15 Heavenly Irish Dessert Recipes To Make At Home

15 Heavenly Irish Dessert Recipes To Make At Home (14)

Whether it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, or you are simply searching for a delicious Irish dessert to enjoy at home, you may be wondering where to start.

Well, we’ve got the perfect solution! We have compiled a list of our favorite recipes from all over Ireland and beyond. From classic desserts like apple crumble, to boozy treats like the Irish Crème Chocolate Trifle, there is something here that everybody is going to enjoy.

These desserts will not only make your St. Patty’s day celebration extra special, but they can also be enjoyed any time of year.

If you are looking for a great way to end your meal, then this list of heavenly Irish desserts will definitely do the trick.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Porter Cake

Porter Cake

To kick off our list, we have a recipe to create your very own traditional, boozy Porter Cake at home. 

For those who are unaware, Porter Cake is a traditional Irish delicacy: it is a cake filled with porter ale, spices, and some dried fruit.

The dessert contains a distinct alcoholic flavor, so if you are not a fan of ale, you may not like this cake.

Porter Cake is often served during the holidays, especially at Christmas. However, this does not mean that you have to wait months before you can enjoy this dessert: make some at home today!

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread

Next up, here’s a recipe to bake some delicious Irish Soda Bread.

The key recipe for this bread is baking soda – or, as they call it in Ireland, ‘bread soda’. This ingredient gives the bread its unique texture, which makes it super easy to eat.

This versatile bread is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks. It goes well with butter and jam, or try topping it with cream cheese or honey.

Try making these tasty treats for yourself, or give them as gifts to friends and family. They’re sure to impress!

Irish Crème Chocolate Trifle

Irish Crème Chocolate Trifle

Who doesn’t love a trifle? If you’re a fan, you should definitely try making your own Irish Crème Chocolate Trifle.

Trifles are traditionally made with layers of sponge cake, custard, jelly, whipped cream, and fresh fruits. What makes this particular trifle different is the addition of Irish creamer… which, if you so desire, can be substituted for some Irish crème liqueur. 

Make this delicious treat for yourself, or share it with friends and family. Everybody is going to love this one, whether it’s alcoholic or not.

Chocolate Guinness Mousse

Chocolate Guinness Mousse

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert to throw together, look no further than this delectable Chocolate Guinness Mousse.

Mousse is a light and fluffy dessert which it is incredibly simple to create, and requires just a few ingredients to make.

This mousse has a rich chocolate taste thanks to cocoa powder, and a sweet note thanks to the addition of Guinness: this not-so-secret ingredient really pulls the whole dessert together.

It’s an excellent dessert option for parties, or for enjoying alone after a warm meal. You’ll love how fast and easy it takes to make this decadent delight.

Boozy Shamrock Shake Cakes

Boozy Shamrock Shake Cakes

Now, this is a recipe for an Irish themed dessert, rather than a traditional dish that you would find in Ireland. Regardless, these Boozy Shamrock Shake Cakes are not to be missed!

These cupcakes are perfect for anyone who enjoys minty Shamrock Shakes. They are so minty and refreshing, with Bailey’s Irish Cream filling and a silky vanilla frosting on top.

They are also very moist, soft, and tender inside, so they will satisfy any craving for something sweet. The best part about these cakes is that they are absolutely effortless to whip up!

They’re the ideal dessert for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Try sharing them out among your family, friends, and coworkers.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

While it is arguable whether coffee can be counted as a dessert, we are still adding Irish Coffee in this list due to its popularity around the world.

There are only four ingredients in a traditional Irish coffee: coffee, whiskey, sugar, and some whipped cream on top. Making your own at home has the advantage of allowing you to customize the flavors and make it as sweet as you want.

The key here is to use a good quality coffee, preferably espresso style. Enjoy an Irish coffee with a slice of cake in the evening to fully relax.

Irish Bread Pudding With Whiskey Caramel Sauce

Irish Bread Pudding With Whiskey Caramel Sauce

What sets this Irish Bread Pudding apart from other bread puddings? The addition of whiskey, of course!

Bread pudding is actually a fairly old tradition, dating back centuries. It was originally served during the winter months, when there wasn’t much else available to eat.

To keep things interesting, however, people have been adding all sorts of different toppings to their bread puddings over time, such as raisins, currants, nuts, marshmallows, even candy!

Use this recipe to make your very own whiskey caramel sauce, and use it to cover your homemade bread pudding.

Boozy Baileys Brownies

Boozy Baileys Brownies

This recipe for rich and delectable alcoholic chocolate Baileys Brownies uses Irish cream liqueur for a boozy twist, and is topped with a smooth chocolate frosting.

Bailey’s Irish Cream is one of the most popular drinks in America, and it’s no surprise why – Bailey’s combines the flavor of chocolate ice cream with a creamy rum flavor, resulting in a delicious treat.

Here, the Bailey’s Irish Cream adds an extra layer of richness to the brownie batter, making the ultimate indulgent snack. These are the perfect after dinner treats!

Guinness Float

Guinness Float

For those feeling a little parched, give this Guinness Float a try!

Only three ingredients are required to create this yummy drink: Guinness, ice cream, and some chocolate syrup. This easy-to-make beverage will surely quench your thirst.

If you don’t have Guinness at home, then opt for another stout beer – however, the best results will come from using the original brand.

For a truly delicious, boozy treat, pour a small amount of Guinness into a glass (or two), and top it off with some ice cream. Add some chocolate syrup, and enjoy!

Irish Scones With Jam & Cream

Irish Scones With Jam & Cream

Scones filled with layers of jam and cream will never be a bad idea. Why not give these Irish Scones a try?

These scones are made with fresh white flour and butter for an authentic taste. Unlike most of the other entries on this list, these desserts are completely alcohol-free! Although, you could always create a boozy cream for a filling, whipping some cream with Irish Crème.

Enjoy a nice warm cup of tea or hot cocoa while you wait for them to bake. If you prefer something more adult, feel free to serve these scones with a shot of whiskey.

Shamrock Irish Cream Dessert Shots

Shamrock Irish Cream Dessert Shots

Looking for something a little more ‘Irish’ looking? Look no further than these stunning Shamrock Irish Cream Dessert Shots.

These little desserts, which can be made with or without alcohol in as little as 15 minutes, are the perfect convenient and simple green desserts to be served for St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day of the year).

The green food coloring used in creating these adorable desserts gives each shot that special look. The pudding mix can be colored with any food coloring, so keep this recipe in mind for other special events, e.g., baby showers. 

Irish Tea Cake

Irish Tea Cake

Whip up some delicious Irish Tea Cake to serve to your guests… or, simply, as a treat for yourself!

Again, this is another rare recipe on this list that does not contain any alcohol, making it suitable to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

All you need to create this dessert are your typical ingredients for a sponge cake, along with powdered sugar and fresh berries for decorating and serving.

As the name implies, this cake is generally eaten with tea or coffee, but a slice can form a light and refreshing dessert after any meal.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

McDonald's Shamrock Shake

Are you tired of waiting for March to roll around, so you can, once again, enjoy these shakes? Well, with this recipe, you can enjoy McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes all year around.

This shake contains only four main ingredients, making it ideal for those who live on a budget: all you need is vanilla ice cream, milk, mint extract, and green food coloring. You may already have some of these ingredients in your kitchen already!

You still get all the fun and flavor of McDonald’s famous shake, but this version doesn’t require a trip to McDonald’s.

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble

This delicious recipe for Apple Crumble is sure to become a staple at your house–and it’ll certainly be loved by everyone!

A sweet, delightful crumble is a popular, simple-to-make comfort food in Ireland, and now, you can make it yourself, no matter where you are in the world. To make this apple crumble you will need apples, brown sugar, oats, butter, sugar, and flour. It doesn’t take much time to assemble, or to cook!

If you’re looking for a change from the usual apple pie, try this scrumptious variation instead. This Apple Crumble is the best way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day!

Irish Apple Cake

Irish Apple Cake

Last, but certainly not least, we will wrap this list up with this lovely Irish Apple Cake recipe.

With a proper quantity of apples, the dessert is incredibly delicate and velvety. The apples retain their shape, and have a slight sharpness when cooked. There’s only a smidgen of spice, and the sugar-crusted top adds a pleasant crunch to each bite.

Enjoy this dish while watching an old movie, or play a board game if you’d like to entertain friends. Either way, this is a deliciously easy dessert to prepare!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these recipes will help you create wonderful desserts at home without the need for expensive ingredients or fancy equipment.

Every recipe in this article will help you make some heavenly Irish desserts for your next party or special occasion. All the ingredients are fairly simple to find and these recipes require only a few basic kitchen tools. So, whether you’re planning a sweet treat for yourself, or someone else, these recipes are perfect!

So, take your sweet tooth on a vacation to Ireland and enjoy all the heavenly sweets that await you.

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