sore muscles in your hand and become tired quickly.


There are few models that contain a single material structure. But mostly, manufacturers use multiple materials for the main body. 

We recommend stainless steel, especially for the blade part. There is no problem if the other body parts contain aluminum or other heavy-coated metals. The only thing mandatory is to ensure the product has materials featuring stain-free, and solid performance for years.


A plain surface body of a pasta machine is mandatory for the sake of the dough. Except for the blade, any uneven or sharp part of the pasta machine can put scratches or holes on the clay you are manipulating.


The portability feature might not be necessary for some users. But it is good to have a pasta maker with this feature. 

There might be times when you need to do crafting not in your usual workshop. When such a situation appears, you have to carry your pasta machine along with other equipment to the location of your next task. In that situation, a large and heavy pasta machine can become a burden. 

You need to look for something that weighs around 5 pounds and has a compact size for carrying with ease if there is a possibility of you doing works in several places.


You can expect almost a couple of year’s warranty from a popular manufacturer. But the warranty period can vary depending on some facts. So, you should at least try to pick one with 12 months warranty period.

How to Clean a Pasta Machine?

Cleaning pasta machines after cutting polymer clay is not a tiring job. Because these days, most machines come with dishwasher safety features. For this, you can use your home’s dishwasher to clean your pasta maker. 

But there are some catches. You cannot put a pasta machine inside a dishwasher without detaching most of the parts. You need to put separate parts like the blade, base, valve, etc. so that the whole construction can be cleaned without damaging the washer or other stuff inside. 

You can find every blade is tagged as stainless steel. But there are a few that can be fully stainless. That is why we think that you can clean the blade by wiping with a wet cloth instead of dishwashing. 

And at last, let every part of the machine dry before you start using it again. Otherwise, using a wet machine can badly affect both product’s longevity and your craft’s quality.


So, we are done showing you some of the best polymer clay pasta machines that you can try mainly for crafting. You can pick any of them depending on your demands. Like, we would recommend the Delihom pasta machine because of its overall performance. But you should go for Altas 150 if you have a tight budget but wishing to buy a sustainable one. 

That’s all we have to say about pasta machines that you can use for polymer clays. We hope you find the right one by following the instructions we have put in today’s article.

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